Glenn Martin DDS with Kevin Nealon on Nick at Nite

On Monday night Nickelodeon’s network new family plan will begin and Glenn Martin DDS will be leading the way as the only original series ordered for the new Nick at Nite schedule.  This will be an animated series with Kevin Nealon doing the voiceover for the lead character, which we can assume will be Glenn Martin.  Catherine O’Hara and Judy Greer will also be providing their talents in the form of voiceovers for some of the other characters.  The basic story is that Nealon’s character takes his family on a cross country adventure to all different places here in the US.  Sounds a bit like an animated Vacation with Nealon traded out for Chase, we can only hope it might be as funny.

Nick at Nite is supposed to cater a bit to parents watching television with their older children  is always how I have seen it, but up until recently they have just run old sitcoms in this time slot.  The George Lopez show turned that around and I think this could be the next logical step for Nickelodeon.  This is the debut for Michael Eisner as well as it is the first series he has sold to a television network.  The guy ran Disney for a bit, so I would like to think he knows a thing or two about animation.


  1. I am upset by the new show you will have in your line up, Glenn Martin DDS. After all isn’t this a kids channel. I believe it is an inappropriate show to put on Nick. My four year old son watches this station all the time and I believe this show takes it to far. Even the commercials for it are inappropriate to run.

  2. It is part of Nick at Nite though, not regular Nick. I can agree with the commercials depending on what time of day they are running them though.

  3. This show is an outrage. I am seriously considering banning ALL of Nickelodeon in this household, because I too am sick of my young child seeing these inappropriate commercials. I am severely disappointed in Nick.
    Pandering to the lowest common denominator like CN does with Adult Swim. It’s really a pathetic attempt to grab ratings.

  4. I think the show looks fun. Perhaps I’m a little more liberal than the next guy, but I don’t think the promos are inappropriate. I always keep in mind that my son doesn’t understand the “adult” portion of the content; hence why I’m excited there is a show that can entertain men while simultaneously entertaining my boy. I can’t wait!

  5. I agree that the show is inappropriate for young kids… It came on as rated PG and within the first few minutes I heard several inappropriate words for kids. It definitely should have come on later at nite and been rated TV-14.

  6. As a mother of an 11yr old and a 20 yr old I have come to depend on Nick to provide quality shows for us to watch as a family or my son to watch his favorite shows. Kudos on Barnyard and the Penguins of Madagascar. Shame on you for Glenn Martin DDS. My 11 yr old was so excited to watch this new show as he loved the move RV. How could Nick put a show rated PG on at 8pm and use language such as “Bastard” & “whore”? What are you folks at Nick thinking???

    I am no prude but in my books nothing like that should even be on Nick, its better suited for Fox or MTV, not a kids program. I used to think it was bad when on Rugrats they said the words stupid and dumb, but this new show has gone WAY out of line.

    Is it so awful for a parent to expect that their kid is fairly safe in watching shows up until 9pm on a channel that touts itself as a Kids Network?

    Shame on you Nick. Ironically I have never liked Michael Eisner and I didn’t even realize that this was his “baby”. I have always felt that he ruined Walt Disneys dream of an affordable family vacation spot with the out of control prices at DW. After watching that show last night on your network, it occured to me that maybe he is doing no favor to your network. I mean c’mon taking a show from a former adversary??

    Nick used to be a great channel all day long now its just another arguement with my son about what he can’t watch. Thanks for that.

    While I have your ear, I like Malcolm in the Middle, I don’t like it before 10pm on your channel.

    Thanks for listening, I am sure nothing will come of it, but at least I tried.

  7. I agree witha few things said here and not with some others. I watched the show last night, it was more adult oriented than I originally thought. It was an ok show with the sex in the city references to horse for Sarah Jessica Parker being the funniest. What I agree with is that the show should start at 9 if you are going to put it on Nick at Nite, its a bit worse than Malcolm in the Middle, but I do not think it is as bad as what we see on Fox and MTV, that is a bit overboard. I have a 3 and 5 year old and sometimes they will creep into tv watching past 8.

    I actually do not like the CGI animation on that show either, something about it is too old school for me. Ill watch it again tonight and see if it strikes my fancy with episode 2

  8. I watched the first few minutes last night with my 7 and 10 year old sons. That is as far as we got as within those first few moments I heard the word, “prostitute”. As others have said, not a prude here but why on earth should children be exposed to these adult words and concepts? I immediately shut the show off and my children are furious with me as “all their friends watch it”. My husband and I are seriously considering having the portion of cable that holds Nickelodeon turned off.

  9. I saw just a few minutes of this show and I have to agree with Lori. I was totally astonished when I glanced at the network logo and it was Nick!! I have never, ever written to any network about any show (although it was ridiculous that ABC family had those ads running for “Unforgiven” during prime time) until now. This show is just absolute crap, showing the husband saying to the wife ‘are you initiating sex’? and then her ripping off his pants. Also showing someone being electrocuted. Terrible, terrible, terrible.

