Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender – Cast Images

To be completely honest, I am aware of the The Last Airbender in general because of this film, and I am aware of this film because it’s directed by M. Night Shyamalan.  Now we have some mugshots of some of players.

I’m hoping this scores big for M. Night Shyamalan because I think the guy is talented, and I don’t want to see the guy become ghost due to his last couple of films.

Starring Noah Ringer, Nicola Peltz, Jackson Rathbone, Dev Patel, Jessica Jade Andres, Aasif Mandvi, Shaun Toub, Cliff Curtis and Keong Sim, and produced by Frank Marshal, The Last Airbender is to be released on July 2nd of next year. It is the first in a planned trilogy of films.

Film Synopsis:

The film follows Aang and is set in a world where human civilization is divided into four nations: Water, Earth, Air and Fire.

With the help of a protective teenage Waterbender named Katara and her bull-headed brother Sokka, Aang proceeds on a perilous journey to restore balance to their war-torn world. But, his goal will meet a tough challenge from exiled Fire Nation’s evil prince Zuko who is sent to capture the Avatar in order to restore his honor and right to the throne.


  1. This is appalling.

    Aang and Zuko should be light-skinned East Asians. Katara and Sokka should be darker-skinned Inuit/Native Americans.

    Why would they make this movie if they were just going to whitewash all of the heroes?

  2. This is great!

    The movie is going to be phenomenal, regardless of what “Vina” says of the cast…

    The storyline is totally awesome, and the cast is completely diverse.

  3. Oh please, even people from the original show are ‘untoward’ to this film. Mike & Bryan had nothing to do with this film and hopefully this sham of a movie fails. I would rather have a sequel to the original show or an animated film than this travesty. MNight and his ego and twists can go take it somewhere else.

  4. i thought Zuko was suppose to be
    cutter… apparently not…

  5. @ Jimmy. Do research before you make your statements. Mike and Bryan are executive producers of the film. You don’t believe me, check out the credits on the teaser trailer. Just sayin…

  6. First of all, JIMMY, Mike and Bryan are EXEC PRODUCERS for this thing, what are you smoking!?!?!?!? (haha, thnx for pointing that out Dedre!) Also, I am sick of all these picky fans wanting every little detail to be exact to the cartoon (example: I don’t like Zuko’s scar, Aang isn’t white, Katara and Sokka aren’t tan enough). This is NOT a cartoon, it is a MOVIE! Sure, dragonball failed, but it was poorly budgeted (apparently)and horribly written (or so I’ve heard, I haven’t seen it, nor am I a fan). This movie has an excellent team behind it (MNight, Mike and Bryan, James Newton Howard, Frank Marshall, Kathleen Kennedy, etc.) and you cannot say for sure that something will fail with a team like that (until u see the finished product, the movie). I am not an anime fan, nor a cartoon fan, but I particularly enjoyed the Avatar show. I will not whine and complain about every detail, because I did not expect it to fully resemble the show. Personally, I think this can easily become the next Big “It” movie, like Star Wars, and all fans should enjoy the fact that this wonderful story is being adapted for an audience far beyond the original fanbase. REAL fans should appreciate the fact that a movie is even being MADE! Oh, and the people that think this is racist, I am sorry, this is an AMERICAN cartoon, not asian. Though it is asian influenced, the actors do NOT have to be asian. Personally I think the people that say this movie is racist are the same kind of people that say that you are racist if u don’t like Obama….its just a stupid argument you make when you don’t like what you hear or see (You throw the race card), GET OVER IT!!! O well, 4get all you haters anyway, you can sit at home pouting (even though you ARE going to see this, I don’t care how much u complain, if u r a true fan, u WILL see it)while I see this (hopefully) EPIC movie!!! LOL:P

  7. Whee, morons who can get on a pedestal and say their colourblind, all the while ignoring the blatant historically documented discrimination of Asian Americans in cinema. Cultural appropriatino is awesome amirite? But hey, when discrimination is against Asians, it really isn’t discrimination. They should just suck it up like they always do.

    First off idiots, although Mike & Bryan are exec producers, they didn’t have anything to do with the movie’s plot/casting/etc other than very early consulting. This info is according to Sifu Kisu, the fighting consultant and instructor from the show.

    LOL fail. True fan =/ waste good money on a movie posing as Avatar.

  8. I can’t wait to see the movie, I’m a huge Avatar fan but they have made a mistake with the casting. I am a person who is Asian, white, hispanic, and Indian and I’m not bias to any one race, yet I was suprised that the main cast was majority white. Not trying to piss anyone off but if this was a african american cartoon or even white cartoon this wouldn’t have happened so easy, so let’s be real. I can understand how some Asains might feel, there are a lot of Asain or Asain Americans who could have been in the movie as a main cast members. It’s not like these kids are big stars or anything. It’s just funny how the Zuko characther is Indian like the director, seems he got to fit one of he own in. I guess it’s the fact that Bollywood is the second largest film industry out there, first going to Japan and the US being the third. I’ve seen some of the cast photos, Zuko is standing front of an all Asain military in the background. I guess its OK for the Asians to be in the back just not in the front. I am in filmand have been at casting calls and production meetings so I know how it works. Yes Brian and Mike are invovled but most likely they rented thier copy rights or sold alot of the main story ideal to the studio and the studio can do whatever they want with the film.It like Terminator 3 and Terminator Salvation, James Camerons creations and he rented his copyrights to the studio. He had no creatvie control or say when the last two movies where made and you can really tell. Plus Brian and Mike are animators not film people, they are going to do whatever they studio advises them to do. If the studio thinks white kids are going to make them money then thats what they’ll use, plus it’s to late to make any changes to the movie. Don’t be suprised after all of the complaints that the next Avatar movie has a multi race cast. It’s not like there are a whole lot of Asain American shows on TV these days or Hispanic for that matter. I do know there is a lot of Asain and hispanic discrimation in Hollywood you guys can disagree but if you can tell me a hit show starring all Asains or Hispanics just let me know. There was George Lopez but he got canceled, (I wonder why?) So regradless even if you don’t agree with me I can understand why a lot of people are mad. Avatar was based on the Asain culture and it’s people.If we are going to debate diversity then why isn’t Katara or Soka a Hispanic or African American actor. If they where then I would agree that the cast was a diverse and so on. It is a slap in the face to Asains who don’t complain enough when socially discriminated against. How would African Americans feel if the Boondocks cartoon was cast with all white actors or the Family Guy cartoon cast with only Asains. Asian are a proud people with rich and and strong cultural heritage that they are proud of. In the past there has been as much repression of thier culture as any other minorities in America. Being the butt of the joke all the time in a movies is not always appealing. Jakie Chan in Rush Hour or Harold and Kumar. Funny movies and I liked them but the stories always seem to poke fun at Asains in it. It’s not like we’ve seen a lot of movies with any real action drama like the Avatar offers in the past couple of years. To not acknowledge the real people who founded these religous and martial arts practices is terrible. Everyone always fights about the black and white thing but everyone inbetween doesn’t seem to matter, many even defending the discrimation against a whole race in this movie. I will go and see the Avater becuse I am in film and I understand that it is all about business. Its the world we live in, money make the world go around.I doubt this issue will hurt the movie in the box office becuase most people don’t care about who the cast is only that it is the Avatar on the big screen. But I do agree that at least one main cast member should have been Asain. So when people get mad don’t get your hair all ruffled because if it wasn’t for people like that aknowledging discrimination no matter how small nothing or no one would ever change.

  9. I can’t wait to see the movie, I’m a huge Avatar fan but they have made a mistake with the casting. I am a person who is Asian, white, hispanic, and Indian and I’m not bias to any one race, yet I was suprised that the main cast was majority white.I think its something they didn’t intend to do but just happened. Its something that should have been more carefully looked into. Not trying to piss anyone off but if this was a african american cartoon or even white cartoon this wouldn’t have happened so easy, so let’s be real. I can understand how some Asains might feel, there are a lot of Asain or Asain Americans who could have been in the movie as a main cast members. It’s not like these kids are big stars or anything. It’s just funny how the Zuko characther is Indian like the director, seems he got to fit one of he own in. I guess it’s the fact that Bollywood is the second largest film industry out there, first going to Japan and the US being the third. I’ve seen some of the cast photos, Zuko is standing front of an all Asain military in the background. I guess its OK for the Asians to be in the back just not in the front. I am in filmand have been at casting calls and production meetings so I know how it works. Yes Brian and Mike are invovled but most likely they rented thier copy rights or sold alot of the main story ideal to the studio and the studio can do whatever they want with the film.It like Terminator 3 and Terminator Salvation, James Camerons creations and he rented his copyrights to the studio. He had no creatvie control or say when the last two movies where made and you can really tell. Plus Brian and Mike are animators not film people, they are going to do whatever they studio advises them to do. If the studio thinks white kids are going to make them money then thats what they’ll use, plus it’s to late to make any changes to the movie. Don’t be suprised after all of the complaints that the next Avatar movie has a multi race cast. It’s not like there are a whole lot of Asain American shows on TV these days or Hispanic for that matter. I do know there is a lot of Asain and hispanic discrimation in Hollywood you guys can disagree but if you can tell me a hit show starring all Asains or Hispanics just let me know. There was George Lopez but he got canceled, (I wonder why?) So regradless even if you don’t agree with me I can understand why a lot of people are mad. Avatar was based on the Asain culture and it’s people.If we are going to debate diversity then why isn’t Katara or Soka a Hispanic or African American actor. If they where then I would agree that the cast was a diverse and so on. It is a slap in the face to Asains who don’t complain enough when socially discriminated against. How would African Americans feel if the Boondocks cartoon was cast with all white actors or the Family Guy cartoon cast with only Asains. Asian are a proud people with rich and and strong cultural heritage that they are proud of. In the past there has been as much repression of thier culture as any other minorities in America. Being the butt of the joke all the time in a movies is not always appealing. Jakie Chan in Rush Hour or Harold and Kumar. Funny movies and I liked them but the stories always seem to poke fun at Asains in it. It’s not like we’ve seen a lot of movies with any real action drama like the Avatar offers in the past couple of years. To not acknowledge the real people who founded these religous and martial arts practices is terrible. Everyone always fights about the black and white thing but everyone inbetween doesn’t seem to matter, many even defending the discrimation against a whole race in this movie. I will go and see the Avater becuse I am in film and I understand that it is all about business. Its the world we live in, money make the world go around.I doubt this issue will hurt the movie in the box office becuase most people don’t care about who the cast is only that it is the Avatar on the big screen. But I do agree that at least one main cast member should have been Asain. So when people get mad don’t get your hair all ruffled because if it wasn’t for people like that aknowledging discrimination no matter how small nothing or no one would ever change.

