Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me | movie review

Um. Wow. I am really not sure how to approach this one. First of all, this movie was not what I expected.  It looked from the previews like a love story, possibly happy and possibly bittersweet, but a fairly straightforward story about a boy who starts seeing the daughter of a policeman he had a negative encounter with.  Okay, well, I guess that is what the movie’s about.  But it’s also full of the boy’s family drama, so much so that the subplot almost overwhelms the main story, and the existential tagline about “live in the moments” is pretty much nonexistent from the text of the film.

Tyler (Twilight‘s Robert Pattinson) is a young college student slacker with a highly successful, absentee dad (Pierce Brosnan) against whom he’s rebelling and a dead brother whom he’s always writing letters to in his journal.  He has a kid sister (Ruby Jerins) who’s insecure about her father’s love and always getting picked on at school for being different.  The older brother’s suicide several years before has cast a pall over the whole family, and much of the family subplot is about them finding redemption finally for that tragedy.  Enter Ally(Lost‘s Emilie de Ravin), whose mother was killed by a mugger before her eyes when she was a kid, and who, along with her policeman dad (Chris Cooper), is also still living under the long shadow of that tragedy.  As Tyler and Ally’s relationship begins, it drives a wedge between her and her father, while Tyler’s family accepts her immediately…but when Ally learns about Tyler’s past with her own father it drives a wedge between them.

So, the thing about this movie is that it’s just sort of mediocre, at least from the point of view of someone in her mid-twenties.  The family drama seemed…cliche at best, and possible even crossing into the realm of unrealistic.  It was just hard to take seriously this guy from such a well-off family who has nothing better to do than feel sorry for himself because his brother died OH MY GOD SIX YEARS AGO and his dad has dealt with it by retreating even further into work.  Like, I get that it’s tragic that his brother died, but really?  At this point he just kind of came off as an over-privileged brat who knows he doesn’t actually have to face the cold realities of the world in a financial sense and so therefore has time for this sort of maundering.  The girl’s situation was almost as bad, with an overprotective dad who can’t stand the guy his daughter brings home. Apparently she was 21 and had been in college for three years, and she had never once spent a night out the whole night or had too many drinks–yeah, how about no?  I mean, if she was 19 or something, maybe, but that’s just not the way things work.  So Tyler is rebelling against the very situation that allows him that rebellion instead of tossing him onto the street, while Ally has been stuck in the role of a child and yet magically breaks out of it in two seconds flat the second she starts seeing Tyler.  Tyler’s protectiveness toward his kid sister against his father’s being too busy for her was the only compelling part of the direct family drama.  The sister was really the highlight of the movie.  Ruby was sweet and adorable and perfectly cast; she’s 2010’s Little Miss Sunshine, and deservedly so.  I enjoyed every scene she was in.

The movie didn’t even make up for the annoying set-up by having great romance.  There is very little chemistry between Pattinson and de Ravin, and the scriptwriters or film editors took any chance they had to curtail the development of an actual relationship between them on screen.  We see them order their meal and then watch them leave the restaurant where she “had a really great time,” but we don’t get to see that great time.  We hear Tyler’s roommate tell her that “the only other girl he looks at like he looks at you is much shorter and shares his DNA,” but we really don’t get to see him looking at her like that.  We hear his roommate tell her that he misses her (dude is so emo and self-pitying he can’t even tell her himself), but we don’t ever see him missing her.  It’s a lot of telling and not showing, which both makes the writer(s) look lazy and makes the love story aspect hopelessly generic. Perhaps that was the point.  Perhaps it was meant to be an Anyboy and Anygirl story, so that we can all relate to it.  The problem is that  I got bored watching it, because I had no real idea why either one of them was interested in the other.  And because I didn’t know why they were together, I didn’t feel anything when they were parted.

As far as production goes, I didn’t see anything really unique or interesting in the filming, and the acting was, well acting.  Everyone showed up and said their lines.  The best performances were from Pierce Brosnan, simply because of his natural charisma, and the sister, who was an unequivocal delight.  I was unmoved by the end, because I found the main characters pretty self-absorbed and unrelatable, and I wish the story had taken a different direction than it did to bring about that “bittersweet” ending.  If you’ve seen it, you know what I mean, and I, at least, was kind of offended by it.

So, yeah.  Not a movie I am going to recommend highly. I think about the only people likely to get much enjoyment out of it are those who are passionate fans of one of the actors in it. For anyone else, pass.


