30 Rock – Interview: Savanna Samson on Her Appearance

Vivid Girl Savanna Samson gave us the scoop on her appearance on 30 Rock.  The episode was “Into the Crevasse,” which aired last night on NBC.

Can you describe what it was like to walk on the set for the first time on 30 Rock?  I am sure the guys on the set were falling all over you.  Were you nervous at all?

Savanna:  Yes I was nervous, of course, but my nerves turned to shock when I walked on the set and Tracy Jordan was like, “Oh man! I love you!” He went on and on about my being his favorite. Jane Krakowski looked at me in the dressing room and said, “I know you from somewhere?” I said, “Well, that must mean you’re a naughty girl!” When she realized, she said, “how cool is Tina Fey and 30 Rock to use the real Savanna Samson to play Liz Lemon.” Everyone was so incredibly warm and genuinely thrilled that I was there. I couldn’t believe it!

How different was the acting from your regular work?  Did you have to really work at the scene(s)?

Actually, it was the same. We did the masters and the two shots. I worked my lines, but I also knew it was a spoof, so the pressure was off. I mean, when you think of making a porno within a show you really don’t expect the acting to be all that good! I think it will be silly and fun.

I am sure the behind the scenes of the show is probably just as funny as the actual episodes. Are there any stories you can tell us of the behind the scene work that went on that might be interesting or humorous?  Who is the funniest actor or actress behind the scenes?

Tracy Jordan was watching Michael Jackson in concert, the one when he flies out of the arena in his dressing room on this huge flat screen. Everyone was so moved, I tried not to cry so I wouldn’t ruin my makeup. Judiah was awesome and he showed me the porn parody online that is expected to come out. He said the only one that’s not happy about it is Alec Baldwin. We exchanged twitter accounts (mine is therealsavanna ). It was just exciting and fun to be sitting in hair and makeup with Jane and Tina Fey. I thought to myself, shouldn’t they have their own private makeup room?

Can you tell us how you actually came to get this part?

I got a call from Vivid’s press office asking me if I was available to audition for a part on 30 Rock, and of course I jumped at the chance. When I went to audition, the room was filled with Tina and Jane look-alikes. I went in did my lines once, they said, “Okay, thanks,” and I left. I was like, oh well. Two days later I was in Arizona introducing my wine to Southern Spirit when I got a call asking if I could come in again the following day, and do I have a brown wig. I was devastated that I was in AZ and couldn’t come in, but they said I could come in when I got back. I went in, read for both parts, and got the bigger one. I was so excited!

How was it playing the “porn” version of Tina Fey’s character Liz, and do you think you have any resemblance to Tina?  Who else on television do you think you could play the “porn” version of?

Hmm, well first of all I was certain I didn’t resemble Tina Fey at all, but once I got in wardrobe and they dressed me like her with my boobs busting out and put the hair and the glasses on, well, I still didn’t look like her, but I got it. The hair and makeup guys described me as the Barbie version of her, which was the ultimate compliment. I mean, who doesn’t want to look like a Barbie version of anyone?

Who is your favorite character on the show and did you watch 30 Rock before you were cast for this part?  I am a huge fan of Alec Baldwin’s character Jack; Baldwin plays the character perfectly.

I love Alec Baldwin’s character, too! I think I can relate most to Jane Krakowski’s character, who is just adorable.

Do you think the walls between mainstream and adult entertainment are blurred more now than they have ever been?  What sort of role on television do you think you would be perfect for?

Well, we have people like Steven Hirsch and Jenna Jameson to thank for that! And we have people like me who have looked outside of the box, if you will, and found a way to leverage their name to make it work in the world and not just within the confines of the adult industry. We are in the public eye, and these days people want to see more of us than just in the bedroom. Or at least I’d like to think so. Hopefully I will have more chances to break through in the mainstream world!

Savanna’s most recent movie is I Was a Teenage MILF.  You can see more of her at  www.vivid.com or www.savannasamson.com

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