  10. i love avatar
    and i am really over all the casting talk of them choosing non asians
    although i do not agree that they are not the best choices they must have chosen them for a reason. we have not seen any of them in there character acting except for ang wich i was actualy quite impressed with.
    i love dev patel as an actor he was my favourite in skins, apart from chris, and i loved him in slumdog millionare so although he does not look what imagined his acting skills and talents will get him through
    as will jackson rathbone wich has to be one of my favourite actors. and i think he suits sokka. watch senior skip day and youll realise he can pull off sokkas ‘goofy side’.
    Nicola Peltz looks actually good and i can see her as katara. i havnt seen her in anything else
    and ang in the picture thats here i dont really like but in the trailer he fits the character perfectly

    cant wait to see it

  11. I believe that they did made a bad job with casting but I would rather see a movie that wrong character with good acting than right character with bad acting. I’m just so glad that they made this in to a movie. So let just wait and see the movie first.
    I’m 32(asian) and my kids made me watch the avatar series and now I’M A VERY BIG FAN!!!!!!!


  13. There seems to be some confusion over the executive producer credits in the comments here. The fact is producer credits are handed out like candy in Hollywood and it’s possible to land them without actually having anything significant to do with the picture. I have producer credits on films I worked on for literally three minutes. The original Avatar guys might be heavily involved; they might have nothing to do with it at all. The executive producer credits tell us absolutely nothing about their level of involvement. Sorry.

  14. those that think asian is mongolian-chinese race only is wrong. those that think that the show is not based on hindu culture is wrong. those that think dark skin mongolian-chinese is not indian is wrong.
    asian is many countries not the mongolian-chinese race exclusive. a lot of asian countries are based on the indian culture and hindu is the oldest culture in asia. any mongolian-chinese dark skin person is a mix blood of the indian people.
    Shyamalan is asian and as the oldest civilize culture in asia india he knows what the show means and should look like.

  15. I agree whole-heartedly with Aang. The fact that fans are up in arms about Shyamalan adding some diversity to the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender is ridiculous. I am African-American, and I am totally aware of the uneven treatment of race in American cinema. But come on people. Avatar takes place in a world that is completely Asian. For this to be as realistic and epic as the story deserves, the film makers have to depict a world that is as diverse and varied as our own. The actors chosen will capture the spirit of the characters, I’m sure, but add another layer of realism to a great story.

    Besides, why make it exactly like the cartoon? If you want to see the cartoon (which is awesome, by the way,) I have the box set sitting on my TV right now. You are welcome to borrow it.

  16. Jimmy is a [whee] moron. “IF IT’S BASED ON SOMETHING YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT EXACTLY THE SAME WAY.” Nice to know that you’re not a fan of: The Shawshank Redemption, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Godfather Trilogy, The Green Mile, The Dark Knight, Fight Club, Road to Perdition, Requiem for a Dream, No Country For Old Men. All of these are films based on source material you witless infant. I’ve read every book/comic book they’re based on and can tell you with absolute certainty all the things that were changed. Asian kid turning into white kid NOW THEY’RE JUST GONE AND RUINED THE STORY. You’re the same kid that probably crapped on Transformers because Optimus Prime had a mouth instead of a mouth PLATE. You’re petty, pithy and ridiculous.

  17. This is ridiculous. They look NOTHING like the actual characters, Zuko’s scar isn’t even there, and this is just pure b.s. This looks so terrible. I hope the movie FLOPS.

  18. I am an Air Bender fan, Asian (Chinese) and I am appalled by the casting. I’ll rent the movie, but I am not going to watch it at the theaters. This movie screams lack of diversity and representation of the Asian community. I don’t care how much special effects they put in this movie, unless you can make them more asian and less white, then too bad. Shame on you for messing with a perfect Cartoon series and turning into crap. I curse this film.

  19. I would have rather there be some diversity in the cast but w/e. I can’t complain, they all look kinda serious i hope it has alot of humor like the cartoon did. =)

  20. I dont have much of a problem with their race.
    I like the first poster pic up there with the different bending, it looks awesome.
    The only true complaint i have is that aang and katara LOOK too young, i know that aang and katara ARE young, but im just saying that age does not transmit well from cartoon to live action. ;\
    But im still going to see it duh 😀

  21. The world of Avatar is fiction. There is no Asian; there is no American. There are four nations: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. In the show, the ethnicities of the characters seem to borrow from cultures around the world, including an astonishing diversity of Southeastern-Asian, American, and European. Most of the voice actors are American. The show was created by Americans and animated by Koreans.

    But this is M. Night’s movie, not the show. The movie is being forwarded by an Indian-American who has cast the best actors for the parts, regardless of race. HE is making an AMERICAN movie. HE can cast whatever color people he wants. If a brilliant actor from Nairobi had been perfect in his audition, then we no doubt would be seeing a dark-skinned Aang. But he wasn’t. Noah Ringer was the best. We shouldn’t down-play his brilliance because he is white. He was the best to audition, so he got the part. M. Night saw Dev Patel and knew he’d make an incredible Zuko, so we have a British-Indian Fire Nation Prince. So what? Should we hate Patel, now, because he isn’t Korean, or Chinese, or whatever else you haters want him to be? He is the best they saw, and so he is Zuko.
    M. Night seems to be designating each of the four nations an equivilant in our world, with the Southern Water Tribe as Anglo and the Fire Nation as Indian. It seems the Earth Kingdom, the biggest nation, will be Southeast Asian (see Keong Sim). Aang is one of a kind, and I think M. Night’s decision to make the monks a different ethnicity fascinating. (Was Aang really ever race-specific in the show? The monks seem Tibetan, but does Buddhism have racial constraints?)

    I’m so glad those casting are overlooking the skin colors prescribed by the show–because it doesn’t matter. Ringer and Patel are both excellent in the Korean martial art of Taekwondo–that is vital; color is not. TALENT is what matters. Talent is what we’ll be priveleged to witness.

    If you can’t bring yourself to watch a white Aang, make your own movie and cast whoever YOU want as the Avatar. Stop bashing Ringer and M. Night. He’s taking a brilliant show and making it something different, something his own. That’s how adaptations work. We can admire his work, or we can reject it. If you want the show…watch the show.

  22. To Don’t Watch This Movie:
    The Asian Community IS represented. Much of the ideas are drawn straight from different Asian cultures–names, customs, costumes, architecture, bending techniques. If the entire cast was Asian as well, the “white people” would be entirely left out…of an American film…Which doesn’t make much sense.

    Besides, the cartoon characters are not strictly Asian anyway. They have American voices and American mannerisms. Although they are drawn by Koreans, they don’t look particularly Asian.

    Why the racism? This movie will be too white for you? That’s hateful.

    P.S. Relax fans. Zuko is scarred and Aang has the arrow. They’re less noticeable because of realistic interpretation and cinematic license.

  23. This is going to be good, on account of how Hollywood tried to Americanized Dragon Ball Z and you know how that turned out…… I really want to see how they Americanize this movie in a good or bad way, I really don’t care if they have american actors, I just wanna see if they screw this up or not. but no matter the problem, I’ll always have the animated version of avatar. There’s only one thing I wish for Shyamalan to do and that is to not forget the main characters (Aang, Zuko, Toph, katara, and Sokka).


  25. lol at the people preaching diversity. the three MAIN characters are WHITE. This is the key point of contention. Infact, judging from the imdb casting, all the minority characters are either villains or cute asian girls for the white male characters to hook up with. No thanks, I’ll pass on this retarded movie.

    Also, to the person that mention lulz dey picked dah best peeps fer auditions derrrr. Really? You don’t think Dev’s casting had anything to do with the recent popularity of slumdog? Or how about Rathbones popularity from the OC, or twilight? Nicola Peltz doesn’t have a resume to speak of, but surely she was the best right? There were NO other talented young actresses, regardless of ethnicity, at the auditions? Really?

    Also, don’t even get me started on the whole “no body looked asian” Thing. Seriously? Fire nation people were OBVIOUSLY asian, they had almond shaped eyes and wore chinese garb. Earth nation characters were also very asian looking, and wore japanese flavored garb, especially the kyoshi warriors. Water nation? yeah you already know that one. Air? The ONLY nation that gets a pass on the movie casting. Aang does infact, look like a white kid in the cartoon.