  1. I am fifty three years old. I was concerned when the movie first started that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it, because of the teenage girls giggling, swooning, texting, etc.
    About on fourth of the way into it they were still up to their antics. About halfway into the movie they settled down somewhat,
    by three quarters of the way, we were applauding, which is highly unusual for a theater performance.
    The last ten minutes you could have heard a pen drop!
    BRAVO! Robert Pattinson and thank you for this gift. You actually got the attention of the teenagers and they learned a very important life lesson. I don’t think any of us left the theater the same person that we were when we entered.
    I would suggest that the actors do not read the reviews. Their audience will decide the quality of this movie, and it will be an awesome review.

  2. The movie was so horrible I wish I was the Twilight guy in the end.
    You know, when the World Trade Center blew up on 9/11/2001

  3. I saw the movie earlier today and felt that it was a very good movie with some very important issues that were brought out. As far as isuues be unrealistic, I certainly didn’t see that in this story. Felt the problems were very realistic. When there are tragedies in families many times they are torn apart because of failure to deal with them issues together and the separatism causes the breaks. To go into the dynamics of this would ruin it for those who haven’t seen it. I think everyone should judge for themselves. I personally liked it and felt that both Pattison and deRavin showed a different side to their acting and in a positive direction.

  4. This movie was fantastic. It was nothing at all like the previews and the subplot tied in beautifully with the whole story. It was truly amazing and Robert Pattinson’s acting was the best I’ve ever seen of him. It is definitely in my top 5 favorite movies and I’d love to see it again. I just wish it had been advertised better because I doubt it is going to be making as much money as it deserves to.

  5. LOVED the movie. I think things were done in a subtle, more realistic way. This movie was very much believable and so amazing. I didn’t expect much from the trailers. The ending will shock you. I was like, “WHAT?!”

    So ya, I will be buying this when it comes out

  6. I will not be seeing this movie again…period. I came out of the theatre numb and miserable. I could go on, but it only reminds me of the misery everyone was feeling.

  7. I LOVED the movie! I thought Robert Pattinson was very strong in the movie. It was very well done. Excellent story well acted. The chemistry between characters was very good too. The negative critics got it WRONG! I give this movie 5 out of 5 stars!

  8. I thought this was an amazing movie. I only went because Robert Pattinson was in it, and pleasantly surprised that it was actually an amazing story, it had layers, wasn’t just a flat one plot story that kept you thinking hours after I left the movie theatre. Bravo to Robert Pattinson, he was amazing. He can act..and very well. There was chemistry between the characters, it was a touching movie, and there was even comic relief with his roommate! I give it 9.5 out of 10!…

  9. I loved this movie. I have seen some good reviews and some bad reviews, but all in all the consumer reviews are what counts and they have just been raving. You have to develop your own opinion for the movie. Yes it has a depressing ending but it didnt leave me feeling depresed. I left with goosebumps everywhere. The begining brought tears to my eyes, the middle brought tears to my eyes, and by the end I was sobing. There wasnt a dry eye in the house. I would give it a 10. Very good movie might actually go see it again. I do wish they would have advertised it more but I think their advertisment is going to be word of mouth. Ive been raving about it ever since i steped foot outside the theater.

  10. I think we have enough of the lovey dovey ending in almost all movies nowadays, so a twisted ending is nice once in a while. Tyler was contented with his life, finally, so can we say the same for ourselves? So, yeah, I like the story.

  11. I saw the movie with an open mind and disregarded those critics that were negative about it. The movie got good reviews from some of the more respected critics, like USA today and Roger Ebert, to name a few. Anyway, the movie was brilliant and my take on it was that it was a beautiful love story and a very touching tribute to the events of the day, a reminder that sometimes we get lost in numbers and forget that each and every individual that was taken that day had their own personal story. Robert’s acting was amazing and should silence the critics once and for all. He is in Hollywood to stay that’s for sure, so for all those negative critics out there – just suck it up.

  12. Thanks for the review. I’m interested to see Robert in something different, the film looks pretty good, but I suppose everyone looks at them a different way.

  13. i agree with elena..rob can act and pierce and everybody else..the screenplay and script is lacking..