  10. well i didnt think it was to bad… I mean i have a six, 11 and 13 y o and i didnt care, its just a few words

  11. Another shocked and disgusted parent here. Nickelodeon has been advertising this show during daytime hours for weeks now. They spent a lot of time getting their daytime child audience excited to see the premiere. They even incorporated it with a new Penguins of Madagascar show and put a countdown clock at the bottom of the screen all day. My 9 and 6 year olds were very excited to watch the show and horribly upset when I turned it off after the first 5 minutes. The first thing I remember hearing/seeing that had me question the show’s appropriateness was the son talking about killing prostitutes. That raised a red flag for me, but I didn’t turn the tv off just yet. What finally did it for me was just a couple of minutes later when they show the dad watching porn on tv and quickly trying to turn it off when his wife walks in the door. I was in complete shock that they would market a show with this type of content to kids. I turned the channel soon enough that I did not see any of the commericals and it sounds like I should be thankful that I did.

    Call me a prude overbearing mom all you want, but I refuse to believe that killing prostitutes, porn, and words like bastard and whore are appropriate for children. If they wanted to sir this show sometime after 9pm and market it towards adults I have no problem with that. However, that is the exact opposite of what Nickelodeon did here.

  12. My son, who is 11, was really excited to watch this show. I sat in there with him and was appalled by the language and suggestive themes. I do not use that language around my son and I expect the same from a network who prides itself as being a kid’s network. I don’t care if it comes on Nick at Nite or not, they marketed this show for kids during the day and now those children want to watch it. Nick is as bad as Cartoon Network and their Adult Swim crap. What happened to the old wholesome shows? If they are going to air this filth, air it somewhere else. We won’t be tuning in to Nickelodeon anymore.

  13. holy crap! im 12 and i watch it and its not that bad. my parents know i watch it and they know its rated tv-pg and some episode tv-14 but still, its not that bad. it uses mild cuss words (KEYWORD: mild) like d*mn, wh*re, and b*st*rd, and sometimes make crude jokes, sexual references, and has a little violence with small amounts of animated (KEYWORD: animated) blood. call me a dumba** and tell me im to unstrict all you want but im the one who is being reasonable and none of yall are.

  14. Im 18 and I really dont care about innapropriate shows but putting something like this on a kids channel is utterly ridiculous. I was so suprised to find such a racist, fowl mouthed show on this channel. Good luck to this show because its probably not going to be on long. I think it belongs on comedy central or something.

  15. I am absolutly astonished at what i saw on nick, this is my 3 year olds favorite station, i thought that this was an appropriet station for her to watch, but once again, it’s another station that i have to CONSTANTLY monitor to make certain that my daughter is not seeing and hearing things that are inappropriate. i wish for once we can have a station that is actually kid friendly. i understand that most children that young go to bed by 8, but not all of them do, my daughter gets to stay up until 9pm because her daddy works late, and she likes to see him before bed. There should be something appropriate on for her to sit on the couch and watch until her bedtime.

  16. this show is very wierd and doesn’t make any since its seems like it should be on adult swim with family guy and stuff.. its very wierd and not even funny

  17. WOW Jacob, I may be 17 and I’m sure all of us have heard those words before, but this is NICKELODEON!! Even if it is at night, this show has some downright explicit parts including the fact that the past 2 episodes I have seen, the dogs butt hole has played a “humurous” role in some parts of those episodes. So I am gonna go ahead and call you a dumb*** because when you say that these cuss words are only mild, well learning them at ages as early as 3 is not so mild in my book. Our younger generation is gonna be so brainwashed with what’s humor and what isn’t that it is going to be pathetic to see.

  18. 10 min into this show the word b*tch was said among other vulgar words and violence. My 7 yr old was so excited to see this because of all the promotions and the countdown shown during the weekday shows. I agree this should NOT be on an all kid’s tv network like Nickolodeon. Even the cartoon network DOES NOT air adult content until after 11pm that also includes a PARENTAL WARNING that the show would include adult content. There was NO WARNING whatsoever with Glenn Martin DDS, it was promoted to the younger viewing ages all week, AND it aired at only 8:30pm. So obviously there was many young children viewing the first episode. Now us as parents know the phrase monkey see monkey do, and its NOT ok for kids to watch this and think its ok to cuss and swear or mimic the garbage displayed in this show. This is horrible….. what is Nickolodeon thinking?

  19. I am very dissapointed in Nickelodeon as well, am I’m only 15. I babysit my two sisters every night untill 10 and the first day it aired they begged me to let them stay up to watch it. From the 10 minutes I saw of it I was quite frankly appaled. This show is crude, widly innapropriate, and down right dissapointing that nick would stoop so low to consider exposing this to young kids. I’m not even a parent yet I was still offended. Nick i hope you take this off soon before you loose all of your 8:00 night time ratings.

