Disney options Lauren Kate’s Fallen novel

Medora was kind enough to point me in the direction of this news item and it was a tough call between BSCkids and this site, but in the end I felt it belonged here.  Disney has optioned the rights to Lauren Kate’s young adult novel Fallen that heavily features angels.  Some believe that vampires and werewolves are taking a back seat to the next trend which will be a slew of angel related books and movies.  Disney looks to believe the same thing with this move.

Mark Ciardi and Gordon Gray will produce the film and the book which was released by Delacorte Books is part of a four part series.  Disney made sure to get all of them included in this deal, so that way if it takes off they are already wrapped up.  The story is about a girl that is torn between two men, she is not aware of the fact that they have battled over her for many lifetimes and are fallen angles.

I do not know, when you start talking about angels you bring religion to the table, so you heard it here first, I do not think this next fad will be as big as vampires and werewolves.