Predators | movie review

Don’t believe all of the inexplicably great reviews for Predators; it is a seriously stupid movie.  Billed as a return to the greatness of the original Predator movie, this sequel comes off as a second-rate Avatar, where once entitled actors are brought low, and give bizarre and entertaining performances.  Adrien Brody is no Schwarzenegger; hell, he isn’t Glover, either.  He does his level best to sell his new badass persona, but every time he says something menacing, you can’t help but crack up.  The rest of the crew are an assortment of no-name actors, with the exception of Danny Trejo, Walton Goggins, and a reeling Topher Grace.

Things get underway with Royce (Brody) parachuted out of unconsciousness onto a jungle planet.  Immediately the movie blows its load by having the infamous mini-gun tear up the jungle, wielded by generic Russian Nikolai.  The movie tries to force a tenuous connection to the superior original, but we can’t be fooled for long.  Once the players are assembled and a brief synopsis given for each player, things get going.  The Predators need a new bag of tricks, since we are privy to their methods, and the movie makes good, giving us some original Predator content.  The banter between the humans is self-consciously terrible, everyone doing their best one-liners, but Adrien Brody takes the cake for bad dialogue.  While Schwarzenegger or Stallone can deliver this machismo nonsense and make you accept it as part of their manly shtick, this kind of thing coming from a man who won the Academy Award for Best Actor falls somewhere between shocking and hilarious.  I bet when he won that Oscar, he didn’t think he’d be the lead in a Predator sequel 8 years down the road.

The graphics and soundtrack are a throwback to the golden age  of 80s action, and this helps and hurts the film by turn.  The digital matte effects used to show alien moons in the sky or Predator mining equipment looks pretty dated, and the practical Predator suits get a little too much screen time.  In the original, the stealthy nature of the Predator made his scarce appearances more valuable, but these new Predators are much more aggressive and prone to showing themselves in the open.  To be sure, the new tech and armor looks pretty good, but the movie only feels like the good old days once or twice, notably when the Preds first show up in their optic camouflage.  In the end, the action isn’t visceral enough to deliver the memorable violence of the original two movies.

Laurence Fishburne also shows up in one of his weirdest roles to date (minor spoilers herein).  You can’t help but notice Fishburne’s remarkable weight gain,;he is wearing Predator armor and is nearly fat enough to be the size of an actual Predator.  His short role as a crazed survivor is well acted, but a lack of explanation for his state makes his participation a bit off.  Once again Fishburne, who was once a titan of Shakesperean theater, is slumming it in a role much too small for his action movie pedigree.  Female lead Alice Braga seems to have been selected for her resemblance to the lady from Predator, and plays an Israeli Defense Force sniper with little backstory.  She is supposed to be the moral foil to Brody’s ruthlessness, which rounds out a weak theme about humanity prevailing, lest we become (wait for it) predators!!!

At the end of the movie, you’ve been through a lot of incongruous sets (which try to recall the Alien films), a samurai sword fight between a human and a Predator, and Adrien Brody’s impressive abs smeared with mud as he pretty much rips off Arnold’s tactics exactly.  In the end, some action movie rules never change; these highly trained killers fire wildly and waste all their ammunition.  Nimrod Antal can make a good movie (Vacancy), but even with Robert Rodriguez backing him up, he isn’t quite up to this task.  He doesn’t have the kind of control over large-scale action set pieces that John McTiernan was so good at delivering in the original.  The movie is entertaining, but it is also laughably bad at times.  At the very least, the R rating spares us from the boring PG13 doldrums with buckets of blood, but you should think real hard about spending your hard-earned movie money on this.

*Read an interview with best selling author Jeff VanderMeer about Predator.


  1. Agree on all points but the last–this summer of shit movies, there’s nothing better to spend it on. at least this week!

  2. You lost any credibility when you said that Vacancy was a good movie. Predators was a hundred times better than that crap.