  20. I completely agree! And I am thirteen myself. I decided to see what Glenn Martin DDS. was all about and tuned into it just last night. Judging from the commercials, I could already tell this was going to have some mildly crude humour in it. Well, within the first few minutes of watching with my nine year old sister. It wasn’t just mild crude humour, it was totally innapropriate. I told my sister to turn it off, but she wouldn’t let me. Don’t get me wrong, like people have been saying, I’m no prude. In fact I’m about as least conservative as they come. I could sit down and watch something like The Oblongs on adult swim with my sister. But this was just something I don’t think she should have seen.

  21. This show is not good at all!!!

    It has that live audience laughter after ever “funny” part that isn’t funny at all…

    They are trying too hard to make this a GOOD show…

    I normally leave the TV on whatever channel it’s on when I first turn on the TV, but I had to watch something else when this show came on…

    I don’t normally post comments to forums that don’t involve cars/bikes, but I had to for this show…

    What company do I send complaints to for this show to stop?

    I’d much rather watch new episodes of Family Guy or something…

  22. This is horrible!!! I can’t believe they put this trash on for our kids to watch. They did take this to far this time. Banning the entire station may get the point across that this is not okay!

  23. My 5 y/o had watched the advertisments for the new Glenn Martin DDS show. I’d like to mention they played the commercials for this new show in between the nick jr cartoons. My daughter is usually in bed by 8:30PM. The new show was coming on at 8PM. She was very excited. I told her she could watch the new show then it was straight to bed. 5 minutes into the show I was floored. Within a few min. of the show a kid had bitten off a finger and a kid had a pair of scissors pulled out of his head. All with graphic blood and bone. Not to mention the very obvious sexual remarks. Nick should be ashamed!!! I understand there are adult cartoons but to advertise this show while young children watch tv and to play it first thing after the last nick jr cartoon is not okay. I am so very disappointed and upset at nick. To expose our chilren to such trash is ridiculous. I trusted nick as a family channel during the day or night. Not anymore! You might as well play family guy during the day too it’s not any differant. I hope this show bombs or gets taken off. If not nick will lose a lot of viewers. As of now I am one of them.

  24. For those who were saying this was a part of the “Nick at Night” lineup, right now the show is on and it’s 6pm PST on a Sunday. We caught my kids, 9- and 5-year olds watching it. I can’t blame them since they have been doing pretty good marketing. Anyway, within the first 5 minutes of the show, they were talking about prostitutes. I don’t mind an adult-themed show, but Nick really needs to do something about when they run their shows. I guess 9pm is only on the East Coast.

  25. My six year old asked me after dinner tonight, “Mommy what is a prostitute?”….I then asked him, “Why, where did you hear this word?”. He said, “it was on Glenn Martin DDS”. This show was on at 8:00 on NICKELODEON! I can’t believe they are allowing programs with this kind of adult content on. Isn’t nick supposed to be a kid’s network? Looks like I’ll be blocking this channel.

  26. This is horrible. Honestly, the cartoon is so ridiculous I don’t think Adult Swim would even air it. I’ve been a fan of Nick for 21 years and I’m highly dissapointed in this garbage they call a “show”. If they want crude humor they should bring back Roseanne.

  27. This show isn’t Family Guy or as the author said Fox. But it is Nickelodeon, I watched this show for the first time last night because my 5 year old wanted to see it(they promote this show during Penguins of Madagascar) and the main character gets mixed up in the mafia, and they call their women “whores” and this is on at 8 o clock in the friggin evening!!!


  28. i agree. this show is TOTALLY inappropriate for a children’s network. my almost 11 year old son and i watched a couple of episodes i was mildly uncomfortable at the recurring subplot suggesting glenn’s and wife lack of a proper sexlife AND the mafia thugs with their POLE DANCING girlfriend even though she is mentioned more than once, but I banned the show completely after the thugs give the line “uh, glenn, don’t mention the wives in front of our whores.” Yes there were whores.
    WHORES??? you are putting whores in a nickelodeon show??? later on, the pole dancer whore lady is demeaned when a “real lady” comes in the room—mom. and pole dancer’s nurse’s uniform is thrown back at her.
    come on nickelodeon! this is outrageous and sad.

  29. I agree that Glen Martin, DDS has absolutely NO BUSINESS being on Nickelodeon! My son and I were watching t.v. around 8pm at dinner time and this show came on and was mentioning sexual relations and showed a male and female character rolling around on the ground together! As of tonight, Nickelodeon is BANNED from my household. 8pm is absolutely way too early for adult programs to start on ANY channel.


  31. I just watched a couple of minutes of this show by myself. I could not believe the inappropriate language and themes in just the few minutes I watched. Just as others have mentioned, my kids (6 & 9) had both seen the previews during the day, but I told them I wanted to check it out first. I’m ready to ban Nick as well. Shows like ICarly are bad enough with there smartass comments and rude behavior, but this one goes way to far. So what’s the best way to complain about this? Write to the network?

  32. Shame on Nick. Glenn Martin DDS is the most innapropriate show I’ve ever seen that was aired on a kids network. I’m 14 and a word or two can’t hurt, but this show says words like ‘bastard’ and ‘whore’ Really? Should kids be watching this stuff? It also mentions sex. Honestly, this show should either be moved to another network or be cancelled. Ughh.

