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on Kaladin with Brandon Sanderson | Video Interview

September 21

Let me confess a secret to you guys–this was my very first person to person interview since that long ago journalism class in college.  Ordinarily I conduct my interviews by email, and very occasionally through Skype.  When I was given a chance to interview Brandon Sanderson while down at the Bailey’s Crossing Borders for his signing on September 8th…well, I almost fainted.  I definitely squee’ed to every single person I know.  For a month straight.  Whenever I could. Thankfully my friend Des came with me to do the video work on this whole shebang (not just filming, either–also editing,  graphics, making me redub all my questions because I sound like a spaz…) so the camera wasn’t subjected to my nerves!

Brandon and I talked mainly about Kaladin and his origins, the role of magic in his books, and what to expect from his shared universe of the Cosmere.  Well…he may have hinted at something more involving the glyphs and symbols in The Way of Kings, but don’t take my word for it.  Watch for yourself!

 In addition to those we thanked at the end of the video, I’d like to thank the forum members of Stormblessed, a fansite dedicated to The Stormlight Archives (in specific) and Brandon Sanderson (in general) for their help with the questions.  There was a lot of discussion going on about what should be asked and what could be considered spoilery, plus the long conversations and theories some of us came up with helped to influence the questions greatly.

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