  3. Reviews aren’t just people’s opinions when it comes to this movie. Predators was terrible. Topher Grace as a serial killer who wants to stay on the planet so he poisons the girl with a non fatal neurotoxin? That is so stupid; it doesn’t make any sense. Why does he need to poison and not kill her? She isn’t going to get off the planet; she is stuck in a pit with him. It’s just mind bogglingly stupid. Lawrence Fishburne as a crazy fatass who survived on this planet for ten years? How stupid. Adrian Brody trying to do a Clint Eastwood accent? These so called f@$%ing method actors make Arnold Swartzenegger look like a frickin genius. This film is a disaster. Rodriguez should have directed it; at least then it might have been entertaining.

  4. Timmy…sigh. Topher Grace was going to kill her horribly and ritualistically. Ala Dexter…duh. Lawrence Fishburne was stuck on the planet for ten seasons, not ten years (which based on the fact that new game was being brought in as the movie was ending kinda suggested he was not there for very long.) Overall yes, it was predictable and kinda dumb at times. But it was fun. Adrian Brody has huge arms, things explode, a predator rips out a spine with a skull still attached, and there is a sword fight. What more would you like?

  5. Gotta say I agree with much of the review
    this film was incredibly predictable
    the camera work shoddy being spinny and out of focus quite often and the only character that was entertaining was Laurence Fishbourne’s (made me laugh)
    and the first question outta my mouth after his presence had been explained was “then why is he sssooo fat?”
    There was absolutely no reason for a woman to be in this film except to act like a typical woman who happens to have a gun
    Hard to believe Adrian Brody ever won an Oscar considering his crap work lately and
    oh and btw Vacancy wasn’t a good film.

  6. Re: Kate- the movie was weak. Topher Grace seemed to say that he wanted to stay on the planet because he was a fu#$up. But the Predator trapped them in a pit and was coming back to kill them. I think Topher Grace has skillz; but he needs a horror movie or something of the like to show those skillz. But you have to admit the plot in this movie is weak. Kate, I think Adrian Brody is a good actor; I don’t think he needed to mimic Clint Eastwood in this movie. If he would have played it straight this might have worked.As for what more I would like; check out the first Predator; Arnold isn’t a good actor, but that movie worked. That’s what I want. I want a movie that works.

  7. Also, the sword fight was weak. I think the Indian in the original Predator worked better than the Samuri in this movie; even though that guy was killed. This movie was weak. I don’t think you can get around that. The first movie had corny elements; but the corniness worked. This movie seemed like it was creating character arcs just for the sake of creating character arcs. Kate, watch the first movie and then talk to me.

  8. I thought it was a good movie, you have to accept, that there is no way, in hell, they are going to make a predators film as good as the origional, it’s just how it goes…. but i understand the crummyness of this movie, the first one was extremely crummy. so i ubnderstand that aspect, saying this the one bit me and my friends all completely laughed at was when the “good” predator got cut down from the giant boomerang looking thing, and when he was cut down he just flopped to the floor like a sack of shit, aha too good…..all in all thought, i thought it had a good connection with the first movie, i just think they should have made it more scarier.

  9. Really?
    All of you people who are complaining and bitching about how someone speeks with an accent, how fat someone is, or the plot of the movie, need to stop bitching! who gives a f%#@! i dont no why anyone would think of clint eastwood during a predator movie. ive seen clint in his movies too. remember when i compared a predator movie to a western, loser. hate when people do this. so first of all u knew the plot of the movie before u went into it, so that isnt something u should complain about. u all need to stop looking and picking out bad parts of the movie and instead enjoy it! i bet no one likes watching movies with u cuz thats all u guys do! and yes, its hard to live up to arnold, but damnit there is other talent and u need to stop comparing!!! did the movie bring action in gore ways of the predator? yes. did it bring back the tension of how a predator thinks and kills? yes. spines are ripping out! blade fights are happening! i am a die hard fan of the predator movie 1 and 2. this brings back its true meaning of a predator. not that avp garbage. so grow up and look at it for whats shown, not what it hasnt. 9 out of 10 and im serious when it comes to looking at a true good predator film.

