Author: Liam Jose

Real = Angst – The Grim ‘N’ Gritty Trend Of The Non-Powered Superhero

Arrow, the WB action television series, starring Stephen Amell’s abs, based on the DC comic book series, Green Arrow, recently debuted and has now been picked up for a full season.

Honestly, I haven’t seen the show yet, and had little intention to do so after what I felt looked like a lacklustre trailer. However, it seems the show has become somewhat of a hit, and is getting pretty good buzz in the dark corners of the internet, which is no small feat, considering it’s based on a comic book, and seems vaguely embarrassed of that fact (case in point: it won’t call itself “Green Arrow,” as that is somehow more ridiculous), and comic book readers are not known for taking changes lying down, instead preferring an elaborate outraged-sitting position akin to extreme-yoga.


The Pigs That Are Their Food – THE KING OF PIGS And BLEAK NIGHT

Je-hoon Lee

The Korean Film Festival in Australia (or KOFFIA, the acronym they’ve mercifully given me so that I don’t have to type out “The Korean Film Festival in Australia” too many times. I am not paid by the word, which is clearly why I’m so concise with any tangents and diversions within my pieces, and only stick to the most pertinent of assertations and never crowd the parentheses) has played its second year in Melbourne, and, as I can often be found yelling to people on the train, Korea currently has some of the most exciting filmmaking in the world. On top of the generally excellent pedigree, they’ve also been making what I would say is some of the most innovative and uncompromising crime films since America was doin’ it right back in the ‘70s.


Heading Back to STUMPTOWN – Greg Rucka Vs. The Comic Book Industry


After last week’s rant about Ed Brubaker, I got a lot of feedback during my weekly titty-signings from fans of Criminal Complex. Many were the pleas for me to satisfy all the sexual desires of the myriad fans of my writings on comics and movies that I done gone posted onna innarnertz (I had to be all “ermahgerd, lol guyz, like seriously, keep it on topic! I don’t care how many boobies you have to offer me! Let’s talk comics!”) Exhausting.


What Are The Odds These Crime Film Remakes Will Happen?

Ronny Cox

Well, it’s a day ending in “y,” which means it’s time for Criminal Complex’s resident “typical internet fucktard” to vigorously blow his horn every which way over your face about film remakes. Film announcements are a lot like possums – cute to look at, but likely to disappear up your arse before anything more comes to fruition [A common Australian expression – Ed].

For every project that is announced as “in development,” a child is needlessly murdered to feed hungry production staff and to satisfy Edgar Wright’s contractual obligations.

Today we look at a number of film remakes that have been announced and are in various states of development, and calculate the odds as to whether they’ll actually get made using Science.