Is Breaking Benjamin Better with the New Line Up?

Fans of alternative rock were hit with bad news when Scranton based band Breaking Benjamin broke up in 2011. The lead singer Ben Burnley faced legal issues with former band members who went behind his back releasing a greatest hits. It was rumored for years that they had internal issues before it became open to […]

STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON: My 8th Grade Dream Comes True

Yeah, feast your eyes on that little piece of hipster cred.  That is my official membership card in the N.W.A fan club, acquired in the halcyon days of 1991, when I was even more suburban and whitebread than I am now.  And finally my other favorite group of junior high (tied with Public Enemy) will […]

GLEE Nuthin’ but a G Thang for SESAME STREET

When it comes to great mimicry, you know the Muppets can deliver a great parody, but how about the Sesame Street gang? Do they have what it takes? Yes, they are taking their turn this week and taking on that song and dance Fox series, Glee. Check out the clip, below.

Top Zombie Songs: Foot-chomping Tunes from Beyond the Grave

It’s nearly October, and the dead are getting restless.  The Z’s are coming, signaling not only the end of the alphabet, but also the end of the world.  Shambling their way into our hearts and viscera,  they’ll arrive in a variety of feral forms, from the October 4th release of my own undead detective, Hessius […]

Selena Gomez – A Year Without Rain video

Now it’s time for Selena Gomez’s ‘A Year Without Rain’, which earlier today we mentioned that the video debuted last night with the Miley Cyrus (as Hannah Montana) new single ‘Que Sera’, both revealed after last night’s Camp Rock2 : The Final Jam on the Disney channel. ‘A Year Without Rain’ is the title track […]

Selena Gomez – “A Year Without Rain” Song List

On September 28th, Selena Gomez’s next album titled A Year Without Rain will be released and we now know what songs fan can expect beyond the already released singles “Round & Round” and the Ramona and Beezus (which Selena recently starred in with Joey King) theme “Live Like There’s No Tomorrow” . Earlier this month […]

Shakira – Waka Waka (World Cup video)

Shakira has revealed her contribution to the several World Cup theme songs being released by major musical act. Kicking off on June 11th, the world-wide activity that takes place every four years will be watched by everyone on the globe who doesn’t have a sports-related Fantasy Football draft to plan for. Now, Shakira, she’s interesting […]

Justin Bieber and Soulja Boy – ‘Rich Girl’

The recording world often sees interesting pairings. The latest newsworthy duet comes via a song called “Rich Girl”. Who sings it? Why the baby-faced Justin Bieber and rapper Soulja Boy. They might come from different musical genres, but the pair reportedly met on iChat, then decided a collaboration was in order. He reminds me of […]

Miley Cyrus – ‘Can’t be Tamed’ Video

  Over at BSCkids we’ve been keeping up with lead up to ‘Can’t be Tamed’, the latest Miley Cyrus song getting a music video. Just yesterday we posted some images from the video that debuted fully yesterday on E! News. ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ is also the title of Miley’s next album, which will drop digitally […]

Justin Bieber – American Idol Gives Back

BSCkids told you this early last month, and to not get too hyped by Justin Bieber’s appearance last month, and that we’d see a performance later down the road. We now know that Justin Bieber will be on next week (April 21st), adding his substantial following to the a good cause, in the show’s annual […]

Justin Bieber ‘Baby’ on Saturday Night Live

This is just for completionists’ sake as it rounds out the entire Justin Bieber invasion of SNL over the weekend. Yesterday we posted the two skits that Bieber participated in with Tina Fey, which was proceeded by our posting of his performance of his single “U Smile” and the preview for the episode. Like the […]