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Down And Out In West Texas – The Terror Of Sierra Blanca Checkpoint

Fiona Apple After Hash Bust

It’s hard to know how close a friend Brian Keith Jones was to Nelly last week.  Or if he was a friend at all.  What it is possible to glean from reports however, is that he’s a damn good friend now.  And that he knows how to party.  After Nelly’s tour bus was boarded at Sierra Blanca, Jones took responsibility for ten pounds of weed, a handgun, and a little over a half ounce of horse that was broken up into easily distributable (and indictable) packets.  Nelly was detained, questioned, and subsequently released while Jones was booked on a likely harrowing list of charges.

Welcome to Sierra Blanca, Texas.  Population: Your ass.


Up Jumped The New World Order – The New Rules of Satanism In Pop Music

Finding Forever cover art.

Before we get too far into this, I want everybody to remember that there was a time when the members of Mötley Crüe were presumed to be dangerous servants of the Devil.

I should also say that I’m relatively new to the notion of Illuminati Satanism, and that anything you read herein has been out there in some form or another for ten or more years.  If you’re pressed for time, I can save you the trouble of reading on and just tell you right now that I think the whole notion of selling one’s soul to the Devil for a few years of fame is a load of horseshit.


Top Zombie Songs: Foot-chomping Tunes from Beyond the Grave

The Walking Dead AMC

It’s nearly October, and the dead are getting restless.  The Z’s are coming, signaling not only the end of the alphabet, but also the end of the world.  Shambling their way into our hearts and viscera,  they’ll arrive in a variety of feral forms, from the October 4th release of my own undead detective, Hessius Mann:  Dead Mann Walking to the long-awaited October 16th premiere of the second season of The Walking Dead, all the way to December’s World War Z, with a veritable undead legion, good, bad and definitely ugly, arriving in between. (more…)

Selena Gomez – A Year Without Rain video

year without rain selena gomez

Now it’s time for Selena Gomez’s ‘A Year Without Rain’, which earlier today we mentioned that the video debuted last night with the Miley Cyrus (as Hannah Montana) new single ‘Que Sera’, both revealed after last night’s Camp Rock2 : The Final Jam on the Disney channel. ‘A Year Without Rain’ is the title track of Selena’s upcoming album, set to be released on September 21st (according to Amazon, I’ve seen the 28th as well). Earlier this month we brought you the word on two options of Album cover art (for the deluxe and standard versions), which included a full track listing.


Selena Gomez – “A Year Without Rain” Song List

selena gomez year without rain

On September 28th, Selena Gomez’s next album titled A Year Without Rain will be released and we now know what songs fan can expect beyond the already released singles “Round & Round” and the Ramona and Beezus (which Selena recently starred in with Joey King) theme “Live Like There’s No Tomorrow” . Earlier this month over at our sister-site BSCkids we dropped this rumored track listing, but this list comes directly from Selena’s official site (where you can pre-order the album –also available on Amazon).


Justin Bieber and Soulja Boy – ‘Rich Girl’

The recording world often sees interesting pairings. The latest newsworthy duet comes via a song called “Rich Girl”. Who sings it? Why the baby-faced Justin Bieber and rapper Soulja Boy. They might come from different musical genres, but the pair reportedly met on iChat, then decided a collaboration was in order. He reminds me of myself,” Soulja Boy told Billboard.

“Rich Girl” is slated to be released as a track on Dr. Dre’s upcoming studio album entitled “Dre”, which should be released sometime in July. Kanye West and Lil Wayne are also expected to contribute to Dre’s album, while powerhouses Beyonce, Eminiem, and Jay-Z are also being sought.

This news comes just one week after Justin Beiber’s appearance on the American Idol stage. We’ve got the video in case you missed it.