Author: Sasha Nova

Justin Bieber – First Step 2 Forever: My Story Cover

justin bieber first step 2 forever

American Idol Season 7 Runner Up, David Archuleta wasn’t too young to pen his memoirs when he wrote Chords of Strength. So it may not come as a surprise that super celeb Justin Bieber has written his first book. It’s called Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story, and (yes, I realize that’s plenty of colons) it is 100% official, as his cover art suggests. It comes from the good folks over at PEOPLE.

From HarperCollins, the book includes lots of exclusive photos for his fans as well as the story of his road to fame and near overnight success. Bieber’s Love Me Video is also dedicated to his fans. He knows how to keep them smiling. These images from his work on upcoming episodes of CSI should also make you grin. First Step 2 Forever hits book shelves in October.

Justin Bieber CSI Set Pics


He can sing, he can dance, he can smolder, but can he act? The executive producer of CSI: Las Vegas, Carol Mendelsohn, calls Justin Beiber’s multi-episode story arc in the show, “explosive”. We broke the news of his casting in the series in July and featured photos he twittered. now reports on the young star’s work ethic. Here are new photographs from the set.

“He’s a troubled young man, raised in the foster-care system, whose hard-luck life has left him scarred and angry,” says Mendelsohn of Beiber’s character, Jason McCann. “When we first meet Jason, we meet him at a community center where he’s giving a testimonial in honor of a man who takes Jason and his older brother in when they had no one else, and that man is now in jail and Jason’s brother is out for revenge and looking for payback.” She further revealed that September we’d see the first Bieber episode, and that he’d return again in February. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to view Bieber’s arc and discern whether he is a good guy in a tough spot or if there’s something sinister behind his charming good looks.




Justin Bieber and Soulja Boy – ‘Rich Girl’

The recording world often sees interesting pairings. The latest newsworthy duet comes via a song called “Rich Girl”. Who sings it? Why the baby-faced Justin Bieber and rapper Soulja Boy. They might come from different musical genres, but the pair reportedly met on iChat, then decided a collaboration was in order. He reminds me of myself,” Soulja Boy told Billboard.

“Rich Girl” is slated to be released as a track on Dr. Dre’s upcoming studio album entitled “Dre”, which should be released sometime in July. Kanye West and Lil Wayne are also expected to contribute to Dre’s album, while powerhouses Beyonce, Eminiem, and Jay-Z are also being sought.

This news comes just one week after Justin Beiber’s appearance on the American Idol stage. We’ve got the video in case you missed it.