    But I am suspect the white kid’s casting had less to do with aang’s non descript cartoon ethnicity, and more to do with hollywood racist casting, as evidenced by the casting choices for katara and sokka, who were very obviously NOT white in the cartoon.

  26. I always hear people defend the cast of this film by saying they cast based on talent, not skin color, but I do not believe this is true. The casting calls for the four leads suggested a preference for Caucasian actors, even though the characters aren’t Caucasian, and to little surprise, they initially selected four white actors for the four leads. Remember, Jesse McCartney was their first choice to play Zuko, not Dev Patel, so if you truly believe they made their choices based on talent alone then you must also think Jesse is a better actor than Dev.

    To those of you applauding this film for overlooking skin color, why doesn’t this happen for any of the Anglo or European inspired fantasy films like Lord of the Rings? Do you think any Chinese actors were auditioned for Gandalf and Aragorn? Were any Filipino or Korean actors considered to play the kids in the Harry Potter movies? There’s a double standard here: European-inspired fantasy films get overwhelming Caucasian casts, but the rare American Asian-inspired fantasy gets re-imagined under the fake excuse of increasing diversity, and once again they cast Caucasians as the lead heroes. Airbender’s not proof of a post-racial Hollywood. Rather it’s evidence that some races are still favored over others for the best roles.

  27. By the way, in 20 years, let’s remake Lord of the Rings, a fantasy story obviously based on european mythology (identical to how avatar is based on asian mythology) and cast all hobbits as indians, elves as african americans, asians as gondorians, and hispanics as rohirims.

    It wouldn’t matter right? As long as the actors were talented and the very best for the auditions, who cares about continuity to the source material, amirite? Let’s diversify that cast!

  28. Also, I can’t wait for the usual shaymalan twist ending where we find out that apa, the flying bison, was infact, firelord ozai in disguise THE WHOLE TIME.

    Apa unzips his skin, ozai walks out,and says “Fools! You actually paid to see this Movie!Hahahahahahahahaahhaah!!!!”

  29. I started watching Avatar on DVD at the recommendation of a friend… It really is great man. There is no way M. Night is gonna get this right though… All these kids look like assholes trying to look tough, when they are supposed to be really likable characters…

  30. What the fucking bullshit????? One, Katara looks nothing like that! It looks like some kid going out trick or treating!!! Second, you can barely see Zuko’s scar!! And last, is that fourth guy supposed to be SOKKA!!!?? He looks nothing like him, not one bit!!! However, this is M. Night Shyamalan’s ADAPTATION of Avatar: The Last Airbender, so as long as the main story and character development doesn’t change, I’m all for it!

  31. If you guys don’t like the cast or anything.
    Don’t see it
    How simple is that.

  32. Whether or not the cast matches those of the animated series should be of less concern to the ‘hardcore’ animated fans.
    The simple fact is they should put the word LIVE ACTION somewhere in the title to show that this is not the original storyline or possibly not related to it in any way, because as everyone should know, any and all animated shows that have been made into live action is a complete failure to represent its source material. (DBZ:EVOLUTION? / SF:LEGEND OF CHUNG LI?… )

    Basically if you havent seen the series you’re most likely to enjoy it, if you have though, at least you can watch over the series to forget about it(i suggest some liquor also, yes its going to be that bad and if im wrong…well lets just hope i am)

  33. All this talk about the casting doesn’t change the fact that unless the critics universally slam this movie when it comes out, I will probably go see it. I think the casting of Aang is almost perfect. You can make a case about anyone else, I’m not really interested in debating the ethnic make-up of the cast. I think the producers and the studio are trying to make a more universal-appealing movie with a diverse cast. Whether they are successful or not– I don’t care about that either. AS long as the story is true to the source material, that’s all that counts.

    All this talk about the racism in Avatar, someone should say something about the subtle racism in the new Transformer movie! Where are the complaints about the two stereotypically offensive ‘African-American’ robots that aren’t even real Transformer characters? What about the crude ethnic stereotypes in both Transformers movies (like the Hispanic singing soldier in the first movie or Samuel L. Jackson’s over-the-top car salesman?) Yet, that movie is raking in tons of money. I’ve bet half the people on this thread went to see those movies and haven’t complained.

    I will probably go see “The Last Airbender” when it comes out, and, yeah, I will probably get a few laughs in at the casting… but if I come away from the movie completely enjoying the experience then I’ll be glad I disagreed with all of the people ranting here.

  34. I find it funny how much flack this movie has gotten because of the cast, stating that it’s being biased by not casting Asians, etc. First off, this isn’t an anime adaptation. Avatar was made in America, and while it was heavily influenced by several sources, anime included, I’m just not seeing the big deal. Aang always looked like a little white kid in the cartoon. He talked like a little white kid. He looked like a monk in the same way that Cain from Kung-Fu did. :-p His friends from the water tribe always looked Inuit/Native American. Everyone else looked a mixture of white or Asian in the show with the voice actors being either at any given time. It’s not like the cartoon was this diverse menagerie of color or anything, and it certainly didn’t look like it was intended to be all Asian either. Chill the freak out. Then again, this is the internet and it just wouldn’t be any fun if there wasn’t something to overdramatize or complain about. There’s plenty of other factors to worry about for this movie other than how light-skinned the cast is.

  35. executives/producers are euro-americans for the most part and west asians so when they work in the usa they want a cast that will represent their people. does this hurt the usa image? i think yes it does hurt the usa image because other americans are not represented. other countries will not know that usa tread over native american and mexican culture and you add the other non euro-american west asian culture that are in the usa and you get a inhuman image of the native americans and mexicans that have contribute to the mix culture the usa citizens live today.
    today someone like Shyamalan a southeast asian american is making progress for people of colour in the usa but movie business is like politics in the usa you are not always in control and you need to make your investors happy or big problems arise. the only way a person can please themselves is to make a movie for your self to enjoy for example you so rich you spend all your money to make the movie without anyone investing in your movie. could it happen one person alone spends their money on a movie sure but will it happen i dont think so.

  36. okay, i’ve been thinking about this, and although i a not IN LOVE with the choice of cast, im sure there must be a reason behind it, i love avatar, and i love the characters, but it would be no use if the actors looked like them, but couldn’t act in a way that should each character in the correct light, so i think maybe they are really good actors and maybe this is why they were chosen rather than what they look like.

  37. I don’t have a good feeling about this film. I just don’t. I doubt that Mike and Bryan got a deal in their roles as EPs that gave them the sort of creative control needed to keep the movie (casting and story) true enough to their original vision. M. Night has the clout in this scenario and he’s more of a studio pawn than ever after flopping so many releases.

    Early on it was said that M. Night and Nickelodeon were sort of looking at this like their Star Wars, their Harry Potter franchise. I’m not seeing that in the teaser trailer or the stills. SW and HP are properties tightly controled by their original creators, Rowling via contractual agreements set from the start that the filmmakers are legally bound to follow and Lucas… well he’s George Lucas. The Last Airbender has to me the hallmarks of an adaptation, heavily manipulated by studio puppeteers (M. Night being the puppet) to the effect of wrecking the greatness that could’ve been achieved by simply being faithful to the source material.

    I really, really hope I’m wrong but this feeling about a movie has never failed me in the past. This doesn’t feel as bad as my pre-“Aeon Flux” or my “Any Ewe Boll Film” vibe but the full trailer needs to kick serious butt to convince me that this movie is worth anything more than a download. BTW I’m a big fan of the series, I WANT this movie to be good because the show is so good. But the casting? The blah, kinda sloppy martial arts on view in the teaser?

    Nope. I don’t have a good feeling about this one.

  38. I’d love for someone to explain to me how casting the three leads with Caucasian actors is somehow “diverse.” This is a whitewash, plain and simple. And we’re going to have another movie with the white heroes saving the poor ethnic extras from dark-skinned villains.

    No thank you.

  39. i love this cartoon and really hope the movie does it justice. most comments regarding the casting are valid. im just glad they didnt cast that mccartney kid. that couldve been a deal breaker. fact is, this is an american movie; they are going to make it as appealing to an american audience as possible. after all, how many white, hispanic, or black people do you see in asian movies? youre going to watch the movie rergardless so just shut up and hope its done well.

  40. I’m having trouble understanding all the ire being directed at the movie over the racial makeup of the cast. What confuses me the most is that so many people seem to be missing one rather large fact: This movie is not set in our world. These characters do not live on Earth. Not a fictional version of Earth that resembles our own. There are no six-legged flying bison, or gliding lemurs, or panther moose (mooses, meese…). People with the level of technology shown in the cartoon would not be able to travel our world so extensively within the short period of time in which the story takes place. We’re not dealing with OUR reality here, folks. That being said, maybe some of you need to consider that their world also does not have “races” in the same way as our own. I must confess to being oblivious about “race” within the cartoon as we understand it in the real world. It never for a moment occurred to me that Katara and Sokka could be Inuit. Aang appeared to me Caucasian to me. Yeah, I thought that Zuko might be Asian, but it never was explicitly stated in any way during the show. I did recognize that there was a heavy multi-culture-Asian influence on the show’s design, but that never really translated to the races of the characters for me. In those terms, I really don’t see much issue with casting Asian vs European vs Native American actors in the roles AS LONG AS THEY CAN ACT. Truth be told, I wouldn’t have a problem with any other race being included with the film, but people would have to be willing to accept what would be a rather large departure from the canon of the show.

    Bottom line is: it’s a fantasy story set in a world other than our own and putting limitations upon it that are a part of our world (and its conflicts) doesn’t make much sense to me.

