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Brandon Sanderson Interview | Bookexpo America 2009 Video

June 1

brandon_sandersonThis was my first year at Bookexpo America (BEA) and how better to spend BEA time than to be interviewing one of the most talked about authors in the speculative fiction field?  Brandon Sanderson was nice enough to take the time out of his busy schedule to sit down with BSC for a 20+ minute video interview.

Brandon Sanderson has been given challenge to complete the late Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. He’s also the author of the NY Times Bestselling Mistborn series and novels like Elantris and Warbreaker.

I want to give a special thanks to Brandon, Dot Lin over at Tor for helping set this up, and Rob Weber and Melissa Craib (from Tarvalon) for helping to prep me and provide some questions.  For everyone that has not had the pleasure of meeting Brandon in person he’s a stand-up guy and a real just real people The video starts abruptly because after meeting Brandon we all just (my wife and Ken_F were also in attendance) starting talking in a friendly conversation prior to the interview.  The conversation turned into something that our readers might like to listen to even before the ‘official’ interview so Brandon agreed I could start taping at that moment.  We talk Wheel of Time, Warbreaker, and even scoop some of Brandon’s new epic fantasy that he is currently working on.  As you will be able to tell, Brandon was very generous with his answers.





  1. Great interview! I read about it at The Thirteenth Depository and had to come check it out. Thanks for posting – I’m so disappointed to have missed BEA … all the bloggers who went had a GREAT time.

  2. Hey Steven, dont know what to tell you, its over at vimeo so its not even being hosted at our site. I would try again later, maybe it is just your connection.

  3. Yeah, this was sweet. It is our hope to be able to bring at least one from every con/event we attend.

    Really big props to Tor (or Pan – whatever) for making this happen, and Brandon, who I hear was super cool.

  4. Brilliant interview, guys.
    Great, well thought-out questions, and as you said – generous answers from Mr Sanderson.

  5. That was a super-meaty and substantial interview, Damon! I really liked Mistborn and Sanderson does seem like a nice guy and serious fan first who’s willing to talk about the details. Excellent!

  6. Great interview. Been following Brandon’s progress reports on his website and it’s great to hear him talk about the project now that it is so much further along. The man’s work ethic is phenomenal!

  7. Great Interview, I’m a HUGE WoT fan and have read (and loved) several of Brandon’s books. I was slightly confused by what he said at the end tho, about fantasy always being about magic fading/leaving. One of the major themes in WoT is about magic returning, in the early books Rand has to teach himself how to use the One Power or die, also throughout the series there’s countless references as to how the Aes Sedai have grown weaker over 3000 years without male channelers but are starting to find girls of AoL-strength (primarily in the Two Rivers but elsewhere too)

    I’m probably nit-picking, but I’d have thought Brandon would’ve noted the similarity.

    Meh, I’m sure AMoL will be a great read with him writing it tho, Elantris, Warbreaker & Mistborn are fantastic.

  8. X1um1n, I thought Brandon did actually make note of that. If he did not make note of that during the taping, I can tell you he did off camera. There was some discussion before and after what you saw on tape.

  9. I can’t see the video either. The embedded video screen pops up, with the message “Sorry The creator of this video has not given you permission to embed it in this domain. This is a Vimeo Plus feature.” Then, if I try to click on the video to go to the Vimeo website, it says the video is private and I have to have permission to view it. Did you decide to take the video offline?

    I cleared my cache and tried it on both IE and Firefox. No dice. Is there any troubleshooting you need to do on your end?

    Thanks in advance. I really want to see this video!

  10. bowlwoman, I think it is maybe the way you are coming to the site, the video itself can not be embedded anywhere else but that might mean you need to accept the bscreview cookie as well to view it. Pretty much the site checks to make sure you are at before it will let the video play if that makes sense.

  11. I have no idea what the problem is. I rebooted the computer. I checked, and I accept all cookies from all websites. I cleared the cache again twice and even set the accept all cookies setting off to see if the site prompted me to accept anything. Nada.

    I came to the link from the both Thirteenth Depository and Dragonmount, as well as just typing the url myself. I still get the same error message inside the embedded video field.

    Any more suggestions? I never have problems viewing video clips, so this is very strange for me.

  12. BTW, I checked other videos on the site, and I can see all the youtube videos, but the vimeo ones are hit and miss. Sometimes they load, but sometimes I get an error message that the video isn’t available.

  13. Sorry I am out of suggestions at this point, if vimeo itself though is hit or miss, because the only one in our account right now is the one above, maybe it has something to do with vimeo or flash or something. Maybe checkign out the Vimeo help page.

    Sorry I cant be of more help.

  14. Thanks for trying. I would guess the only other thing for you to maybe check would be the permissions on the video through vimeo. I signed up for an account there to see if it would help, and it still said I don’t have permission to view the video.

    I’ll check back over the next few days to see if anything changes. If not, would you be willing to post the salient info from the interview, maybe just a brief overview of anything new regarding WoT?

  15. I am also getting the error saying I dont have permission to watch the video.

    Any chance you can break it into two parts and load it up over at youtube?

  16. I am getting the “Private Video” screen also. Has anyone figured out the problem yet? I can’t even find the video listed on Vimeo itself.

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