  14. Elena hits it on the nail. That is exactly how i felt about Remember me.

  15. I keep seeing mediocre reviews and/or negative ones about Remember Me. Now, I’m not a professional movie critic, I’m just “average joe” who goes to the movies. After reading all the reviews I wanted to say to the critics, “What the hell movie did you guys see?”

    I did think the writing was a bit stilted in places, but I thought the overall spin of the story was a breath of fresh air from the usual feel-good crap we see at the box office. The acting was solid and very believable.

    Good movie leaving you introspective and a bit melancholy.

  16. Us in the UK have not yet been lucky enough to see this movie yet as the premiere is March 17th, with the first cinema release of April 2nd. I have carefully read every review and seen every interview with the cast and every trailer and TV spot released online so far. Judging by what I have read and seen so far, I am going to watch this film with an open mind. The trailer looks very good. I really do hope that it is as good as my expectations and I personally feel that critics are trying to find some reason for their closed mindedness about Rob and the film.

    @L’Wren – The fact that you came out of the cinema hall so strongly affected by the movie and it’s contents speaks volumes in itself. If a movie can make you feel like that, to me, that is the best review you can give it, so, Thank you! You have simply proved every other person’s point on here!! Rob can ACT!!! Rob is here to STAY!!!

  17. I cannot keep my mouth shut any longer! For those of you who continually tell me that I have a big mouth, today I am going to prove you right…again!
    I am so pissed and so infuriated at the negative comments and remarks said online and on television about not only Robert Pattinson’s inept acting abilities but also the movie having the audacity to bring up the tragic event that happened on September 11, 2001 in the movie Remember Me.
    I am offended that there are people in this world that view life as a constant fairytale! That people can be so belittling to ridicule another human being for having the strength and fortitude in attempting to eke out a living in a world where, well, let’s just face it, is not doing so well economically. It is called survival people!

    To speak ill and cruelly of Robert Pattinson for believing so much in the plot and of the character that he portrayed in this movie, really pisses me off! So what if he deviated from his “perfect character Edward Cullen” that he is so famous for and took a leap of faith and just said, “Oh, why not…” No one, above all, Robert Pattinson, should have to justify and defend to anyone but himself why he chose to accept to participate in this movie!

    I have not seen the movie, but I am a huge fan of Robert’s! But let’s face it, in agreeing to take on such a character as Tyler in Remember Me, all he really did was to remind us all of the tragedy that took place on September 11, 2001. And in his portrayal of an angry young man who has issues with his father, he merely demonstrated and confirmed that we are all human and live in dysfunctional families! No one is perfect and no one’s life is perfect. Truth told, we all live in dysfunctional families, every single one of us! From movie stars to professional football players to professional golfers to CEO’s of corporations to the everyday average and not-so average person, we all suffer from some sort of dysfunction in our lives and families. Remember Me just brought a side of that to the big picture for those who chose to pay the money to be reminded of the fact.

    I watched “At the Movies” on television yesterday hoping to get more footage of the movie and of Robert. However, what I got instead were two men bickering over which was worse, Robert’s incompetent acting abilities or the weak and mediocre writing of the script.

    Robert’s acting abilities in this movie was inferior, really? From the clips I have seen, I would have to give the man an A for his acting abilities. He reminded me of my own actions and those actions of my other siblings when we were faced with our devastation of a beloved brother who committed suicide 16 years ago. He reminded me of the anger and the hurt I felt when my brother decided to end his life because in doing so, my brother negated to consider what his actions would do to those of us he left behind. Suicide of a loved one does not always bring families closer together. In reality, most of the time, it tears them apart such as it did in my family because not only does anger and hurt set in, but also betrayal and blame comes to light. Moreover, when those emotions and feelings surface, we are not the least bit concerned how we may or may not “act” accordingly to those around us! Our life’s miseries and devastations should not be set forth for debate by another person in such a negative, harmful, disapproving way, but in an understanding and supportive way.

    Just like Tyler in Remember Me, I had a lot of resentment towards my mother for the death of my brother. Her lack of care and concern for his needs while still on this Earth and those needs of her other children left behind after he was gone, only made me more bitter and more enraged. I “acted” how any normal, genuine human being does when faced with such a loss.

    That seems to be a reoccurring premise in our society. A premise that life should be depicted in the media and on screen as ideal and picture perfect. But in reality, real people get angry. Real people commit suicide. Real people make mistakes. Real people hurt each other! Real people have their own way in dealing with death.

