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Peyo’s Smurfs Before Lovato, the Lost Village, Before Everything, in Spirou

February 23

In a recent post I talked about my habit of picking up first appearances and debuts of pop culture items, a hobby that definitely came from a childhood of collecting sports cards and comics. Be it a rookie card or debut of a comic character, these are things I was trained to by guides to value more than others things in the hobby and recently I picked up some related to the Smurfs, a cartoon that was on constant rotation when I was really young.

The Smurfs, however, I think are MUCH older than most people think.

The Smurfs were created by Peyo and first appeared in the 1950s, in a French/Belgian comic magazine called Spirou and look largely the same to this day as they did in their debut. The image above is the very first time a Smurf ever appeared in 1958 when they appeared in the storyline La Flûte à six trous (“The Flute with Six Holes”) in a  chapter of a continuing story centering around Johan et Pirlouit or, if you are an American and recall the cartoons, Johan and Peewit. Here is the full 1st comic:

smurfs spirou

Here is close up of Smurf Village:


The next issue of Spirou would feature the Smurfs first cover appearance, including an ax-wielding Papa Smurf:


I have a few sets of these now but always on the lookout for items like this that combine pop culture items from my life and hobbies that I already am a part of like comics.

We are about to get another Smurfs: The Lost Village movie this year featuring the voice of Demi Lovato and others (btw Smurfette would debut via in 1967), titled Smurfs: The Lost Village which follows up two recent mixtures of live action and animation feature films, so I thought it would be fun to go back, further than even the Hanna-Barbera cartoons many of us are probably most familiar with and see what Peyo was cooking up decades before and how little they changed