  33. This show is marketed to kids on a kid’s channel and during a kid’s show, the Penguins of Madagascar, but it is totally inappropriate. The one episode that my family viewed had gangsters, scantily clad “dolls”, smoking and drinking. What was Nick thinking??

  34. i am an older sister of 2. my sister is 8 has downsyndrome and doesnt know any better not to repeat what she hears on tv. and my brother, he is only 7. and he repeats everything he learns. he was really excited to watch this glenn martin dds show but i knew it wasnt appropriate for him or my sister to watch. but my parents didnt belive me until they watched it. and now glenn martin dds is locked on all tv’s in my house. my brother was very upset and cried when he found out it was locked . im glad nickolodean put this up for kids to learn all kinds of nasty things. such a dissapointment.

  35. I think the language Jacob used in his post perfectly illustrated why we don’t need our kids watching this sort of thing. Thanks for proving our point, young man.

  36. being the father of two girls and having trusted nick thus far not to cross the line. it was after all a matter of time. being 37 and remembering the movies i grew up with (MAN WHAT A WORLD AWAY) nick had to cross the line and join those media giants who are bent on trashing our childrens minds….cant wait to see whats next, and a block and over-all ban of nick is comming. any-1 who finds this program funny or even somewhat amusing while seated alongside their 5 or 6 yr. old needs to give the poor child up for adoption so a competent parent can give them real direction. shame on u nick, goodbye and good riddance ! ! !

  37. I am so disgusted. My 8 year old daughter has been watching this show in her room by herself. I thought nothing of it since it is Nick. Tonight I sat down to watch it with her. Now I have to admit that I didn’t realize that Nick at Nite was for older children but since when is making reference to a flasher (pervert) with an erection appropriate for a child of any age. The violence, the talk of marijuana, hell, boobs, boobage and sexual innuendo. I was absolutely horrified. I will no longer allow my child to watch this channel and I am also writing letters to the sponsors of this vile program.

  38. on tonights episode I heard the word whore, beautiful show to be advertising during Spongebob, where Nick execs made the choice to allow “Choke the Chicken” when my 8 year old is supposed to be safely watching Spongebob. NO MORE NICK IN MY HOUSE

  39. I am 14 years old but I have an 11 year old brother who watches this show. Even I think it’s completely inapropriate for anyone under the age of 14. It does come on too early and should at least trasnfered to Nick @ Nite.

    Mobsters? Stripers? The language? Sexual references. What in the world is wrong with you people? Are you aware that 5 year old kids are watching these shows. NICE JOB PRODUCERS.

  40. Horrible! I can’t believe that Nick would stoops so low to launch an adult show blatently toward children. By the way, at 11am on Sunday, August 31st, Nick will air this show in between Spongebob & iCarly.

    You know, when I was an 11 year old, Fox came out with Married with Children and the Simpsons and I wanted to watch it so bad! They both came on around 6pm, while my single working Mom was still at work.

    Now we have shows like Family Guy and American Dad, not to mention Adult Swim but these shows come on at night time hours and the kids know they are not allowed to watch them. But now Nick has taken it a step further with Martin DDS to poison the innocent souls of young children on a children’s network during the time children watch tv.

    My 8 year old nephew and 6 year old niece love watching Nick, especially iCarly, Spongebob & Penguins, but come on!!! Martin DDS is an adult show and doesn’t need to be on a children’s network PERIOD!

    I’m going to have to save myself about $150 a month and just can cable all together because of this. The main reason we keep cable is for Discovery, Nick & the News networks. We have beatiful HD tvs and will be just fine with local networks.

    Shame shame shame on Nick, I am so outraged! By the way, I love Family Guy, but I’m 32 years old! I’m not some religious fanatic (not that there is anything wrong with that) so this is the general opinion of an average “joe” “joelle”, Nick!!! Normal people in America don’t want their kids exposed to adult concepts like Martin DDS. Only white trash would let their kids watch this kind of filth! Wonder if Kevin Nealon would let his kids watch this crap? Or what about Catherine O’hara (who I love)? Wonder if she would sit down with her own young children to watch this pornographic vile poop of a show?

  41. It’s 11:30 AM! and it is on right now on Nick. My 4 year old son doesn’t need to see kids putting their heads up elephant’s asses and sex jokes. This is totally inappropriate for this time slot.

  42. I agree with you people. I suggest that we boycott the advertisers who run commercials during this lame show. Hit Michael Eisner where it counts and call for his resignation! I am so glad that you all are as appalled as I am. What a shame I’ve had to waste my time giving this matter my full attention.