  10. kyle kostohryz
    Good words. I had a good time watching it. Yes I noticed somethings
    that that caught me off guard about some of the characters because I seen them in other films unrelative to this one. Still I mentally pressed the reset button as if this was the first time I seen them.
    This was a cool film. A lot of action, and they even had the original predator music. The sword fight witth the predator was cool as well. If a predator was real and not just a movie, do you think you could do any better than the chinese guy. Did you want Jet Li or something? The only thing I can say bad about the film, is the environment. I kind of wish they used up more of it in the film, and set up more traps for the predators, but smart traps, like Arnold did. The scenes seemed compressed and confined. I wanted to see some open area action as well. Other then that. Awesome. Stop hating haters or we won’t have anything to watch. It will be once every 2 years for a blockbuster film.

  11. Ha. my other “opinion” got deleted because i guess someone cant take another point of view. You can hate all you want and say that the story doesnt make sense or what ever other stupid reason you can think of. Then again you are watching a Sci-Fi and it IS a predator movie morons. Good movie.

  12. This movie was a 3 out of 10 for me. What made the original predator awesome was the fact that the predator was kicking the crap out of freaking Arnold like he was nothing. Not to mention Carl Weathers, Jesse Ventura, and Sonny Landam! Crap I could kick Adrian Brody’s ass! The Predators were cool, but come up with an original script! One throwback to the original is cool, 20 similarities is not! The script was virtually the same as the original, just plug in tiny unmuscled actors that are even less “tough” than danny glover was in predator 2. Why not The Rock? Jason Statham? Dolph Lundgren? I seriously was in shock when I heard Adrian Brody was the lead. Terrible. He looked like he beefed up about 20lbs for this role, which puts him at roughly the musculature of an average 15 year old boy. Pathetic. Still it was predator, and I love the creature, so a 3 out of 10.

  13. Funny how so many people have negative things to say yet, probably couldn’t do a one liner in a flick half as good as any actor they’re flaminig… I too, wished there was more action in this latest film. However, after seeing Predators, any “real” fan of the franchise would recognize that the writer and producer was looking way beyond just this film (i.e. the entire Predatorial “saga” if you will) with respect to the original Predator flick in particular. There are beautiful cues all throughout this well directed film which tell Predator fans that this is the beginning of a whole new era of Pred-flicks involving larger, more fierce and technologically advanced Predators! Additional hints suggest (as AVP did) that a Human-Predator alliance will take place in future films. Antal and Rodriguez did a fine job in Predators and I am very pleased with the cast and the film as a whole. Could it have been better? Of course, it could’ve. Why not keep the quasi-critic crap to yourselves… We must remember, just like in the Alien series of films, you can’t give up too much info when other films are imminent. Again, REAL predator fans will know this.

  14. +1 kyle
    +1 HakatRe

    lol @ The Rock or Statham.

    I think there was equal parts for the main role. Brody was no Arnold but he filled the role pretty well. Really what else do you want from a sci-fi movie?! All i can say is that im glad it wasnt another PG-13 flunk. I like reading peoples negativity towards this movie because IF you were a fan of the Predator series you would “get” that this was a great film.

  15. Are most of you people high? You’re whining about people who are being critical of a movie on a web page that is entitled “Predators-Movie Review”? If you little crybabies don’t want to hear about how much this movie sucked then why are you reading movie reviews in the first place? Are you for real? Most classic moron quote yet: “All of you people who are complaining and bitching about how someone speaks with an accent, how fat someone is, or the plot of the movie.” Are you f$%@ing kidding me? If the plot sucks then the movie sucks. Wow, if you want to put a stupid movie onto a pedestal and worship it, then don’t go looking for reviews that you know are going to crush your fragile little illusions. This movie was a boring predictable piece of garbage; the only reason to watch it might be to marvel at how stupid it is.

  16. I’m starting to see how Hollywood can get away with making so many crappy sequels. There are enough morons out there with a misguided/simple sense of loyalty towards earlier films in a franchise that it won’t allow them to see how stupid the later films are. And so all filmmakers have to do is reference/ripoff the earlier movies in obvious and stupid ways and then they can get away with throwing all kinds of crap up on the screen.

