Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Makes World’s Finest a Trinity

wonder woman

For some time now I’ve been planning a theater room addition to one of my homes. I think often when such endeavors are planned we often start thinking about the least significant details first. After all, I won’t be the one doing the electrical work or heavy lifting, nor will I be laying down any foundation or building frames for walls. Much like when I was a kid, I would just be sitting around thinking about shit.

What I found came to the forefront was how much space I would have for posters in a planed small entry way leading into the new room, a dilemma I think, even if admittedly of the type limited to the first world, that was overcome immediately when I moved on to the next obvious question of how to decide which posters would be represented.

wonder woman

We all have our own favorite films, film series, genres, directors, or even aesthetic tastes regarding art. Hell, if you like something like Pixar or Star Wars or the films of Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli one can fill all (in my case) 8 slots with just a singular vice, never mind variety. Tarantino? Harry Potter? Richard Amsel? Old monster posters? Classic Disney? I think you literally get the picture.

The idea of buy what you love is always salient but there are so many loves in this case so I had to dig deeper. In fact I had to shelf it because it was so frustrating. Then it literally came to me.

The idea of diversity in especially blockbuster films is an issue of the day and if being honest it’s not something I think much about on my own. Don’t get me wrong, I’m on the side of human beings; smart, reasonable ones, any of whom is for diversity in all things, not just our entertainment. It’s just not something I wake up with in the way many seem to do if looking at social media. I think most people are this way, until we are touched by it personally. I’m of mixed race myself, so while I’m keenly aware I’m not remotely represented equally, nor do I even have it close to the worst, it just doesn’t happen to affect my life in any way that’s tangible, be it for very real, unfair, and direct reasons or as crutch (I think a mixture of both exists both online and in reality). Or if it did I always controlled it. In short, if I had a tougher path due to my race or heritage I’m not aware of it, and if so, I’m doing okay, FU for trying to hold me down, thanks for reading what I write anyway. I do, however, dislike it when people deny the existence of an obvious issue. Deniers, whether dumb or playing dumb, are still a variety of the same dumb.

For myself, I could not, however, ignore my god daughter, who is the age of people we want the world to be better for, no matter our own vices and habits. To her life is good, and honestly given her family’s station, barring some form of apocalypse or extreme personal teen years downfall it always will be, but it can always be better, more perfect. We can have more trailers featuring a Jyn Erso about to set it off like it’s ’96 but leading the biggest brand we have. We can have Rey, who is the subject of most of the speculation between films. Who is she? Who are her parents? Who left her on Jakku? The power is with her.

Last year The Force Awakens came out and it moved my god daughter in a way I had never seen before. It was powerful and now obvious what this kind of representation in what’s probably the biggest entertainment property we have what having, for at least one film, the heir of this heritage to be a young girl. That Lucasfilm and Abrams doubled-down and went with a relatively inexperienced actor seemed to add that extra on-screen sheen of new things,a wanderlust came over my god daughter, not just regarding exploring Star Wars, but it felt like cinema and new worlds were opening to her. She was invited before certainly, but now she was the star. It was an incredible and tactile change I witnessed from her. Something was awakening. This will begin to make things right. I heard all of the Mary Sue nonsense, though I was wondering what world this was coming from, I’ve grown up with countless male characters, man(y) beloved, who are the same. Instead what came to my mind was a loud answer to that very regular question familiar to fans of such things as comics or science fiction/fantasy. We found ourselves a legitimate, robust, and often times elusive gateway.

She’s not old enough to watch Batman v Superman. She probably has too good of a taste to even do so but she, like any kid today, is a youtube maven, and has caught the Wonder Woman bits, inarguably among the the best parts of the film. I have always had confidence in Gadot taking on the role but I didn’t think I’d have a Rey-like experience again when kiddos caught the Wonder Woman trailer at Comic-Con and could speak about nothing else.

Wonder Woman has existed for 75 years and had never been on her radar but instantly, because Warner Bros./DC finally put her on screen next to Batman and Superman while being a boss, they finally loaded the one bullet Marvel actually has no answer for: Wonder Woman is the icon of female comic characters. It doesn’t matter how many times we see Storm on-screen, how many times uber-talented and disinterested Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t want to do more X-Men films, or how amazing ScarJo is (and she is), if Warner Bros nails Wonder Woman, she is the queen of queens on the chess board. She doesn’t have to be relegated to the side, she’s not a distraction, she is in fact as close to a goddess as one can get. People are measured against her, not the opposite. It’s also such a clean, simple, and majestic one-sheet. The power of the film medium is one that we can never underestimate. Iron Man was a decades old character, a stalwart in the Avengers, in thousands of comics before ever being in the movie that instantly made the actor who plays him the top earner in the business and did more for that character, not to mention profits, in one production than the aforementioned storied history combined.

What’s even better than dreamy Henry Cavill to a young girl? Wonder Woman kicking ass and taking names, saving Captain Kirk – the only Captain Kirk worth saving. In a couple more years it will be Cavill again but right now Wonder Woman, fresh with a bad ass advanced theatrical poster, gets a spot. Not because I love her, though I like her well enough, but because I love my god daughter. Theater rooms aren’t only for her anymore, they can star her.

Wonder Woman is now part of this home’s future 8-pillar pantheon too.

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