  43. I am very disappointed at Nick for putting Glenn Martin, DDS on the air. How it received a PG rating instead of a TV-14 rating I’ll never know. I am the mom of a 7 yr old and a 12 yr old. My kids love Nick but when I heard some of the jokes and subject matter on this show I was disgusted. Jokes about prostitutes, drug use, organized crime and sex (including sexual orientation) should not be on a show that is CLEARLY BEING MARKETED FOR CHILDREN. The promos run at all times of the day and have been for the past 2 months. I have always been upfront with my children about the facts of life and I’m usually pretty cool about what I let my kids watch on TV. Once in a while, I’ll even watch Family Guy with them, but I always know when to change the channel. I never worried about changing the channel with Nick until now. Furthermore, most evenings we don’t even finish dinner until about 8 pm, never mind having them in bed by 8. Glenn Martin, DDS should not air until about 10PM if not be taken off the air altogether. It’s not even remotely funny. My children will not be watching that show. I am highly disappointed since I have always depended on Nick for quality family shows. FYI, the only phone number I found for Nick is (212) 258-7579. All I get is an automated recording. Anyone reach a live person?

  44. I also am very disappointed in Nick for putting this garbage on the air. My children are 8 and 5 and I just walked in and heard the language on this show and my children are done watching Nick until the show is removed. They will watch Disney until Nick realized that shoe is filth and should not be put ona station that is supposed to be intended for families and children. I would also like to have a number to complain directly to Nick. I hope someone at Nick realizes that children watch this station at all times and there should never be garbage like this on.

  45. I can’t watch this with my older kids… the show had words like suck, butt buddies… i can’t go on … if you don’t post this I understand but it can be said on tv? that’s horrible

  46. I am a 28 yr old mother of two girls ages 12 & 7. As with the other comments, I am not a prude and enjoy watching some pretty outrageous things myself BUT when it comes to my children watching nickelodeon or any other “kids” channel, I darn sure don’t expect to hear the things said on Glenn Martin DDS. Nick at Nite or not, I mean I lived off Nickelodeon as a young child and Nick at Nite was wholesome AND great tv! I don’t fully approve of the George Lopez series on Nick for the simple reason of the episode where Georges wife dresses like a stripper in order to tempt the cable guy not to turn their cable off. I mean I like the show but what is it teaching young, impressionable kids? I DO let them watch it but only if I am sitting there to monitor it and it is mostly ok but this Glenn Martin DDS is OUTRAGEOUS!!! If it IS going to remain it should have to come on after 10:00 on weekdays even though I would still dissaprove. This show belongs on Adult Swim, which Cartoon Network is banned on my childrens tv because of Adult Swim. I am going to email Nickelodeon until I get at least an explaination and if we all did this we could make a change! So what do you say parents?? LET’S DO IT!!!

  47. I am absolutely against this show being broadcast during family viewing hours. It is totally inappropriate for children and Nick really did themselves a huge injustice by ok’ing this show on their network. The language,inuendo, and overall content is for a more mature audience than Nick attracts. What is more vulgar than the show is the stations desire for ratings. Thanks NICK … job well done, back to The Disney Channel for this family.

  48. My kids like to watch nick when we all get home in the evening, and last night while I was putting dishes up, I heard something about sex drive I raced over to the tv to see it was a cartoon, but I had not seen it before, and asked my daughter what in the world was on? and she said momma I was watching a really nice show I do not know what this is…………… I was shocked, and we wonder what is wrong with kids these days look at the shows they are putting on tv at 8:00 on a channel where my kids like to watch sponge bob, and drake and josh. It has made me very upset!!!! who let this show air on this channel??????????????????????????????? we try to keep our kids safe from stuff like this I do not think at the age of 9 and 2 they need to know what sex drive is!!!!!! so nasty!!!!! someone who let this on a kids channel has a very sick mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. I am so glad to see so many parents as appalled as I am about this show being on Nickelodeon. I live in the Pacific time zone, and Glenn Martin, DDS actually comes on earlier than 8:00 p.m.–during the dinner hour out here. I was exposed to it when I was making dinner, and my daughters, ages 5 and 7, were watching the Penguins of Madagascar. I thought nothing of them watching Nickelodeon during the 5-6 o’clock hour—that is until I heard the dialogue on this show. Prostitutes? Boobs? Sexual innuendo? Racism? The list goes on….How dare they market this filth to young children! How dare they put this on during the dinner hour! Shame on Nickelodeon. They will no longer be viewed in my house. I am exercising my freedom fo speech to get this crap off the air.

  50. This is supposed to be a kids chanel!! This show is not at all for kids. After seeing the show aired tonight Sept. 7th, I am wondering what Nick is even thinking! I have an 8 year old son, whom I would never let see this, I turned it off after 10 minutes and that was too long!!

  51. I’ve watched a few episodes of Glenn Martin DDS and think that the show is mean to be watched with parents and kids. From my perspective, anything that I watched when I was younger and was beyond my understanding in terms of content, I just didn’t think about. Yes, some of the humour either pushes boundaries or is along the fart joke line but I’m not convinced it’s as horrible as a lot of people are trying to make it out.

    Also (and I’m prepared for the hate comments from this), TV isn’t meant to be a babysitter. Perhaps if you don’t feel you should have to take the time to veto the shows your kids watch and want to park them in front of the TV for hours, the issue isn’t the quality of programming, it’s lackluster parenting.

    Hasn’t anyone ever heard of reading a book?