    Seriously, grow a brain; why be loyal to a film that sucks? If you keep paying money for this crap they’ll just keep making it; you’re just rewarding bad behavior. This is the point of why we have movie reviews; you read movie reviews so you don’t have to go out and pay money for crap like this. What do you expect movie reviewers to do? Do you expect them to not bring up the negative aspects of the movie? If you’re going to burst into tears every time someone says something negative about a stupid movie you worship then don’t read the movie reviews; just leave this area for the grown ups.

  17. ! – spoilers contained – !

    If Fishburn hadn’t been there long, why did he become so crazy in such a short space of time? His whole role made no sense. If he’s after supplies, why not just kill them all while he’s still invisible – what possible advantage did he have dragging them all to his secret hideout where he lights a fire to kill them?? I know you’ll say “this is an action film”, but come on, this is just stupid writing.

    The movie was stupid, the characters had no character, the berzerker predators were exactly the same as the original predators, and the predator dogs were just crappy CGI.

    “Fear is reborn” – at no point were the characters afraid, even when israeli sniper girl realises they’re being closely followed – she just meets up with everyone and on they go, as if they’re taking a dog for a walk.

  18. IF you were a fan of the Predator series you would “get” that this was a great film.


    Whereas if you watch movies to be entertained and impressed with creativity and vision, you will think this is a steaming pile.

  19. After everything i just read, i have 2 say this. Rodriguez did the movie justice as best he could & i think it was a job well done. He was the right dude 4 the job. Come on people! comparing is a really bad idea. Predators was a really good entertaining movie. Can’t wait 2 get the blu ray copy.

  20. kv-great stuff. You brought up new and interesting reasons for why this movie was stupid; reasons that I hadn’t fully considered before. I thought you brought up an especially great point about that scene where the girl found out it was the Predator who was making the voice and trying to trap them. You’re right-WTF?!! That was set up to be something special and it was totally pointless; she wasn’t even afraid and the Predator was right there. While focusing on all the other ridiculous things about this movie, I’d also overlooked the CGI dogs; you’re right, they were exceptionally stupid as well.

  21. Timmy, I was mulling this one over last night whilst waiting for something to come on the tele, (I do like getting stuck into a movie! Especially when I feel like I have been ripped the fuck off by the hype/cinema), and the thing that made me angry the most was the lead character and his story – mercenary soldier who chooses not to go into his past. That’s pretty much all we ever find out about him.

    But his role was pretty much to explain to us how the predators act. Cheers for the insight, we’ve only had 4 other predator films before this, we just need one more person to explain to us how they think. I’m not quite there yet, I think they’re hunters…maybe we need another sequel to confirm this long held suspicion of mine

    I guess if they felt this needed explaining AGAIN, it’s understandable how they thought a guy who didn’t fit with a bunch of killers and psychopaths ended up being a psycho himself. That twist BLEW ME AWAY. Who saw that one coming?

  22. First of all “Predators” is a great movie and should be one of the classics from the sequel. When people compares “Pretators” to the previous ones,
    like the first one or the second movie or to “Clint Easwood?” (What ta F),
    My opinion is that they are comparing incorrectly or wrongly, because the latest movie shouldn’t be anything like the first ones. When the first movie came up in the 80’s….
    (wow! the 80’s, that was a long time ago)…
    we were introduce to a new Sci-fi story in which it made an impression on all Sci-Fi followers and made Starswars look like a movie for kids, that didn’t have a father
    (In those days of the 80’s),
    so of course it became very interested and no body could
    wait for a sequel. When the second came up
    Predator was in a new territory and on top of that, within civilized city, which made it more interested because a special group of people
    were studying and were on the hunt to get the Alien hunter for even
    further studies, in which audience got to know better at this troublemaker or species from another planet
    But in the “Pretators” the audience knew what we were dealing with and in this movie, all the characters are “Predators” in some way or another,(Regardless if they
    participated in a special military force, street gang or if they were just natural born monster insane maniacal psycho killers)
    in which were chosen by this new kind or race of Alien Predator that we haven’t meat before, for their maze of hunting. My impression of this latest film, is that this
    “Alien Pretators” are trying to study their chosen ones, to learn new ways and in some way they are taking it like some sort of sport. To me this movie was very interesting.
    Who cares about, ugly, tall, short,
    skinny or even Clint Eastwood etc etc; Lawrence was probably fat because who knows, maybe that’s what the food at that planet does to you after ten seasons!
    The characters is what’s important; Adrian Brody made a really good role in the film that even though he doesn’t have a physical appearance like
    Arrnoll Schwarzenegger, it made Arnoll look like a retard (No offense Arnol, please don’t deport us, illegal immigrants to the Predator’s jungle ha ha)
    Lawrence Fishburne was stuck in the planet for ten seasons and it must of been a long time because they asked him about a way out of that area or location and he said
    that there was no way, because he pretty much has been around all over that jungle or planet during all those seasons; by the way he isn’t crazy “He is alive” ha ha.