  41. well adam, asian movies aren’t usually based on black, white, or hispanic culture, so why would they cast them as leads? what a stupid comment, lol.

    At Imajicka1. Have you been sleeping under a rock? Have you been to for the transformers 2 reviews? or read any reviews for it? almost everyone who’s seen or reviewed tf2 has complained about the obviously racist “black” robots.

  42. Sorry – forgot one other factoid: Just pulled up pics of all the characters to review and I noticed that the three main heroes of the story all are depicted with blue eyes. (Not sure if the pics from Wikipedia reflect how they are rendered in the actual cartoon, though.) How many Asians or Inuits out there have blue eyes? Any, besides those of mixed heritage? This just seems to further emphasize my point that their world isn’t governed by the limitations and labels of our own. Good for them!

  43. seradane, youre right but expect a stupid comment in response to a stupid argument. ethnicity isnt mentioned in the show. there is 1 human race. stop calling the film makers racist and take a look in the mirror. is it possible theyve transcended the color of skin and youre the one stuck on it? if the actors can act and the story is done well then what does it matter?

  44. No soporto la escogencia de personajes, me parece que agrede a la serie, de ahí que muchos fans se muestren contrariados… lo que más me sorprende es que los productores y escritores de la serie original permitan este cambio tan abrupto.

  45. when i watch a movie i judge the movie myself. even if someone says the movie is bad or if the movie looks bad. when i want to see a movie i will judge or review my thoughts on the film and hope people are not soldiers and do what i say or write. if your a movie goer you will review the movie yourself if not you will pick favorites and select few to review.

  46. But adam, and to an extent, dave. As has been pointed out, this sort of thing NEVER happens to a series that takes place in a european setting. A cast of white characters from a book, REMAIN a cast of white characters when they are translated to film, as evidenced by…just about everyone book to movie adaptation ever, but the most recent one’s being harry potter and lord of the rings. You didn’t see any forced “diversity” bullshit in those films, the characters remained similar/very close to what their ethnicities were in the books.

    Avatar is OBVIOUSLY asian themed, most of the characters are obviously supposed to be asian, and if not, there are certainly more asian looking characters than white. As I said, I’m pretty sure aang was the only “white” looking character on the show, so his casting doesn’t bother me so much as katara and sokka.

    The Avatar film makers are just using “diversity” as an excuse to white wash the three main heroes. This shit NEVER happens to stories that have white main heroes.

    Since the next harry potter movie hasn’t started filming yet, I fully expect the filmakers to learn from the last airbenders “example” and cast harry as black, ron as mexican, and hermoine as a jew. That’d be perfectly acceptable to everyone right?

    Also, the voice actor arguement holds ZERO weight. I see people posing”well they were voiced by white people, so they should be played by them and/or you shouldn’t have any problem with it”. By that logic, a live action simpsons movie would have to star a middle aged woman as bart, and a live action samurai jack movie would have to cast a black guy as jack, and the live action transformers movies would need giant middle aged men acting out the battles in lieu of cgi robots.

    Seriously, wake up people.

  47. You all neglect one important fact…Most of the actors in the show are white…how is this different? Also, at no point do we actually, in the show, get proof that Aang is Chinese. People just assume because he knows martial arts. This assumption make these naysayers about the cast seem like hypocrites.

  48. I think this casting is effing horrible….its laughable for people to try and defend by saying, the cartoon is not based on our world or aang looked white, and katara and her bro had blue eyes. Come one people we are all old enough to know when one race is obviously preferred over another. And ive heard the argument before, LOTR and Harry potter are based in fantasy worlds and all those main characters stayed white How do you explain that?

  49. LOTR was filmed in New Zealand and H.P. in England. (i think anyway. not much of a fan.)both places predominately white. casting is not going to go out of their way to mix a cast just to be p.c. and both books were written by european authors. and at least in LOTR’s case, the movies tried to stay true to the source material. if there were no obvious ethnic characters in the book why put them in the movie? not that it matters, but im not white and im not hurt at all by the casting of these movies. avatar is obviously heavily influenced by asian culture but the characters were drawn ethnically ambiguous probably to avoid this exact discussion.

  50. All I have to say is they better be kick ass actors and devote themselves to the part or this is going to be the biggest disappointment ever,he already fucked up the casting I’m hoping he did it because they are worth it.

    I mean the way i look at it Zuko is going to be good,and Sokka is questionable but I’m hopeful he is a good actor also.But good god casting fresh faces in a already questionable movie with a director who hasn’t ever really had a anything spectacular.

    the chips are down,it could bomb.

  51. They coulda cast native new zealanders in their movie….to give it mor of a realistic vibe. I don’t know many hobbits but when i read it (in 8th grade) I assumed they came in a lot of different colors, but i don’t think there was one dark face in the whole movie, unless you count the orcs. To say that the characters are ethnically ambiguous is just…..dumb . These kids write in Chinese looking characters eat tradtional asian food, and used traditional asian tools….DUH……i dont see any club sandwiches or roving hoardes of raping vikings in the series

  52. “drawn ethnically ambiguous” is what i wrote. meaning their appearance. there is no question about the asian influence on the series. which i already stated. if u didnt catch that the first time around. bottom line is the cast is set and the movie is moving forward. continue bitching if it makes you all feel important but it wont make a bit of difference. go ahead and say youll boycott the film but if youre a fan you will watch it.

  53. Ehh, I’m a fan of dragonball and I didn’t see the movie. I’m a fan of streetfighter and I didn’t see either movie. I’m a fan of dead or alive and I didn’t see the movie. I’m a fan of transformers and I didn’t see the SECOND movie, hated the first so I wasn’t about to be fooled twice, although I did see the first two resident evil films in theater.

    Anyway, the list goes on and on, and the point is, I’m pretty sure I can muster the will power to avoid giving avatar box office numbers. I’ve avoided other horrible adaptations, I’ll do it again.

  54. Thanks Seradane. I’m not seeing it either. If they couldn’t even get the kids’ ethnicities straight, the rest of the film’s probably going to be terrible too.

  55. is the mongolian race yellow people? since everyone seems to think the mongolian race is not white. you folks need to understand that when you add the word asian to people, culture, food, writings, religion, and so on; you have to include other nations because asia is not exclusive to the mongol race. when i consider people of colour i always include the mongol race as white including the mix mongol race.

  56. can you really say its gonna be a horrible adaptation based on the cast? i admit there isnt a long list of successful adaptations but save your judgements for after it comes out.

  57. Katara and Sakko are supposed to be INUIT. ok? Native, not white. Aang and Zuko should be Asian. Stop sing white people for ethnic roles!

  58. This is ridiculous everyone is moaning about people want ASIAN people in an ASIAN inspired movie. All this talk about diversifying avatar with white and indian actors but they’re excluding the predominant race of the cartoon in the movie.Then its said that it is an American made movie and that it is going to use a cast that appeals to Americans… which is what? White people? Of course Harry Potter is white the book says he is and it would be retarded as hell if he wasn’t. So, by comparison it is retarded as hell that the main characters races are not represented as in the cartoon series.

  59. This is horrible.
    The cast sucks!
    Aang is WAYYY to young for Katara.
    He’s like 12, while she is 14? I know thats how it is in the tv show but an older actor wouldn’t hurt, right? Nicola is alright, she might be able to pull of the part, but Zoko is HORRIBLE!! Were is the scar!!!! He wouldn’t be able to do it. Jackson Rathbone might be able to pull of his character too.
    I’m sad that the cast is so bad. I was looking forward to the movie. Not anymore.

  60. seradane your a fucking twat! You need to get over this ethnic crap, with me thinking that you have overrated rambles about everything. Its a movie and you need to see it as something past what your personal views are and try and make something of whats there now. Its an american made asian series, let them appeal to whoever they want. I just think after reading your previous comments your a piece of whiny shit. Im 100% behind the one called adam!!!

  61. I am sick an tired of everyone bitching about how the cast doesn’t match the race of the animated characters and how the movie is going to suck because of it. This is an american movie made in america and personally I like the cast so far and I believe this will work. I admit I did have some thoughts on how they did the cast at first but I came to agree to their reasons to why but what am I going to do. Keep on complaning about it till it go’s away like how Aang thought of glue bending the fire lord and try talking some sense to him and show him his baby pictures(If you REALLY know the show then you would get this). NO!!!. Plus if you actually think about it how many other movies have done this before and turned out great out at least reasonably okay….I mean really. And one more thing, when it does come out and you have money and time to spare and your girlfriend at the time will want to see it and you have some curiosity yourself(and i know you do why else are preaching anyway about it on this site in the first place) For some strange and unexplainable reason you just might actually like it. You wont know if you try. Its called growing up. What the hell right. I mean what’s the worst that could happen other than losing a couple of bucks.

  62. FYI. like what others have said already on this page including Mimi, when they did the casting it just happen. The buisness world of movies is a really complicated thing.

  63. Zach, in response to your ‘actors don’t need to be asian’ comments, I’m assuming you’d be equally as happy with asian characters, playing, for example, the hobbits, or Gandalf, in LotRings?

  64. THIS IS A MOVIE. Get over yourselves and stop bitching about everything. It’s called and adaptation for a reason. Ive watched the show since the beginning and I could care less if the actors are Asian or white or fucking smurfs! As long as they can act and bring the movie and show to life then no one cares what race anybody is. Oh and James Newton Howard fucking rocks.