  52. Okay this show is on between Sponge Bob and Mighty Bee! Whats the deal, since when has it been okay to show crap like this on a suposibly family channel. I thought this was at least one channel that was at least trying to stay clean. I never thought I would see the day when I would hear the word HO on a kids channel. And I am not talking about Santa Claus either.

  53. I can’t agree more! I have read all the comments to this point and cant add anything new.
    What an inappropriate show. So what’s the next step? This show must go! Do we boycott the sponsors? Is this the correct place to post a complaint? I have tried to communicate with the Nick-channel; it can’t be done at their site

  54. I just had to turn the channel on this show. My 11 year old daughter was watching it while I was doing dishes in the kitchen. The wife called the husband into the bedroom and threw him on the bed. The husband says, ” Are you initiating sex?” She replys with, “Hold onto the headboard” then rips off his cloths.

    It was only 8:15 pm, with my 6th grader having a bed time of 9:00 pm. I am ashamed of Nick. To even call this a “Nick at night” show is a shame. This doesn’t even belong on “Adult Swim” IMO.

    I, for the first time ever, have sent my complaint to Nickelodeon.

  55. Just because kids don’t understand everything, doesn’t mean we should embrace this show as appropriate for this channel…wake up people and on some channels leave sexual innuendo to the imagination…you do have one?

  56. Early evening is family time. Late night is adult time.
    If you don’t want your children watching what might come on in the early evenings there is a simple solution.
    Channels like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network are trying to appeal to their target audience. Adults are usually the only ones awake at night-late night. So, they air more adult shows.
    I enjoy these shows. But, I would never let children watch them. When my nephew comes to visit, I don’t watch them. I look ahead at the channels scheduled shows for that evening, so that I know what channel to avoid, and when. But, when he’s not visiting, I love watching Adult Swim!
    Robot Chicken and Home Movies are my favorite shows!
    Though, I don’t like Glenn Martin DDS, but that’s because it’s just poorly written, and tries too hard to be funny.

  57. what age group is glenn martin, dds for? i have a 9 year old son that loves it.. just want to make sure its age appropriate


  58. I’m so afraid of what the world is going to be like with all this going. I barely watch T.V. anymore. I can’t. It’s sickening. With all the celebrity worship and the inappropriate television shows. I just turned 18 and I’ve been afraid since I was 12. I watch my friends change because of something they saw on
    T.V. and all of sudden they HAVE to do it. Like their brainwashed. Even my siblings. And if you don’t go along with it they turn hateful. Violently hateful and it’s freaking scary. Glenn Martin may not seem bad to some people and the may say “It’s only a show.” or “My kids are to young to understand.” Trust me when I say it’s more than a show.

    And even if they don’t understand, someone the know, maybe another child, WILL understand. You think they won’t EXPLAIN it to your child? Guess again. If parents could be a fly in a room full of children 5-17 you’d be shocked. You only find out a sample of what young people discuss and do.

    Parents beware, it’s getting bad. Really bad. Children and adults alike are steadily going down the gutter.

  59. I am watching Glen MartinDDS right now–I think it is outrageous–thank goodness I am previewing it for my almost 8 year old daughter and my almost 10 year old son–it is about the most insulting, obscene, ridiculous program I have ever seen and to think of all the promo for this one–I will never allow this one-not even if my kid was 12-the context and subject matter is just stupid and for a select group of adults!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. I CANNOT believe this show!!! We started watching it because it was something my 6 year old step-daughter watches at her mom’s house….. they were talking about MAKE UP SEX!!!!!! followed by kissing and moaning and talking “sexy” in their bed…. how is this appropriate for ANY child?!?!?!?!!?!??!? I am completely and utterly disgusted! AND it came on right after spongebob!

  61. I was watching last night and at 8 o clock pm est Glenn Martin DDS came on. My daughter who is 4 said she wanted to watch it. I seen previews for it here and there so I didn’t think twice to let her watch it. So for the first time we watched it. On the episode last night one of the character’s said “that 2 faced B****” I thought did hear that right and we have dvr so I listened to it again. Why would anyone start this at 8 pm when most kids don’t get in bed till 9. This makes me very angry. If they’re going to show this they should atleast show them later on in the night.

  62. I can not believe a cartoon on Nickelodeon at 6:00pm has a character that says “Don’t talk about the wives in front of the whores.” Absolutely absurd!!! My children will not be watching this show and I will definitely be putting more restrictions on their Nickelodeon watching.

  63. this show sucks, no appropiate for children AT ALL. Its on at 8pm thats not late enough for crap like that actually Nick shouldnt play this at all!!! Can IT Quick

  64. i’m afraid i have some bad news, unbelievably, glenn martin dds has been renewed for a 2nd season.

  65. I was at a family restaurant tonight, at 6:00pm in Arizona. We were in the child’s area where the television had the Nick channel on it. This Show, Glenn Martin DDS, came on and the opening joke involved the word “douche”. I feel I just typed a curse word, myself. They showed women in a pool talking about kissing each other. Later there was a BLOW UP DOLL. If this show was on another NETWORK I would be watching it myself, as a 31 year old mother, WITHOUT MY SON. HOWEVER, this show is on a “children’s network”. I know we could say it is the restaurant’s fault for having this station on the television, however, I feel it is the NICK’s responsibility to KNOW THEIR AUDIENCE!!!!!!! Their audiences are children, not future prostitutes.

