GRRM’s Fire & Blood, Into the Spider-Verse, Ruin of Kings and Bumblebee Thoughts

While we wait for the pod I just wanted to point out to some stuff I’m writing about.

  1. First, I’m working on a full review of Ruin of Kings by Jenn Lyons a new epic fantasy coming out next year from Tor. It’s been getting super hyped and I finished it awhile ago and dropped a long preamble that had little to do with it after I read the first few pages. More complete thoughts coming.
  2. I wrote about Into the Spider-Verse. No Spoilers.
  3. I wrote about Bumblebee. No Spoilers.
  4. I wrote about one aspect (another coming) on George R. R. Martin’s new Fire & Blood.

I’ve been hype on a lot of stuff I’ve read and watched the last two months so there’s a lot of positive energon flowing this holiday seasons