  65. And the Character of I am legend was played by Will Smith when the original character was White… Also the Characters in Lord of the Rings are described as what they are – Which is White. The culture in Avatar is Asian correct, but it was written by Americans and the characters never had their races classified. Also notice how Katara has blue eyes – Something that Inuits do not have. Get over it, I think the characters are devoted to their roles and will succeed with it. Please realize that this isn’t earth.

  66. I’ll reserve judgement for when the film is released, after all it’s a Hollywood picture! It could be fun! Most Americans probably want to see a white kid as Aang, and quite frankly all that studios care about is money!!! Harry Potter was going to be done as an American school if J.K. Rowling didn’t step in, so why is anyone surprised?

    Although let’s be honest. If a Black kid was cast as Aang, most of you would have a HUGE problem with the casting… in fact… most of you would be ranting that the kid isn’t Asian! So stop lying to yourself.

  67. my continued thoughts on the matter are that they are close enough to the animated version to care to much about race. Yea maybe zuko could have been asian but all this crap about LOTR and Harry potter, i dont believe that they can be compared, as both were written in England by english authors. wait awhile then go watch it and if it is shit house because of the cast i’ll concede defeat. O and the comment about the black kid playing aang is stupid. That would be so far from the animated aang its almost another topic completely. At least these actors somewhat resemble the animated versions. Chur.

  68. o and i agree with anna about studios wanting money over technicalities in casting. Egotistical americans driving the movie market!

  69. why the fuck does it matter if aang is white or asian, what truly matters rii now is that , ZUKO IS NOT FUCKIN BROWN, WTF!?!?

  70. and zuko should look lke a tank, this fagg looks like sokka could kick his ass, im not gunna lie, i like his role in slumdog, and even if he is a good actor, he should some what ressamble zuko, i should hire combustion man to kill this fuck job.

  71. This movie is will be Avatar: the last airbender in name only.

    The casting was racist[anyone that is not retarded can see that].
    I could get over the race of the actors if they looked like their animated counterpart, sadly the only one that looks similar is the actor playing Aang[after a couple of beers].
    The actors were not chosen because they are good[the only one that can act is Patel but he was the second choice and he is also the wrong type of Asia], they where chosen because they appeal to the tween demographic.
    The actors will we using different[generic crap] martial arts than in the cartoon.
    They removed all the Chinese writing that was in the cartoon, now we will have some made up language.

    Shyamalan is a crappy director with a miss placed ego. Since he said in the beginning that he was going to stick very close to the source material but he is clearly not, I would also say that he is a huge liar.

  72. Surely there were some talented actors out there who at least resemble the characters in the original show? Surely? The ‘racist’ slant on the casting has been done to death, but I am just disappointed that none of the main cast look even remotely like the original characters. Dev Patel was good in Slum Dog, but no way is he Zuko. At least there is always the cartoon series!

  73. Aren’t you forgetting the color of their eyes? They should be the right color as in the cartoon.

  74. Eye colour is easily changed by contact lenses.

    Anyways, the characters should at least slightly resemble the original version. Casting Sokka and Katara as inuit actors or something similar would have been a logical choice, aang is more open for interpretation, zuko is portrayed as asian and the actor cast should have been taller and appeared more physically built and intimidating (Dev seems too friendly and is by no means intimidating), iroh is quite obviously japanese (the cartoon character’s mannerisms and skills -such as the art of tea making- suggest this).

    I was extremely dissappointed when I learnt of the cast. They pretty much ruined an awesome story-line and I doubt they will ever remake it after this disaster of a movie. Hopefully with this crap out of the way Mike and Bryan can (hopefully) continue the cartoon storyline.

  75. Ahahahaha, I applaud maori boy as the EXACT idiot lowest common denominator demographic this movie is aimed at. You just know someone has a valid point when they start hurling personal insults at people.

  76. my sis and i feel that a major mistake is being made here. we aren’t even going to say anything about the whole asian/non-casting issue, just the actors seem like bad choices. first off, the actress playing katara just does not seem like a good choice, judging from past performances. further more, the character Aang seems way too depressing… i hope the movie will make him a much more energetic, fun loving character. and where is our favorite character, the little fuzz ball Momo???

  77. I have read the comments on here and a few things are very evident…
    One, the Asian community has taken a very personal interest in Avatar and only want what they feel it right, which is have the movie depict what the show does, and they do have a point when they say that the Fire Nation is Asian…because even I believe it is (and I’m not Asian)
    Two, Initially, they did want Caucasian actords to play the lead roles and I am glad they did make those changes.
    And finally, the race issue is very heated over this movie and it hasn’t even been released yet!

    This is just my opinion, and with everyone else on here it can either count or be brushed aside…but isn’t the whole idea to make a movie that lives up to the majesty (for lack of a better term) of the cartoon? We have ALL seen what can happen when they take a cartoon (anime) and make it live action…doesn’t always work out so well (Dragonball: Evolution, He-man, StreetFighter). Avatar isn’t truly anime, but comes the closest and the only thing I would think that true fans would want is that the depiction of the story remains true to what Bryan and Michael created. Isn’t THAT what is the MOST important?
    Believe me, I’ma as skeptical as the rest of you just simply for the fact of the rate of success of this type of movie, but Michael and Bryan have faith in M. Night…why can’t we give him a chance?
    This is a HUGE undertaking…a HUGE shoe to fill and I’m not sure that too many directors would have had the guts to take this on with the level of it’s popularity. I understand about the cast (found Dev Patel a little strange for Zuko as well), but I will give it a chance. Again, if you don’t like the cast, or what it means to have THIS cast, or the fact that M. Night Shyamalan is the director…then DON’T WATCH THE FILM!!!! Stay home…
    Otherwise, take a lesson from the show…everything may look bleak, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.
    Hell, we all wound up liking Prince Zuko at the end of the series…who would have thought that? LOL

  78. I’m a huge Avatar fan, but to be honest I just don’t think this film’s going to be well received. They’re doing three movies on book one to start, second the casting isn’t that good, and third the target demographic is just too small. If this movie has anything going for it it’ll be the special effects. As much as I hate to say it, I might not even watch it. You see, I love the show and I don’t want this movie to ruin it for me, but if you still want to see it more power to ya.

  79. I am disapointed about the casting, however I will still enjoy it if it is well made. I am such a big fan and I will overlook some artistic license as long as the final product rocks.

  80. It’s incredibly sad to me that there are people who A) say they are fine with the casting and B) think that people are overreacting to the issue of race in casting, because what it tells me is that there are a lot of subtle racism issues that people either can’t or won’t confront–it’s not all about blatant hate crimes and stuff like that. The idea that the casting is justified by trying to make the movie more appealing to Americans suggests that Americans would not go see the movie if the cast were predominantly Asian. I don’t know how any other American who is NOT racist, regardless of ethnicity, isn’t offended by that suggestion.

    The argument that the characters’ ethnicity was left open to interpretation as a way to justify the casting is equally tragic, because that tells me that people rely heavily on stereotypes to define people ethnically. The characters in the show are drawn from various Asian cultures, as is the world itself. That many of the voice actors were not Asian and did not speak with thick, stereotypical Asian accents does not change that fact, in the same way that the actors in Marie Antoinette speaking English did not mean they weren’t supposed to be French characters in France. The mostly American accents in the show, that’s the part that appeals to American audiences. As well, the voice actor/accent argument seems to mean that all Asians speak English with some type of accent, when in point of fact, this is not true, and is a form of racism itself.

    That race doesn’t matter as long as they can act the part is also a depressing argument, for reasons stated by others using LoTR and Harry Potter as examples, because that’s just people refusing to see the issue. Yes, the people are described in the books (in books, they usually are). This isn’t much different than characters being animated or drawn in a comic-they are visually described right before your eyes. Superman was no more Hispanic than the kids in Avatar are Caucasian. So LoTR, HP, and Superman were all created by white people. That does not mean that people of other ethnicities cannot write characters that are white, nor that white people cannot create an entire world that is essentially Asian. Fantasy Asian, but Asian nonetheless. People shouldn’t assume that a show created by white Americans, despite every visual cue in the animation, would really only want to made a show about other white Americans.

    Finally, it makes me almost furious that anyone would dare say that the casting was to add diversity to represent Americans watching the movie. Since when did representational diversity become important in adaptations in America? Let’s just stick with cartoon shows made into live action movies: Transformers (human characters only)? Scooby Doo? Inspector Gadget? The Flintstones? George of the Jungle? Notice how well all of these movies did… not. People using this argument may be thinking “But the characters in those shows were white…” It’s infuriating, because it seems that color/ethnicity is only important if the characters aren’t already white. If they are, however, then it must be fine. I can’t imagine how anyone can look a the Book 3 DVD covers and convince themselves that the characters, including Aang, aren’t Asian. For those who haven’t already, go to to see what a Caucasian Aang would really look like, and to get a clearer perspective.

    Shyamalan probably is a studio pawn. Who knows; there truly are a lot of politics going on behind the scenes that we will never know. But what it all amounts to is that the media is still pushing, however subtly, the idea that Americans prefer white people, that the ideal hero image to represent to kids (because that’s the demographic, make no mistake) is that of classical Caucasian Americans. Is does make me curious that Shyamalan is behind this since, while he was raised in America, Indian culture in general has a very pronounced, somewhat well known preference for light skin. In the end, it’s too bad that the creators didn’t retain more control over the film, but what’s more sad is that it looks like racism, even the kind that some here don’t seem to think of as such, is well and alive in this country.

    Shyamalan is not saying tha

  81. right on dpv. let’s talk with our money and show hollywood we’re not paying for this crap.

