Apocalypse Whores: Seijun Suzuki’s GATE OF FLESH – The Nail That Sticks Out

Welcome to post-World War II Tokyo. The Occupied City. It’s a crime-fest. Aside from yakuza-run markets, gang wars, gambling, and seemingly everybody on the grift, prostitution  is so utterly widespread, there’s even a governmental department named The RAA (Recreation and Amusement Association) specifically established to relieve the occupying troops of pent-up libidinal urges that could […]

Crime Book Cover Wars, Part 1: US vs. UK

I do judge books, despite the well-worn proverb, by their covers. I judge them by their creative flair or their uninspired “just slap a massive gun on it and ship it to the stores” laziness. I judge them by their logos, either in homage to a theme or a period, or by the dull standards […]

On Gender, Diversity & Originality In Crime Fiction

This is all opinion today, so if you don’t like opinion pieces let’s just get the news out of the way and then you can go about your day: The first issue of John Kenyon’s Grift Magazine is out soon. It has a pretty great line-up of fiction and non-fiction including Ray Banks, Ken Bruen, Scott Phillips, […]

My Valentine’s Date With BUTCH FATALE | review

A few months back, I ploughed through Jungle Street by Don Elliott. Elliott (the pseudonym of SF master Robert Silverberg) wrote numerous smutty novels (such as Escape To Sindom, Sex Gang and Party Girl), the kind which once flooded the market with their lurid pulp covers of half-naked buxotics either frolicking with strapping young men or running from them.

A Colony of Bruce: BATMAN in the New 52

Speaking simply in terms of narrative possibility, Batman is the writer’s best friend. A skillful wordsmith armed with this brooding pulp titan could spin an infinite number of genre-spliced yarns and never would the plot-well run dry.