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One Tree Hill Season 9 – Chad Murray and Hilarie Burton Back in the Fold?

May 21

Now that it only has one season left and all the current cast signed on The CW is looking to lure back ex-cast members Chad Murray and Hilarie Burton for one last hurrah. The duo played the couple Lucas and Peyton and were last seen riding off into the sunset with a newborn baby girl. They left the show after its sixth season, and since then have become very busy. Burton is going to be a regular on the show White Collar and Murray has been working on feature films. TV Line suggested that because this will be the shows last season, and as long as the scheduling can be worked out, it seems like a foregone conclusion the two will return for at least one episode.

“[New CW boss] Mark Pedowitz is going to talk with them,” the network’s outgoing preisdent Dawn Ostroff told TVLine. “I don’t think anything has been done yet, but now that everybody knows that this is the final 13 episodes… that makes it more possible as far as cast members coming back,””

Fans of the show are always hoping to have these two very important characters return one last time. With all the time jumps the show tends to do, more time ends up passing on the show than in real life. There’s a lot of catching up to do in the three years (in show time) they’ve been gone for. Characters occasionally mentioned them as the series went on, but not much has been said of what they’re up to. Then again, with all the drama in this show, there might not be time for chit chat about they’re lives.

  1. If haley dies like mentioned in previous spoilers, I think this show can go back to its old roots: Having everything back up in the air. The fan base is intense. We want more intriguing storylines. We love this show. Please spice things up, we want controversy!

  2. Actually stella, it is they’re. As in “of what they ARE up to.”

  3. No Stella is right.
    “Then again, with all the drama in this show, there might not be time for chit chat about they’re lives.”
    They are lives is incorrect.

  4. I think something should have happened to Nathan in the finale (ex. a car accident) because James Lafferty hasn’t signed a contract for season 9 yet. So if he doesn’t, then Nathan could have died. And this would have brought all of the characters together and gave a reason for Lucas and Peyton to return. This would have also helped the show add more spice and more emotion.

  5. So there is a chance that Chad and Hilarie might come back for the last season!! Well heres what i want to see, if they come back that’ll be Great, but i would like the show go back to the root, where it all started, That means bring back some old faces like Tim and Bevin, Jake, Rachel, Deb, Karen and hell even whitey. Just to show that Tree Hill is still their home, and to show that even through all the hard times everyone in Tree Hill still keeps in touch. I think they should show the dedicated loyal fans that have watched from the begining that they haven’t forgot about all the early Tree hillers.

  6. If Chad and Hilarie re-enter the show that will be exciting. Also, dont kill anybody, it should have a happy ending please!

  7. i totally agree with you debbie i would love to see all them again especially lucas and peyton. its not the same with them. i miss leyton but i also like to see bevin and tim, they were funny and also jake with jenny and karen with lily so they can see how haley is getting on in new opening of jkaren’s cafe 🙂

  8. they have had lots of reasons to come back but never have, infact they dont even get mentioned anymore after Brooke said to Hayley shes the one that has always been there for her. Lucas and Payton have no room to come back anymore

  9. I’m happy that cw is at least trying to bring back One Tree hill bringing back Lucas and Peyton back. Thanks

  10. For the final season I would LOVE to see Lucas and Peyton (along with baby Sawyer). The show is just not the same without them:( It’s still a GREAT show even with the characters but I want to see some of the original ones back…Also, I hope nothing tragic happens to end the series. I like things just the way they are, HAPPY!! With Nathan, Haley, Jamie, and Lydia. Lucas, Peyton, Sawyer, Julian, Brooke, their kids, Mouth and Millie, Skills, Quinn, Clay, AND the rest of the cast members…

  11. i really cant wait to see what happen with chad and hillarie since ever, it will be so beautiful to have them back on track and will need an happy ending to one tree hill.

  12. i’d really love to see Lucas and Payton return to the show.they have really been missed.but i’ll also like to see the rest of them all,especially whitey,damn i like the guy.please,no sad ending,we really want a happy ending for these people!

  13. i am super overwhelmed with season 8 of one tree hill please dont change the flow of the story just keep it that way, even though it’s boring, this is really inspiring and please dont mix the love team again since they are all married.. super love otH! It’s part of my growth and life!

  14. I really think they should take Chad & Hilarie back, atleast for 2-3 episodes. I saw someone wrote about what Brooke said to Haley about Peyton. But that does not mean that she wouldn’t be overjoyed if Peyton came back. I also think that everybody wants to have in confirmed, that Peyton and Lucas are living well and so on..

  15. I want to see Chad and Hilarie back on OTH. Please do everything possible to bring them back!

  16. I want to see Chad and Hilarie back on OTH. Please do everything possible to bring them back!

  17. I totally agree. I have all the seasons on dvd because I couldn’t keep up with them on tv. But I have watched every single episode and I miss all the characters. If this is the last season they need everybody and they need to make it good. They can include the new people with the old people.

