Glenn Martin DDS with Kevin Nealon on Nick at Nite

On Monday night Nickelodeon’s network new family plan will begin and Glenn Martin DDS will be leading the way as the only original series ordered for the new Nick at Nite schedule.  This will be an animated series with Kevin Nealon doing the voiceover for the lead character, which we can assume will be Glenn Martin.  Catherine O’Hara and Judy Greer will also be providing their talents in the form of voiceovers for some of the other characters.  The basic story is that Nealon’s character takes his family on a cross country adventure to all different places here in the US.  Sounds a bit like an animated Vacation with Nealon traded out for Chase, we can only hope it might be as funny.

Nick at Nite is supposed to cater a bit to parents watching television with their older children  is always how I have seen it, but up until recently they have just run old sitcoms in this time slot.  The George Lopez show turned that around and I think this could be the next logical step for Nickelodeon.  This is the debut for Michael Eisner as well as it is the first series he has sold to a television network.  The guy ran Disney for a bit, so I would like to think he knows a thing or two about animation.