  66. The show is not the problem, parents are. If your worried on what your kids are watching then turn it off, and give them a book! If it’s that big a problem wouldn’t it be cheaper, and easier to sell the TV?
    Truth is, your children will be introduced to violent television at some point in there life and you can’t stop it. Instead of posting shame on Nickelodeon. Spend time with your children and teach them how it’s just TV. Teach them how what these cartoon people say and do is wrong.
    Reach out to them firmly and loving in every aspect of life. In the end they’ll thank you for it.
    Stop hating. Don’t like it. Don’t watch

    Words of a teenage girl

  67. i am nine years old and the thanksgiving episode was
    rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrracist.because a blonde kid threw a penny in a wishing fountain and wished for a white president again.

  68. I agree that this show should be on at a later time (Granted around here, on the regular channels Family Guy is aired at 6:30). I personally think the show is hilarious, but obviously a bit too mature for kids under 13. But… shame on you parents, for just handing your kids to the television network exec’s to babysit, and expecting EVERYTHING to be kid friendly. What about reading a book? Or reading your kids a book? Or toys that require using imagination, instead of prefabricated brain melting television?

    The problem here isnt a television channels ethics. The problem here is that parents are entrusting television to raise their kids. And thats just sad.

  69. There is no shame to be had by parents who allow their children to watch TV, these people that are stating so were brought up in the same manner, how else would they know what is on and what we are complaining about? Nick at Nite puts shows and should be grown up enough to know what is and what is NOT kid appropriate.

    Having said such, tonights show on DDS really went way too far, what I heard while fliping through the channels, two young men on the show, one asked ” can you lay an egg” second boy answered “no, but I can lay chicks, lots and lots of them”. That was my last straw for this network, I refuse to allow it in our home anymore.

    Nick’s attempt to compete with CN and Adult Swim has taken things much too far. For those that deem it appropriate only means that your minds have become numb and unable to see the difference between good and bad, and between funny and just plain crude. The execs are not expected to be my babysitter, but they sure are expected to offer good and quality KID FRIENDLY shows on the occassions when I do allow them to watch Television. Those that dare complain about us parents taking a stand against indecensy also have the choice to stay away from these sites that are dedicated to us who have legit complaints. Shame on anyone who dares think these these shows and any like it are ok to air during day time hours, nick at night needs to make these offensive shows much later than 9, how about 10 or 11 when most “grown ups” are out looking for just this type of “entertainment”?

  70. I dont know how in the world this show can be showing at 7:pm in my area, I just started watching my grandaughter at night and was mortified when the words whore and bastard were thrown around, sleeping around with women. Is this a joke or what? my 5 year old grandaughter will not be watching nick any more until trash like this is removed

  71. I am tired of this show. I have a 4 and a 3 year old. The first time I saw this show, the main character was ripping a set of teeth out of some guys mouth, and blood spewing all over. I find this extremely innapropriate for children, and I dont believe that 8pm is the time to be showing this garbage on a childrens tv show. does anyone have contact that we can directly send complaints to for Nickalodean??

  72. I am twenty years old and my boyfriend and I were watching the tele one night and I saw a show called “Glen Martin DDS.” I am really hoping to get into dental school so it just caught my eye, and since both of us were curious about how on earth they could make a dentist’s life appeal to children on a network like Nickelodeon we watched a little of it. Within the first thirty seconds, we were both completely appalled. This show was on at 7PM and was completely obscene! Sexual references, sexism, and racism were all shown in a positive light as being humorous on a kids network at 7PM! And for all of the lack of political correctness and child-friendly content, it wasn’t even funny. Just gross and obscene. We were discussing it when we realized that this is on at 6PM on the east coast! If a traditionally kids network is going to air shows like this, it should be in a 10 or 11 pm time slot and have a warning to parents before hand like adult swim.

  73. Ok I have a 13 year old and I don’t allow her to even watch this crap. she also choses not to watch. but yes I feel this is gone way to far with this crap. I feel bad for those children who are waiting and wanting to watch and parents are just then fighting with kids instead of having good family time before bed. using the words that are being used is way to far as well as actions. I will never watch nick again and will continue to share my feeling with many others. I know kids hear it all at school but geeezzzzzz we don’t need to hear it at home too. this is not fare to children.