  82. Not only are they white-washing the cast, they are attempting to eradicate all the traditional chinese texts and calligraphy depicted in the animated series. the chinese writings are gonna be replaced by random symbols and markings. Possible attempt by the government to play down the chinese? China is an up and coming economic powerhouse.. Nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand.

  83. What a incredible amount of useless bull shit you have written dpv. alright everyone according to dpv everyone here are a bunch of racists and idiots. good job numb nuts. oh and seradane……..shut your mouth with your money why dont you.

  84. I’m sure Dario’s doctor at the mental institute of retardation is really proud that Dario was able to actually type out a few coherent sentences on the internet. Actually he’s probably proud that Dario figured out how to wipe his own ass.

    And I’m sure said doctor will reward Dario for his progress by taking him to see the last airbender when it comes out.

  85. Wow people. Listen to yourselves. I absolutely LOVE the TV show and when I got an email from a close friend in hollywood about an audition I was excited and thought id try it. Little did I know that I would get 3 call backs and finally have to fly out to hollywood to audition in front of the directors. I was SO excited to have a chance at something like that. Its like a dream. Out of the final 10 auditions (which they ended up with going with someone more known) they did not pick me for the simple reason that I was 14 and my voice was changing. I was still so happy to have that chance. I had no acting experience and this made me feel like I could pursue something like this. They told me to keep acting. Im starting to become glad I didnt make it for all you people throwing the racist cards into play. Look at how much hatred i would have recieved. The point is, is that no matter who they pick and what race they are. He is making something of this show. Who cares if its EXACTLY like the show.

  86. ok, for real people. if you go to, you will see that the two guys that are the creaters of the show wrote the movie with M.N.S. They are also wanted the fact that they wanted to make it right as possible.
    As for the casting, zuko looks great, Dev petil was in Slumdog Millianaire. he was great.
    For the rest, they could have computerise the skin to be darker for Sokka and katara. But if you have seen Twilight then you will know that the guy that plays Jasper is playing Sokka in the movie. look into it all.

  87. What Viny say is true, The director should have taken into consideration of Asian talents. Don’t gives excuses, there are a variety of Asians in Asia, coming from all walk of life & background. Don’t imply that there aren’t any Asian talent suitable to play the roles in the movie. Frankly I’m quite sick of seeing the same faces year after year, I’m also insulted because if the Asians can look into selecting the right person for the role, for a movie or a short series, I don’t understand why the director can’t give Asian a chance at acting? This is racism, and none of the character suit the actor, and why is there only one Asian actor??? If they cartoon is based on Asian mythology, It’s 100% OKAY to borrow our heritage, and 100% not OKAY to borrow our Asian talents to represent the roles!!! It doesn’t matter how great an Asian actor can be, as long as he/she is asian, he/she is not good enough to walk the red carpet. Its just really unfair, why is it so hard to take Asian actor to represent an Asian role? It’s riddicoulous! The director have a wide selection to choose from an Asian region, he should assign light-skinned East Asians as Aang and Zuko, darker-skinned Inuit/Native Americans as Katara and Sokka, tanned skined Indian as Guru Pathik. What I’m saying is he should have assign an actor that the role represent. Get it? I’m also wondering when will I ever see MORE TRUE Asian talent from ASIA acting in an AMERICAN movie,show,theatre and etc. Don’t get me wrong, by what the director did, it just shows how lazy and ignorant a person he is. I mean the character for Dragonball is also a Boo-Boo, Kristen kreuk is thee only Asian!!! and Byung-hun Lee is the only Asian in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra!!! That’s so racism…

  88. Katara and Sokka should be DARK SKINNED!!!! Has the director even SEEN this t.v series? Why is it whenever a dark skinned person is in a show, people have to make them white in the movies?!?!?!

  89. Did you hear they were making a Scooby Doo movie in china and it was being casted entirely by chinese people… i call racism!

    (no they aren’t making a scooby doo movie in china that i know of… just making a point.)

  90. In case people are still arguing, here are the facts of the races of the actors/actresses:
    Noah Ringer – Aang – Caucasian American
    Nicola Peltz – Katara – Caucasian American
    Jackson Rathbone – Caucasian American
    Dev Patel – Prince Zuko – Indian British
    Aasif Mandvi – Admiral Zhao – Muslim British/Indian/American
    Shaun Toub – Iroh – Persian Jewish America/Britain/Iran
    Cliff Curtis – Ozai – Maori New Zealander (WOOT NZ!!)
    Jessica Andres – Suki – (Sorry I couldn’t find out her ethnicity feel free to post if you know)

    Just some information to base all your opinions on.

  91. I do agree with what some of you are saying. But think of it this way, if you’ve read this awesome book, and finaly someone was making a moview based on this book, and you saw it…and sad to say…it didn’t follow the book at all…you’d be dissapointed. Same with cartoons, especially popular ones that grow a big fan base. they want to see these characters come to life. Imagine if they made GI Joe all asian guys…would have been interesting, but I’d say bad judgment. Now if you take main characters and change their race, it may be insulting…just saying. I do hope the movie lives up to the cartoon and see the characters come to life and bring more depth to it. A great example of a director bringing something to life…the lion the witch and the wardrobe. It was like watching the book and cartoon in REAL life. The characters acted as they should (of course bringing more depth to the character), and the plot followed as it did in the book and cartoon. Something were added but it didnt take away to the feel of how the book and cartoon was. Anyone who takes a great book, cartoon, or anything in that sense, and butchers it by killin characters that aren’t suppose to die…and just really making it into their own…are in…no way…BEING ORIGINAL. If they are going to do that…they need to come up with their own idea and still the person who did it first…that’s all I say. I will wish this movie a lot of luck and I hope it is as the cartoon is.

  92. where the hell is toph she’s very important in avatar the last airbender series. its no fun without her she funny but arrogant and who else is going to teach ang earthbending

  93. also whats up with katara isn’t she supposed to be darker huh what’s up with u people

  94. remember that many people auditioned for these roles, and these have been chosen of all of them. they’ll do a great job, no matter how many different opinions are out there.

  95. Attention everyone hatin’ on the cast of The Last Airbender: if you are upset with the skin colour of the actors/actresses in this film or the general direction the producers went regarding the nationality of the characters…. GO MAKE YOUR OWN GODDAMN FILM YOU PISSY LITTLE BITCHES. Thank you and have a good day.

  96. this is bs katara nd sokka are like navtive american or sumthing like that not white personally i hate it when the movie is diffrent from the cartoon because if its not like the original cartoon fans wont like the movie beacause its not what we wanted to see nd i the characters in the movie dnt look anything like the characters in the carttoon i mean i kno u cant make them exactly like that bt u culd atleast get asians nd navtive ppl

  97. vina is rite in the show thier asian to me it doesnt seem that hard just to find asian actors nd actresses

  98. Yeah, it’s an American made show and the characters talk like Americans. It’s absolutely inconcievable that Asians can’t be Americans, or talk like Americans.

    Apu from the Simpsons should be played by a white guy if a live action movie were made.

    Aang, despite wearing Chinese clothes, knowing Chinese characters, living in a country with Chinese-style pagoda architecture, should be American, which to you guys, means white.

    Most of you guys aren’t racists, just idiots.

  99. I really hope Shyamalan follows the story line
    that the original director intended. I also hope that he consulted with the original director when he thought that changing the ethnic backrounds of the cast would be a “good idea.” This story line has great potential and i hope he stick to the story line (i.e. X-men, 300, transformers, and ironman).

  100. i am a big fan of avatar so im just gonna stay positive about this 🙂
    but i think i think suko actor would of looked better on sokka actor like switch you know

  101. It looks to me as though Night has officially fallen in Temptation. Nothing else makes sense to me.

  102. to all the haters…
    just 2 words from me..

    GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    watch it before you judge it…

    there is a reason why the damn thing is called an adaptation…
    it’s completely fictional for god’s sake…
    now please STFU and get over it..thx<3

  103. oh and before all you chinese people go psycho on me
    im 100% asian too btw…
    chinese to be fu*king precise -_-

    just because all the damn characters
    arents freaking asian (insert race here) etc..
    doesnt mean that the film is going to be aweful!!

    much love,

  104. First and foremost, “IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE CAST, MAKE YOUR OWN MOVIE!!!!111 LOL [insert random swear word]” argument is ridiculous — please, for the love of God, stop using this argument.

    It’s the equivalent of demanding voters to stop voicing their opinions because they aren’t the President/Prime Minister/Governor/etc. And if you can’t detect the logical fallacies committed in these arguments, then I hope for humanity’s sake that you do not procreate.

    And second, why is Kaya the only one here wondering about Toph? The most disappointing aspect of The Last Airbender is the lack of Toph. Toph was awesome. Toph should be in the movie.

    Although with this kind of casting, Vin Diesel would have been casted as Toph. Which I guess wouldn’t be so bad afterall =P … (S3, ep17)

    Oh well, I’ll let this one slide. But she better show up for the rest of the triology.

  105. i know the characters are suppose to be asian but in the cartoon aang katara toph and jet all look white or not asian with their blue eyes and light skin

  106. i really wish they didnt stop the cartoon. it’s much better and i really loved it ! i think they should make a sequel of it soon. Anyways, the cast for movie sucks !..Ang and all others look horrible !!..

  107. I agree they may not look like the cartoon, but dont judge a book by its cover. who knows you just might like the movie.

