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on Juliet with Anne Fortier | Video Interview

June 4

I had the pleasure of speaking with Anne Fortier, author of the upcoming novel Juliet while at BEA last week. The novel isn’t out in the U.S. until August, but it’s already received acclaim from its overseas releases and has been generating buzz here. With good reason–the book’s premise is designed to delight and intrigue: a modern-day Juliet discovering she has ties to a historic one, with her story entwined with that of the “real” Juliet and a chance, if she’s lucky, to change what Fate has in store for her…count me in! Anne and I spoke about why English is her language of romance, why people still love Romeo and Juliet after all these years, what happens when the story ends happily, and more. And, yes, she was as delightful in person as she seems in the video!

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