    Life is not picture perfect and no human being is perfect. Why do we continue to perceive it to be? Although I wish I were like a super model, I am not. I am not tall, skinny, and beautiful. I also have my shortcomings, and I and make mistakes because I am human. My name is not Jesus; therefore, I sin. No one lives the Brady Bunch or Leave it to Beaver life in the real world! If anyone says they live such a life, they are lying. We are all just trying to survive in a world that is uncertain, tentative, and undefined. Life is forever changing, altering, and shifting.

    I must also comment to those of you who are offended and furious at the movie’s depiction of “what could have happened” to one fictional family on 911…get over it! Do any of you really know what those 2,000 plus people was doing in the Twin Towers on that fateful day? We assume most of them were just reporting for a day of work. But NOT ALL OF THEM showed up that day for a paycheck. What if… someone really did go there that day to speak to a loved one to ask for forgiveness and make amends for some past wound or insult or hurt between them? Can we not imagine the possibility for one minute that maybe, just may, ONE of those 2,000 plus individuals there that day went there for just that very purpose? What IF there was really was an actual “Tyler” but no one has come to the forefront to enlighten us all on his story? For months after the tragedy, we witnessed on television loved ones coming forward to speak of the loved ones they lost that day. We only witnessed the stories that the media wanted us to know. We will never be well versed in ALL the lives lost that day.

    September 11, 2001 was a tragic day for all of us Americans. It should not be forgotten. We should never be ashamed or offended to remember or speak of it. This movie just reminded us of that fact and that to never forget. As Tyler said, “Our fingerprints don’t fade from the lives we touch…”.
    Until today, I had mixed emotions about going to see this movie because of a storyline that hit so close to home. I was afraid the emotions I had finally come to terms with and buried of my own brother’s suicide would resurface. I was afraid that I may not be able to cope with them should that happen. Especially since my brother’s suicide, I have also lost a sister, a nine-year-old nephew, and my own mother. However, I am going to see this movie to support and to defend Robert Pattinson and head to the theater tomorrow to face my fears knowing that I am not going there to scrutinize and analyze Robert’s acting ability in the movie. I am going to go observe how one young man named Tyler, who lived a dysfunctional life, tried to come terms with his pain in losing a brother to suicide and his anger at his father, and say to myself “I’ve been there. I understand and appreciate this man’s grief and sorrow and anguish.”

    Robert, if you are reading this, congratulations! I am giving you a standing ovation for not only your acting abilities in this movie, but to everything that you have to put up with in bad publicity and those who are not a fan of yours. Screw ‘em! You have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself. You give a lot of yourself to your fans and in the work that you do. If no one has told you lately, I am proud of you! I have a son your age, trying to make his mark in the world as well in his chosen field. It is not an easy accomplishment. At times, it can be disheartening. However, most people are quick to humiliate and patronize instead of praise those, like yourself, who attempt to thrive and succeed in life. Hold your head high, never mitigating or justifying your actions to anyone. For those who do not accept and recognize what you contribute in a sick dysfunctional world, only appreciate and be grateful that they are the closed-minded souls you are fortunate to NOT have to deal with in your personal life.

    In addition, remember this, after all is said and done. Because of that “inept acting” you do so well on the big screen, at the end of the day, when you lay your head on your pillow at night, you go to sleep knowing you have a huge bank account and twenty million young girls, women, and gay men fantasizing about spending the rest of their dysfunctional lives with you! How many of your worst critics can say that when they lay their heads to rest at night?

    I will continue to follow you on Twitter at Bhussain42! When you get a chance, check out my page and see the picture of my granddaughter, Bella, named after the character in the Twilight Saga! I will be in line, just like the rest of your diehard fans come March 20 to pick up my copy of New Moon! Moreover, when Remember Me comes out on video, I will be there to purchase a copy as well!

    If you are ever in my neck of the woods, come see me so I can tell you in person how much I appreciate all that you do!

    Brenda Hussain, Terre Haute, Indiana

  18. let me just start by saying i am 25 i have never been out all night at a bar or had to much to drink. i was raised differently i guess than most kids now days, but i did have a brother who died 12 years ago and speaking from expierence you have no idea what your talking about, it is something that no matter how many years later it is you never move on or get over it. it takes everything i have to get up in the morning and to finish my day. i was close to my brother he was my best friend. so i thought this movie was like previously a breath of fresh air. i am a huge robert pattinson fan so i will support anything he does but the movie portrayed reality maybe not for some but there are people out there that have been through what this movie is about and i appreciate robert taking the role and not being afraid to take on different characters. dont get me wrong edward cullen is by far my favorite so far but he had a bright future ahead of him. thanks robert! as for Remember Me i give it 2 thumbs up and would recommend to others to watch it.