  108. i am very happy with the cast
    i like what the director did with the nations, like, the fire nation is arabian, and the water nation is caucasian… i just hope the other nations will look different, not all white people.
    but really, THANK GOD jesse mccartney is not zuko. he would suck. and i think dev patel looks like a good zuko!
    (sorry for the bad english, it’s not my first language)

  109. i am black and punjabi [(india “asian indis”) personally i dont like the whole asia minor thing, just because india is attached to the same continent; plus i love chinese and even japenese culture; while my people did take a lot of philosophy / religion to “Asia” (major), they couldn’t be more so two entirely different countries, which makes M. night no more of an expert than i (but i do love his movies, mostly)]
    this time they efed up; the casting is lame, and not because their not asian, but the watertribe is a lot closer to inuit (eskimo “not being racist” but that what americans call them, and i am so deal); the other water tribe did appear to be more diverse and may have been more norse like but thas a stretch; aang should resemble emperial chinese, not japenese not mongolian, and not white, but if the other characters where right and maybe his arrow was big and blue, id let it slide (but come on; and zuko, really im indian (original from the caucus mountains; caucazoid number one) zuko is not indian, he’s definitely japenese, get real.
    i could give less crap about diversity, just make it authentic; every time they do this (like dragon ball z) the movie winds up terrible because they try to americanize it, suddenly american characters are actting asian (unconvincingly, and out of place) and several other comprimises follow; next thing you know the atomosphere and style that made the original story flow has fallen all to hell, just stop it already.
    id hate for this to be anothergiant failed live action conversion, but its hard to see another outcome (stop selling to the mass market, sell to the fans and the market will follow; remember crouching tigger, their are a number of films that prove americans do like films with foriegn, authentic feeling settings).

  110. oh yeah, indians have green eyes, and so do some chinese; its recesive now but the asian people as a whole migrated straight from india, which means that they were all caucazoid at one time (before they darkened up for various reason).
    i wont debate as to which came first african or indian, but native americans and inuits came frome asia major descendants, and unfortunately i guess my people have to claim the most destructive descendants of the human race, the whites (but to be fair they only got that way because they migrated to realy messed up places; and i dont just mean the skin or nlue eyes (the hostility and deception is a survival trait, one that not all of them have over come unfortunately- but we still have to love them if we want them to change)
    oh yeah i guess i went off point; blue eyes are a low light evolution, but cold wheteher dark skins could have a eveoled from warm whether darks to carry the trait to (maybe they stayed dark because it retained heat or something; even with out enough sun to stimulate thier melonin)

  111. Please stop saying bad stuff about the white people in this film.Think about it this way.Asian people,African Americans,Spanish people can all have their own movies yet,when there’s a all white cast people go crazy.I’m white.I like asian cultures.I watch avatar.I really don’t mind having Zuko so dark.I’m just so sick of racism cries.Asian people would’ve acted any better.So just please stop with the racist claims.

  112. you know what technically Indians (people from India) are Asian and Dev Patell is Indian by decent, he has a British accent on the count that India was a British colony and genetically were all from Africa which means we are Black or African(genetically). its good that they decided to make the Avatar’s world more realistic where in every body does not look asian or spanish or caucasian, heck Iroh look middle-eastern. seriously would you watch a movie if it were all just asians? or african? or spanish? the avatar’s theme is supposed to be about the diversity of people and that we must all be in harmony or things will go down the drain. i dont really see this movie as a white movie i mean all the fire benders are Indians for crying out loud, i havent seen any earth benders yet but they might be south east asian, maybe polynesians? any way it really shouldnt matter because what matters is the story and the acting everything else, the “color” of the actors is just to help convince you of the world that they are acting in. truth be told i would prefer to see all of them in their original “perceived” asian ancestries i.e japanese, korean, chinese, but remember the viewers were the ones that placed these categories never in the show were they named as such. in that world japanese, chinese, or what ever asian decent was not even a point of interest. they were fire nation, earth kingdom, water tribe or air nomads no asians. so if those four nations were depicted differently in the our world it really should not matter. the actors are not acting like asians but rather as water tribe, fire nation, earth kingdom, and one air nomad.

  113. woooow katara and zuko dont look anything like the show! katara need to be darker, and prettier (not to b mean) and zuko…. well zuko is supposed to b hot!! (still not to be mean)

  114. The characters are clearly based on Pacific Island/Asian culture.

    But if they wanted to make a diversified cast, I would have been all for it. But the thing is that they didn’t. 3 of the 4 major cast members are caucasian. One is Indian. None are east asian.

    In other words, white characters are the focus with diversity being just a background.

    That to me is sad.
    Minorities have a hard enough time getting representation on the silver screen. When a story is tailor-made for minority actors, they still get passed up for caucasian actors.

    And then Hollywood uses the excuse that’s hard to fight against: “Well we just choose the best actor for the job not caring about race.” The only thing is that it doesn’t work the other way around. Hollywood never hires asian actors for white roles. don’t even think about a black actor or asian actor auditioning for James Bond.

  115. From what I noticed Fire Benders are Muslim, Water Benders are White, Air Benders are Asian (or monk) & Earth Benders are Hispanic

  116. seriously, PPL QUIT USING BAD WORDS, who knows how many years old? people can read it and learn BAD words and stuff
    ex: B****

  117. First of all, if you don’t want to see the movie, then don’t see the movie.

    The cast doesn’t align perfectly with the show, but each were chosen for particular reasons that none of us will understand until we’ve actually seen the finished piece. As for the ‘lack of diversity’ – just because from first appearances the main characters look ‘white’ doesn’t mean A) they’re not diverse, or B) that there won’t be a larger, more ‘diverse looking’ representation in the finished movie. To judge diversity based on looks alone is deceiving – we don’t know where the cast is from, what they believe, their sexual orientation, family history, etc.

  118. I’d love to see the movie and i will see the movie ;-).
    Actually i don’t care about the race of any actor but i think a lot of the fans (like me) are; after looking 3 seasons of the show; just used to think about the characters mostly as asians. I thought sokka and his sister would be darker (and zuko prettier ;-)) and so on…
    I’ll learn to accept things, but there will stay a little “Why did they cast these kids?” in my mind.

  119. for once, a show emerged in mainstream american cartoons that promotes diversity. for once, asians get a spot as the heroes. then what happens? the movie wiped it all out, not just with the white washed cast but also erasing the chinese words and culture from the film.

    just b/c the characters’ features are not exaggerated in an ethnic stereotypical way like other american cartoons some ppl concludes that they must be white by default. since only white ppl are “normal” looking.

    to the ppl who think i am over reacting, how nice it must be for you to live in a world where there is no such thing as racism, b/c you are the race that is being looked after.

    for an asian girl like me (and many others), you know what this says about my existence? that i am a second rate person who is not good enough to be in the spotlight, a place that is exclusively reserved for whites.

    now please tell me how do i explain to my kid brother why Aang isn’t asian?

  120. This doesnt make any sense, Aang looks fine in my opinion but Everyon else? what the hell happened? Sokka and Katara are supposed to be dark-skinned, correct? and Zuko’s scar has disapeared? What? why cant the directors and producers just stick to the story? i dont know about you all but when i hear about a movie coming out based on one of my favorite TV shows i want the characters to look like they do in the show. anyways, thats just my say in the grand scheme of things. Farewell.

  121. Why would the producers make such a flop of an amazing show? The cast is horrible, and how can you expect to cram a show with over a hundred episodes into a one and a half to two hour movie? I bet they won’t even include Toph in the movie, and she is a very important character. Why couldn’t they put this movie in the hands of a capable director? URG, my fav show is going to be disgraced… 🙁

  122. 1. they preferred caucasians. why would an asian audition for a film that prefers caucasians. the process of selection was the one kind of biased and not the ones selected.
    2. alteration of some physical characteristics in animation does’nt separate one from a specific race. (e.g. japanese animation)
    hair and eyes color and shape are altered to make a character distinct. imagine a japanese animation series whose characters have the same hair and eyes color and shape.just because a character in a japanese anime have green or blue eyes and blonde hair means she’s not one of them or just because katara have blue eyes means she’s not an inuit.
    3. just because the characters act or speak like a specific race also mean they are one.

    some may not care much about the appearance of the characters in the movie, but for those who loved the series such as myself would want to see the characters look like the ones in the series. in the end of the selection, weather the selected casts are mostly whites or not, the selection should have been opened not just to a specific race…

  123. This movie looks realy cool but like many of you, i think M.Night
    could have chosen a better cast especialy with the fire nation.
    They dont look very intimidating and their cloths could be better.
    Zuko’s face burn should look worse then that cheap make-up.
    But ill still see the movie because im a fan of both M.Night and
    Peace out!

  124. Subtle racism at it’s best, anyone educated should be able to see this. I’m sure things will change in a couple hundred years time, either way I’m going to see it (huge fan of the animated series).

  125. i think the movie will be good as long as the actors play their parts. im looking forward to the goofy aang and the sarcastic sokka. what you asians seem to forget is that avatar is an american cartoon series based in a non existing world. nowhere in the series did i hear any rference to aang being asian other than his name. my feelings are that americans made the cartoon and they are gonna make the movie to assholes. if you want chinese people in it then why dont you get started on your own version. also i hope apa plays a bigger part than just flying in the opening scene of the trailer.

  126. Vina is being racist!
    u wud think she knows that it dusnt matter wot skin color they have as long as u know who they are!!!

  127. If M. Night’s real intentions with the caste are to promote diversity, he should remember that “diversity” implies including everyone. not making the heroes caucasian when the heros are asians/eskimo, and making villains asian when they happen to be just the palest people in the anim, preety much like the situation in the real world.