  23. Ok, first off stop giving shit to people who give bad remarks about movies, their opinions and not all opinions are good. With that being said I give this movie 3 out of 10. Its funny reading all of your reviews because I felt the same way when I watched the movie the other day. Honestly I felt I could have written a better plot for a Predator movie. The movie starts with people just falling out of the sky and you get no explanation! Are you kidding me? Have a fucking ship crash or something make the movie have a little more sense. I wasn’t a big fan of the actors. The predators were really cool and the fights were pretty sick also. A little too much relation to the first one and the beginning and the ending were just horrific. Even the crappy AVP franchise had a better story line than this. The other comments are very funny to read considering I to did laugh every time Adrian Brody said something. However, if this movie had a better intro and end to the film, with a little predator civilization mixed into it, it could have been a very good movie for the predator fans. But as a big fan of the predator franchise I was very disappointed that’s all they could come up with and wanted to go drive off a cliff. Ha-ha jk

  24. kv- your quote: “especially when I feel like I have been ripped the f@#k off by the hype/cinema”-I agree. It makes me sick that I spent one penny on this turd movie. Also, great point about Brody being there to tell us about the Predators. Exactly, if someone didn’t know by now that the Predators hunt people they must live under a f@#$ing rock; there’s little value in trying to reveal this to audience. It worked in the first movie, but by now it’s just boring. I also thought you made a great point earlier when you asked why Lawrence Fishburne didn’t kill them out in the jungle, instead of taking them back to the mine shaft. You’re absolutely right. Obviously they’re all a bunch of retards and he could’ve easily just picked them off one by one. The only reason he took them back to the mine shaft is so they could have a lame set change; like you said, it had nothing to do with any kind of logical plotting.

    Regarding the comments from Jesus:

    “First of all “Predators” is a great movie and should be one of the classics from the sequel. When people compares “Pretators” to the previous ones, like the first one or the second movie or to “Clint Easwood?” (What ta F), My opinion is that they are comparing incorrectly or wrongly, because the latest movie shouldn’t be anything like the first ones.”

    -The latest movie is quite a bit like the first one, if you’ve watched the first one you can spot many lame ripoffs/references in this movie-for example, the Brody character covering himself in mud at the end. The samuri guy in this movie is basically the Indian in the first movie. I could go on…the point is that by referencing the first on in a lame way it’s begging for comparison.

    -I don’t care if the movie is totally different from all the movies that came before, I just don’t want it to be a piece of crap like this was.

    -I don’t know why people are flipping out so much about my comments about Adrian Brody trying to do a bad Clint Eastwood imitation. Obviously if he’s trying to do a poor imitation of Clint Eastwood people are going to pick up on it and think it’s stupid. Just look at what Mosaltov9 said “I did laugh every time Adrian Brody said something.” Me too, I thought it was f@#$ing stupid and so I couldn’t help but laugh. I think that can easily take away from the credibility of an action movie. Why is this so hard to understand?



    That is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. Apply that logic to any other profession and it comes up way short. I can look at a building that: an architect designed, a contractor arranged to be built, and a group of carpenters built; and if I can see that that building is a broken down-falling down piece of sh#t, then of course I can criticize it. And I can criticize it even though I’m not an architect, contractor, or a carpenter. The whole Hollywood system is f@$ked, and it is mostly churning out crap; somebody has to speak out against it. And it’s dumb arguments like yours that make simple people believe that they shouldn’t dare criticize these “demigod” nitwits in Hollywood, or hold their feet to the fire for churning out this crap.