  18. I personally would LOVE to see lucas and peyton again. I think haley, brooke and everyone else needs to see baby sawyer! Maybe something big like cancer or brooke’s baby makes lucas and peyton return. PLEASE come back lucas and peyton!!

  19. Oh puleez,i want 2 see lucas nd peyton on dis final season…i think a gud reason wuld b 4 Dan 2 die nd they’l hav 2com 4 his funeral..nd whitey too,nd Andy nd karen…nd den d perfect person 2 keep every1 on their toes…Racheal.:-)

  20. Lucas and Peyton please come back. pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz.

  21. I hope Lucas and Peyton come back! I would really love it if Sam (A.K.A Brooke’s foster daughter) came back!!

  22. ssso, i think everyone should come back. like not characters like fall out boy, but characters that weren’t in it that much, but made an impact on the show. i think the last episode should just be a reunion for them, that would be the best ending ever.

  23. i dont think the show should end writers should start seeing how the kids like jamie can get in to there is still a lot to write about I DONT WANT IT TO BE THE LAST.

  24. It really sucks that there is only one season left.. with the fan base so large they need to keep the seasons coming!!!

  25. I really hate to see this show end. I read the book first and then had to get the DVDs (never had the CW channel in our area). I absolutely love OTH and would really like to see everyone come back. Please don’t end OTH!!

  26. I would like to see Lucas and Peyton with their child of course, Karen,lily,Whitey,Rachel,Bevin,Tim,Deb,sills,and I would like to see Taylor have a closer relationship with her siters and I agree no one should die please have and happy ending.

  27. I loved the highschool seasons of One Tree Hill i always go and watch them over again and again, i really hope in the Last season of One Tree Hill Peyton and Lucas will return, One tree hill isnt the same without them<3

  28. Unless they come back, and their reason for not coming back is that the baby’s had Leukemia or something.

  29. i agree with you sarah. would love to see lucas one more tym. i love that boy

  30. I love one tree hill
    i watch it over and over again from time to time

    but it sucked at season 7 cause there were no peyton and lucas and they’re baby sawyer brooke scott

    but it was still awesome with other new cast members
    so i liked season seven

    i hope there’s gonna be the same cast in season 9 with peyton and lucas and they’re baby

    at least for some episodes.

  31. I really hope that Hilary Burton and Chad Michael Murray come back because they were really the main people in the story but then they ended up leaving!. It would be great for them to come back because it is the last series but I really think it shouldn’t be. it isnt the same without them in One Tree Hill. I think karen and andy and baby lily should come back aswell to see how Haley and Brooke are doing with re-opening Karens Café. I also think that Brooke misses huer best friend( Peyton) as she looked upset when Peyton couldn’t come to the wedding but she told Haley that she had always been there for her. I really miss Peyton and Lucas, One Tree Hill isn’t the same without them! <3 x

  32. I loved HB on the show, but she rocks on White Collar, so even though my fab 2 characters left, I think it was for the best, and I’m glad for one last season of OTH!

  33. Last season? Are the crazy ??? Everyone still loves one tree hill 🙁 please dont take it away

  34. when

    what is the date tree hill is going back on.? I really hope Lucas and Peyton return

  35. am so happy lucas nd peyton are bk i wish dis was nt d last season i so much love one tree hill

  36. i cant wait to see peyton and lucas in this seasoned series.they make me really happy when watching them.cant wait to have them around guyz are the bomb

  37. how could u do this to us we love u and it will not be the same with out u two i will not wacth it any more it the leve .

  38. No offense to Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton, but I actually liked the series better after they left. Not because they weren’t great, but because I really like Quinn, Clay, & Julian. And I love that they were able to put more depth into Mouth’s character because they not had room for it. I’ll be happy to see them again if that’s the case, but I do love the characters they have now. As for Jake and Karen and the rest of them…let them go. They really would have no place in the story line anymore. I would love to see whitey again just for old time’s sake tho, lol 🙂

  39. I can’t believe that thiss the last season, i watched this show since the first season came out and they are just now putting peyton and lucas back in i thought they mad the show them and nathan and haley with their little boy. its a shame its over they should at least make a couple more with them two in it with their little girl.

  40. I wish peyton die and julian 2 so brooke and lucas get back togetjer that would be an excelent endig omg I would totaly loved that

  41. No deby that would suck if peyton and julian die. And it wont happen anyway. I think the saddest part on season nine was Dan’s death, and happiest was Clay, Quinn, and Logan camping together as a family 😀

  42. lucas and peyton are one tree hill they have to come back. i cannot wait and please do not end one tree hill it keeps me moving.

  43. I want chad and halarie to come back to otH.but I really wish they were together in real life they are so hot together!

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