    Blinds off people, just face the reality.

  128. and btw ben, if thats your issue, i’m not even talking about races, countries. At least make the cast match the goddamn skin tone.

  129. You know, if they called for diversity, I wouldn’t mind, but how does this the main cast look so far to you? If they were diverse, why are all the main heroes white, and the villains brown? I mean diversity should be mixed. Instead of having groupings, why isn’t there like black/white/hispanic/asian for both heroes and villains? Why not put a white person for villans in the fire nation generals too? But no, this “diversity” is just an excuse to cast in favor of Caucasians, while it allows a backstage for minorities.

  130. Coming from a guy whose family (on both sides) is from East Asia (China and Japan respectively), I’m frankly appalled at the casting for this movie.
    The original cartoon (which I loved) was based on Asian culture (not the reason I liked it). The fighting styles are mostly/entirely based on different forms of kung fu. The clothing and architecture draws influence from traditional East Asian designs. The word “avatar” comes from Sanskrit and Hinduism. The Fire Nation has strong similarities to Japan. The art style itself draws from anime. The creators based the Southern Water Tribe on the Inuits. Plus, the title of the show has CHINESE CHARACTERS in it (something not included in the movie). Yet somehow, nearly the entire main cast is Caucasian (cast list: Pretty much the only Caucasian lead role here is Dev Patel who plays Zuko.
    Now I’m not saying the entire cast should be East Asian and Inuit like in the show, that would be absurd and could even be slightly racist as well, but they could have at least made an effort to get some ethnicity matching for the main characters. I mean, it’s not like Asian actors are exactly hard to find, and seeing as how the producers said they were going after “undiscovered” actors/actresses they could have easily found some Native American actors and actresses to play Soka and Katara! I mean, Aang even wears Shaolin monk clothing! Yet they couldn’t get an Asian to play him?!?
    Now the producer’s reason for casting three of the four lead rolls as Caucasian is to promote “diversity”. That’s a nice thought, but how is it “diversity” when pretty much all of the protagonists are Caucasian? The answer is that it isn’t.
    The saddest part of this is that if the show was based on African culture and all the characters were African on the show, but in the movie the casting wound up like this, I doubt that any of you would say that it wasn’t racist. In fact, there would likely be a huge uproar from the media as a whole, not just from a few people on the internet.

  131. @ben
    Yeah, sure as a movie it probably will be fine (discrimination aside) and the actors/actresses will probably do a pretty good job. However, that doesn’t change the fact that their so called “diversity” is really discrimination. As for the comment about Aang not being Asian, well even if he might not look “Asian” to you, he does wear Shaolin monk’s clothes and comes from a Shaolin like monastery. Combine that with the fact that pretty much everyone in the cartoon is Asian, and well the logical conclusion is that he must be as well. Oh and lets not forget that the CREATORS (DiMartino and Konietzko) of the show created it out of love for Asian culture. Konietzko has even specifically stated, “I have nothing to do with the casting whatsoever for the feature film.” (No just because they were named as exec producers, doesn’t mean that the creators support the casting.) So sure the cartoon was made in America, but that doesn’t change the fact that it was based on Asian culture and people.

  132. I don´t get why they still called it “The Last airbender”.
    In some trailers, they showed that there are other airbenders which are waiting for him. In the cartoon, there are no other airbenders, they´re all dead, Aang is the last one of his kind. That´s why they called it “The Last airbender”.
    But this name in the movie , doesn´t make any sense..
    Anyway..I hope they´re gonna do “The Last airbender 2 and 3” for the seasons 2 and 3. Because the movie is just about season 1.
    I am very excited about this movie.

  133. I like to begin by saying the the casting is completely wrong … what most people posted. Know why? someone said that it would not be right if it was a all asain cast in a american movie..WRONG…..Crouching tiger: hiding dragon was awesome….Now if the show was based on middle easterned cultulres or american customes, than it would make sense to change the cast….The monk is a acception…but everyone is should be thier race

  134. the show was based only on serveral things which are all asain inspired, martial arts,culture,custumes,…so why change the cast of the main characters to not match…..thats not right if the the story was about native americans and you had a cast of white and asain people playing native americans….why have an asain inspired show(american or not) and have the cast not match..the story didn’t even have to go with it as long as the character’s matched
    the show.

  135. Asians deserve repect….Thier culture inspired the show…a great show!…and the movie shouldn’t dirty avatar’s image…It does not even deserve to be called the last airbender…becuase it would have people who know nothing about it think that that is avatar, it would had been perfectly fine if they had an all asain cast like it was suppost be,Ninja Assasin was straight awesome nothing else, and about 90% of the cast was Asain….WHY?…because ninja’s where asain inspired….so who ever says “diversity” can go eat a back of rocks you can just shove it M.Night you are messing with a good thing, and oh yeah more than have the cast isn’t asain or look like they could be, and the character detail sucks

  136. About the casting racial casting:

    Maybe some of you are just blind…but most characters in animes LOOK white, NOT Asian. You might as well cast a white kid as Aang and say he’s Asian because that’s what these shows do. Blame the artists, not the casting. It’s not racism or under representing Asians in the film industry.

  137. this comment is for “Sunny”. you may not think the cast is awesome but let me just say I thought the cast was amazing and so was the movie. you may not like the cast but you should at least give the movie a try. you may not like the cast but it doesnt mean you wont like the movie

  138. Lols man I just love people who are completely colour blind. Characters are made up of their appearance and personality and the characters losing their appearance makes isnt the character its like if ripley was a man.

    Secondly all of them are white then all the badguys look muslim and the only reason there hasnt been major uproar is because m Night is asian and not white so people just assume it aint racist.

    Thirdly love how people dont grasp that the reason why in the animation the characters eyes are large is because is common knowledge in animation that the bigger the eyes the easier to animate and express emotion and cant be used as an arguement for whitewash. I am white btw and think this is horrendous, least the film getting bad reviews and noah ringer only got his position because he sent a tape of him doing tae kwon doe and using martial art weapons and an agent instantly thought white boy do kung fu = appealling. He didnt send in acting tape. Again just people think that us white boys deserve everything.

    The question you morons whom have no problem should be asking is why cant they be asian?

  139. **round eyes and larger eyes are more expressive for animators, thus it has nothing to do with race or is a reason why they should be white.

    Again it just falls down to us white boys and the americans thinking they invented everything. How can you not miss that in the inuit village they the only two white people there hahaha it stands out so much its a joke.
    People just a hilarious in how much they miss that paramount felt asians would bring money in but whites will and again why do main characters have to be white? Eh ? You bloody morons why must they be white rather then a asian, native american or black? WHY must they be white?

  140. The actual genders and races of what the elements represent are in Rodney St.Michael’s book, Sync My World: Thief’s Honor GA SK. (

    Air = Yellow “race” = Males = Scholars.

    Water = Small Browns = Females = Shamans.

    Earth = Blacks = Lesbian = Social Ubuntu Business Class.

    Fire = Whites = Gays = Military, Militant Business Class.

    Ether or Metal = Big Browns = Bisexuals = Working Class, Bi-military
    (females & bis go together like Katara & Sokka or brown females and males).

    Therefore Aang should be Chinese.

    Katara should be a Malay like a Filipina.

    The Earth Kingdom should be African.

    Zuko should be White like Hitler, Alexander the Gay or Gen. Arthur McArthur.

    The Fire Nation’s army should be like the fiery Sacred Band of Thebes (an ancient elite gay army that Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell troops would be envious of) or the Sturmabteilung, the much-feared homosexual stormtroopers of Hitler.

    And the Slumdog Millionaire (casted as Zuko) should be Sokka.

    This film is just as messed up as the movie Angels and Demons. The branding of the priests were incorrect.

    But anyway, from the guy who gave you the Sixth Sense, which did not portray childhood schizophrenia accurately or anywhere near the real world, what do you expect?

    Bisexuals love horror and terror. They also scam people, just like the Wizard of Oz. The old Oz film which is also about the Elements is understandably all-white because they were ignorant back then. People have higher standards now, and realism is a must.

    But M.Night, the Wizard of South Asia also has lessons for everyone after conning them:

    1) Clearly, when people don’t play roles that fit them, everything is messed up. (e.g. “male” clergy in what should be a female realm, forbidding gays in the military which is their territory)

    2) Whites are not fit to play the leading roles of Air and Water in the world scene. Leave that to the ASEAN+3 (China, Japan, Korea and South East Asia).

    3) Arabs are not necessarily the greatest evil in the world. Occasionally, they float like Ether to the ranks of Water. It is fiery whites that fit the role of Lucifer or Satan.

    4) By acquiring objective reviews from leading critics, they have agreed themselves that these are all factual objective realities.

    Thus, the Wizard, even if he is a con man, is also an accidental pseudo teacher. Partly, it’s called sunyata or “emptiness.”

  141. Nothing racist but the cast are totally OFF. Personally, zuzu is supposed to be waaaaaaaaay cutter T^T nothing againt the cast playing the role though

  142. “Since the next harry potter movie hasn’t started filming yet, I fully expect the filmakers to learn from the last airbenders “example” and cast harry as black, ron as mexican, and hermoine as a jew. That’d be perfectly acceptable to everyone right?”

    What a strange statement to make. Daniel Radcliffe is Jewish (his mother is, father not), that doesn’t mean that Harry Potter is.

  143. Whelp, it bombed. And casting, bad writing, BAD ACTING (and there were people saying they were picked cause they were the best!) bad action, STUPID looking bending! This whole movie was a WASTE!

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