  27. HakatRe,

    You’re a f@#king shill for the Hollywood studio that made this crap aren’t you? Worried about your continuing box office for this turd?

    Look at the way this twit keeps saying “REAL” Predator fans. You know why he’s doing this? Because the movie isn’t good enough on its own merits, and so he’s trying to appeal to some retarded/warped sense of brand loyalty. They know they can’t make a f@#king movie that’s worth a shit and so they try to inspire “loyalty” in order steal your hard-earned money. Don’t let your fondness for a cool character allow them to keep shoveling shit movies down your throat.

    Hollywood executives sit in their offices and laugh their asses off at those that continue to pay money for shit like this, just because of brand loyalty. Don’t be a sucker. Let’s wake up and demand these r-tards make a movie that is worth a shit. Time for a reboot that is worthy of this character.

  28. People can criticize all they want. Those who enjoyed the movie lost nothing and got to see a great film. I took Predators for what it was and enjoyed every minute of it. Timmy however lost money/time seeing a movie he didnt enjoy so whos the sucker now? Ive already wasted too much time reading negative reviews about a movie I liked. All that matters is I liked the movie, and Timmy is a moron. Cant wait for the next one. 😀

  29. First off I would like to say could everyone respect each others opinions because after all they are opinions. With that being said i was rather disappointed with the movie, not because it was horrible but because it had so much potential that was not capitalized on. Where is the background on the predator civilization, where is the background on the blood feud, How did it start? we as predator fans want to know why these specific predators are bad ass compared to the classic version. We dont want the cliche answer that they hunted more, we want background on their society. It also wouldve been good to see some scenes of interactions between the different tribes. Its about time we get more in depth to the predators perspective rather than their preys.

  30. This discussion alone has already entertained me more than Predators did. I fully agrer with Timmy and kv. This movie was worthless and I don’t have much to add to what has already been said. One thing though…during the ending scene Brody and the girl finally introduce themselves to eachother. That was so incredibly lame.

  31. Obviously chynawite is HakatRe. But I’m not kv or Menno, even though I think their opinions are awesome.

    Menno’s quote:
    “during the ending scene Brody and the girl finally introduce themselves to each other. That was so incredibly lame.”
    Excellent observation Menno, that line definitely was the cherry on top of this sh#t sundae.

    The more I think about the ending of this movie the more I can’t help but laugh. I keep thinking about Topher Grace as a serial killer in a pit at the end; what the f@#k?!! There’s a Predator coming back to kill both him and the girl and he so goes into a lengthy tirade about how he’s a serial killer and he’s going to stay on the planet. What the f$#k is this? A scene from the movie “Scream” in a pit? And what the hell is it doing at the end of a Predator movie? What total garbage; they have a half ton monster chasing them, they’re fighting for their lives, and this guy gives a speech about being a serial killer. And so what is he going to do, torture the girl ritualistically in the pit for a full 2 minutes before the Predator comes back and kills them both? He’s not at all concerned about getting away? Beyond suspension of disbelief, even for a corny action movie. Beyond stupid. And like kv implied earlier, it might be the single dumbest presentation of a movie “twist” ever.

    I respect William’s post even though I disagree with his opinion about this movie not being horrible. I respect his post because it shows some evidence of thought. He’s right about the fact that the idea for this film was a cool premise; I like the idea of badass killers being dropped onto an alien planet and having to fight for their lives, but this movie was terrible. William and kv (earlier) were also right, in that these new Predators weren’t anything special; they just seemed to be bigger than the first Predators and with slightly different costumes; some kind of back story or something could have made this less boring than it was. If you look at the first movie, the way the Predator is presented is f#$king cool as hell.

    As for HakatRe/chynawite, Who gives a f@#k about your opinion if you can’t back it up with good reason why? Say something intelligent besides, “be loyal because movie have Predator in it…durp” and then I’ll give you some respect.

    I’m pissed off because I was taken for ten dollars, and you should be pissed off too. Wouldn’t you be pissed off if a con artist took you for ten dollars? And wouldn’t you be even more pissed at yourself if you kept falling for the same trick from that con artist over and over again? And if you kept falling for the same trick, over and over again, still without seeing it, wouldn’t that make you stupid?