  74. I think that the show should start at 8 or even 9
    It is a really good show, but no way it should be PG
    it has to be TV-14

  75. I am 15. The show I was watching, iCarly, had just ended and then the opening for Glenn Martin came on. Now, I thought it was bad enough when a character from iCarly dressed up as an old woman and had large fake breasts on, jumping around saying “Im just a busty old lady”. But no, this show comes on and the first thing I see is a dogs anus. What the hell? I have never watched the show, buy after reading other peoples comments, it seems very inappropriate. I will tell you all right now, no kid goes to sleep at 8 o clock. We all go to sleep at around 10 now. And that’s on school days. On weekends we might not sleep until 1 am. My friends sister who is 8 or 9 knows things she should not know, and it’s because of what the media shows us. It’s not just the tv, it’s the Internet. Where do you think children learn about sex nowadays? Online. And there’s Sadly nothing we can do about it. Nick is one of the very few shows that is supposed to preserve child innocense, and it’s now fading away. Just like Disney with all of it’s romantic boyfriend girlfriend garbage. But not even Disney goes this far. I watch adult swim all the time on Saturdays and rarely do I hear the word whore and bitch or the mentioning of sex (I don’t watch family guy a lot so I don’t know what they say but I’m pretty sure they don’t show brians anus all the time). Our culture is becoming more and more based on sex and it’s really pathetic. Stop selling sex to children. I would have liked to enjoy an innocent childhood where my peers didn’t have boyfriends in 4th grade and didn’t talk about sex and kissing. I’m in tenth grade now and half of the student body has had sex, not to mention they all do drugs. A friend of mine who is in 8th has had 5 different boyfriends already, 4 of which she dated these past 2 months. I know the past couple sentences have been irrelevant but because of shows like this you are corrupting the youth. Children are supposed to be the future, do you want them to be sex obsessed adults? Nick, if you want to start showing more adult oriented shows, make a whole different channel or have the shows put on demand.

  76. I am so glad that I am not the only parent that is really shocked and mad over this show. This show is on at 7 p.m. right after iCarly and Victorious, which are geared to older kids but younger ones can watch. Don’t most “TEENS” watch the other channels? No need for adult swims or Nick shows that include such inappropriate things. I really don’t think that Nick needs to be showing this show at all, but definitely not at 7p.m. My children are still awake at 7….but also at 8 and 9……so I don’t think Nick or any other KID CARTOON channel needs to have “adult” type shows on at any point. I may be “old fashioned” but I don’t want my kids now or when they are in their “teen” years talking about porn, prostitutes, or any of the other things mentioned. If this is a show that is liked by OLDER children put it on a different channel or MUCH later than 7-8p.m. with no ads during kid shows. It is really sad that kids don’t have a channel that is truely for THEM anymore. I hope that Nick does something about this and listens to the complaints.

  77. I cant believe what i heard when i walked into my daughter’s room tonight and also my son was watching this in the living room!! A man with prostitutes on his arms, blow up dolls,talk of how many women a man’s been with, drinking ,smoking,etc….. I can not believe that this was ever out on nick…. there will be no more nick at my house at anytime if they will put some thing like this on there they will do anything….I am raising my children to have self respect…. please join us on the message board at and post comments there so we can let them know how we feel about this….

  78. Alright I’m not a mother or a father like half of the comment authors on here. I’m fourteen. Glenn Martin DDS is terrible. It’s like they are TRYING to get kicked off or lose many views. Commercials are lame. The dog’s ass is messed up(sorry for language). It’s not even funny. Forget this show. Watch George Lopez, the nanny, malcom in the middle, family matters, fresh prince of bel air (on TBS) and all of nick and nick at nite except the homosexual show titled Fanboy and Chum Chum. Wallace and grament or whatever the dogs name is a better use of clay. Get off the tv Glenn Martin DDS. 0/10 stars

  79. I’m a 15 year old girl. A sophomore in high school.I will admit that I’m not an angel. I do cuss and say some innapropriate things as jokes to my friends, but this show is just plain wrong. I really couldn’t believe that this show was on Nickelodean. I still can’t believe it. I was watching nick after school while I was doing my schoolwork. I wasn’t really paying attention to what I was watching. I heard the show in the back of my head. I thought I was watching mtv or comedy central. When I saw I was watching nick I was upset and angry. My younger cousins talk about this show a lot. They like it. I think it’s sending a wrong message to children. It should NOT be a kids show. It’s ridiculous. There is sex, violence, cussing, and racism. I just can’t believe this can air on tv. nonetheless a children’s network. I would really love to see this show get cancelled or something.

    Television is getting worse. don’t get me wrong there are good educational tv shows for kids but there are even more disgusting and vulgar shows like this.

  80. I am a parent of two elementary age children who take showers at 7:30 and have tv time before bed.
    I myself liked Friends in its day and can see reruns at 11:00 on other channels if I wanted to.
    But I totally disagree enough to write to you about your choice to put on this mature content show at such an early time. My children do not like it and lets face it your channel was the kids shows. Do you think adults are tuning into this channel?
    I believe the content toooo mature… There having babies sex these are adult characters…do you not care about my children or the other children out there? Maybe there should be a vote by parents or children. The age watching this channel are around 10. Do you take your child to R rated shows.
    This was a channel I could always feel safe and could rely on for kids programs….do not let us parents and children down….
    Please stick to appropriate aged shows as you always have.
    Please consider putting this show aside or later like 11pm or hey leave it to the other 20 channels already airing it over and over.
    Thank you for taking the tome to read this
    Renee Papa

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