  19. I was more affected by the movie than I expected. I thought the trailers and advertising for the film did it a disservice. It was subtle and felt authentic. Most films do everything with a sledge hammer because audiences seem to have become incapable of enjoying anything that doesn’t fit a formula. This romance wasn’t made into a ‘film romance’. It felt much more awkward and slowly-evolving, more reticent and hesitant than that… more real, in short. I drove away from it feeling engaged and moved. Not being American, I didn’t feel any special connection with the choice of ending or any affront at its use, either. Any random event that took Tyler out would have done as well, maybe better. I also have never experienced the kind of loss that was the subject, but I felt moved by this film to empathy for those who have. I count that a success. I think all players did a great job. I’m so glad I’ve chosen to ignore critical reviews of films. I believe people will have vastly differing opinions and responses to this film. Some will love it, some will hate it. That makes it hard for critics to put in a box. I applaud the film just on that basis as well.

  20. I am 65 years old and I lost my brother at age 34. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t remember him. I loved this story. I think Rob did a great job acting this role out. All the acting was great. I would recomend it highly.

  21. How insensitive and ignorant you must be. Rob played a “real” part. No one who’s brother commits suicide, or anyone they were close to, ever gets over it — no matter if it was “OH MY GOD SIX YEARS AGO.” Having dealt with my boyfriend committing suicide, I related to Rob’s character and thought it was done very well. Shit happens, of course he is going to be feeling bad. Get a heart please.

  22. I am 55 and now I get the hysteria about Robert. Robert is a very intense actor! Before this film I thought he was just a teenage idol caught up in a vampire trend. Now I think he’s going to be around for a very long time, and I like that very much! I want to see him use his real accent in a film soon, however.

    In Remember Me, Robert fills the screen and you can’t take your eyes off him. I thought the chemistry between he and Emilie was good but I would’ve liked to see more of it!

    I loved the film but the ending did bother me. Just when Tyler’s character was happy and he and his father were mending their fences, he had to die. It ended up being something of a “life sucks and then you die” story! I live in Manhattan and will never forget 9/11 or its aftermath, and I really had a “OH NOOOO!” reaction, out loud even.

    I would much rather have seen the film end without the tragedy. To see father, son and daughter enjoying a day together in Central Park or something that gave you hope, and just fading out would have suited the film better, but the horrific ending didn’t keep me from enjoying the film in its entirety.

    If you haven’t seen it, go!

  23. Obviously we did not see the same film – I loved it for many reasons, and I consider it one of the finest films I’ve seen in many years even though I admit that it has its flaws. You found it mediocre, but I respect your opinion. However, I will join my voices to all the posters here who have had to endure the brutal loss of a loved one and say I am shocked by your “his brother died OH MY GOD SIX YEARS AGO”… I am deeply shocked by this, this shows you have not experienced something so terrible in your own life. I can promise you that years and years go by – a whole life – and not a day goes by when you don’t feel pain and sorrow. The suicide or sudden death of a loved one never leaves you and it changes you forever. You go on with your life, but you never really get over it. Tyler’s constant writing of his diary and going back to the cafe where he last saw his brother alive is his own way of trying to cope. I have done it, I know what it is and how it feels. Tne sorrow never leaves. Another story: my mum lost her dad tragically when she was 8. She’s now 70 and she never will get over it, it has twisted her life forever. I hope you’ll never have to live through this experience and that it is your own youth or inexperience of life that makes you write such a thing.

  24. I dont think we saw the same movie, Remember Me was great, I’m from South Africa by the way when I saw this movie I couldnt sleep that night thinking about those characters and for me it reminded me that people who died in 9/11 were someone’s mother; brother; sister; husband not just numbers, this movie is indeed a letter to New yorkers!. They have lives which was even more sad for me!

  25. I just wanted to reply to your statement about his brother “It was just hard to take seriously this guy from such a well-off family who has nothing better to do than feel sorry for himself because his brother died OH MY GOD SIX YEARS AGO”. I honestly wasn’t impressed by the movie, but his grief for his brother dieing was realistic. I don’t know if you have ever lost someone to suicide but that grief is like no other. I lost one of my best friends to suicide, and even though the initial grief has subsided, the grief that comes after that is like no other. You will never truly know why they did it, what they were thinking, if you did something wrong. You feel like you should have been able to prevent it. It’s a terrible feeling of guilt, especially since that was someone so close to him, who was basically his best friend, well six years doesn’t really seem like to long of a time to grieve. I found your statement small minded, and completely offensive. Not to mention the statement “At this point he just kind of came off as an over-privileged brat who knows he doesn’t actually have to face the cold realities of the world in a financial sense and so therefore has time for this sort of maundering.” The point was that his father cared more about his money/job then his own kids. I personally would rather be told I love you every day the to be handed a 100 dollar bill or in his case have my expenses paid. I grew up without money, but money wasn’t point, it was the lack of affection. To be honest I understand these are your opinions, and the second part of my rant was mine as well. Next time you blog about something as serious and touchy as suicide and death in general you might want to try to be a little less insensitive.

  26. At first I thought this would be about romatic movie, but it turns out to be more than that. I love the movie. I will definately buy the book (if there is any). I think Elena Nola either is heartless or love the movie but just wrote the review negatively just to get comments in her blog.

  27. what is so special about this movie, Robert Pattinson? For most of you i guess yeah …. For me his acting style was same in all his 2,3 (maybe i’m wrong )movies and hey,i don’t want to ofend Rob’s fans, The movie was good, but not awesome.

  28. WTF. you have no heart at all if you do not weep and cry by the end of this movie. it is the most moving movie i have ever watched. and as for the acting it was AMAZING! there was so much emotion, it was perfect. so if you can sit through this movie dry eyed, you simply have no heart.

  29. I just wanted to add my own input here, seeing as everyone else has done so.
    I have to say that by reading this review, I was shocked and appalled at some of the things you have written about.
    This movie was fantastic and I am a HUGE movie critic. Definitely a movie that captures the realism of life, the trials that each of us are faced with every day and the impact it leaves on oneself and family.

    I have never once seen a movie that captures the moment more so than this.
    Like many on here whom have posted, I too have lost a brother to suicide. 13 years ago to be exact.
    My family was extremely close and his death caused us all to take that pain out on one another.
    Still to this day I find myself thinking often, where has the time gone? If I didn’t have a calender to prove so, I wouldn’t have believed that the years went by. The pain one has to carry around with them after such a tragic event, it unexplainable and most definitely does not go away. We just learn to put one foot in front of the other. Like a previous poster said, “I sometimes find it hard just to make it through the day”.

    I am glad that I didn’t simply close out the page after this review. It’s nice to know that others can relate so well to this.
    The actors played tremendously in this film.
    With so many different sides, being able to capture the damage/sufferings from many point of views was phenomenal.

    As for the reviewer, I pray with all of my heart that you will never have to experience just a tragedy in your life time. It just goes to show that you have never been down this road and I am thankful that you haven’t.

    Great job! I give this movie a 10.

  30. i dont think this flim is ment to reaistic i think it is ment to show what many people when through on the 9/11, as when the roommate says he misses her and all he is unable to say that as his sister is after getting a lump of er hair cut off, so i think only a cold hearted person would not like this

  31. I have seen Remember Me and I guess it probably did have some flaws but i really was enjoying watching it so much i didnt really notice it isnt a great movie but i liked it maybe they could have done things better but as long as people liked it does it matter what some critic said who knows what the lives of the people who died on sept 11 2001 were like only people close to them know

  32. I liked this movie very much.  I loved the relationship between Tyler and his little sister.  For me the scenes between the two of them were the best.  The ending.  I never saw it coming. especially since I didn’t notice the date on the blackboard.  This is a good movie and I have no problem recommending it to anyone.

  33. one of the most wonderful films of all time, harsh conclusion. i agree with the comment of the unusual and deep storyline however simple it might at first sound. great film, recommend to all who are feeling emotional!

  34. I enjoyed the movie and I thought that the acting was good. I did not understand the need for that ending. It seemed like it was just thrown in there for shock value. I would have preferred if they all were closer but that the tragedy at the end of the movie was just something that they all witnessed and therefore appreciated each other more instead of how it directly touched all of their lives.

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