    And if you really gave a crap about this character, you’d be pissed that they keep making such inept movies involving this character. This film is weak, this film is blood in the water, this film deserves to be attacked.

  32. this discussion has been interesting to read, though everybody has missed a couple of things

    firstly, the first dog took punishment from so many guns and died, the rest died from single hits. and when brody was shooting he switched from aiming down the sight to hipfire, which he shouldn’t have done if he was wanting to conserve ammo.

    secondly, Topher Grace used a paralytic, not a slow killing poison. He probably wanted to do something else to spend his last few minutes alive with a woman rather than alone, and then kill her.

    finally, where does brody get the friggin axe from for killing the final predator?

    I found it a low grade movie but since i haven’t seen the original, i can’t really compare it with anything

  33. I would rather have watched the first predator again than pay money to see predators. To be good predators had a lot to live up to and it failed, though it did have a couple of good action moments it lacked too much. There could’ve been a good movie in there somewhere but the wrong people got their hands on it.

  34. He drugs the girl because he’s going to rape her, then he gives a speech about how he’s a freak back home, but here he’s free to be a freak and so he’s never going back. He gives this speech knowing the Predator is going to come back and kill him any minute. And so he gives this speech just before he’s about to rape her. It’s just all too stupid any way you look at it. It just didn’t need to be in the movie; like kv implied, it was a totally underwhelming “twist.”

    That was a really good point about the dogs; I’d forgotten all about that. Just one more reason of many why this movie is stupid.

  35. HakateRe, the close button is top right of the browser if you want to make these nasty opinions go away.

    Back story on the predators would have been great. They could have broken up the film into sections – predator background, abductions, the hunt.

    The lawrence fishburn scene, would have been better if they shot Fishburne whilst he was trying to kill them to get their supplies, then they reveal his face to be human, that would have been an interesting twist, then he could have revealed he’s been there for a while and all that. Much better than “hey guys, we’re on a planet of killers, come with me so that I can reveal my secret hideout – I’ll put the kettle on”

    And the Dog punishment of millions of bullets seems to be an odd movie cliche. It’s in Aliens, where the first bunch they come across seem almost impossible to put down, but by the end of the film they’re cutting through them with the same guns. I agree, this is lame, but it seems to be an accepted way of doing things

  36. This film was garbage. First of all I don’t understand all the nerds reviewing it (not on this site but elsewhere) that rate the film so highly. I honestly do not understand… don’t people go to the cinema to be entertained? Maybe for some people it’s just enough to get out of the house or their mum’s basement.

    The introduction of another creature to aid in their stalking of the prey was good, but let’s be honest they don’t need them do they? The predators weren’t intelligently stalking their prey, I’m sorry but sending a pack of trained animals head-on with gun toting crazies is just a waste. It’s supposed to be a sport to them, not just some half-arsed experiment. The fact that he had all this “knowledge” about flushing out prey etc, the concept was so simple but none of them fkn understood and they are supposedly badasses, yeah ok. Seemed to me like they wasted clips on the first hound creature, but the rest after that took minimal effort, bullsh*t really. The hounds they used didn’t have any intelligence, normally they would work as a pack and flank enemies, there was no co-ordination. People might say the “dogs” were there to ‘test’ them, but test them for what, that what they were holding weren’t water guns, or something? I’m pretty sure the predators have the advantage in every possible way so they wouldn’t want them out of ammo completely, it’s a sport after all ffs. The CGI looked complete cr*p as well.

    The trap with the predator calling out was better, but completely obvious. As mentioned before as well, there was no realisation from the actors that there was an actual predator speaking a language familiar to them (why would a predator choose to speak English unless it knew who these people were) a few metres away in wait. I mean wouldn’t that freak you out if you knew there was someone hunting you completely stealthed and probably close enough to breathe on you? Wouldn’t you make an effort to unstealth it, or would you wander off knowing it’s right behind you, reporting your location or (for all they know) listening to their plans.

    The characters were idiotic, they didn’t seem like veterans of anything to me. Maybe they should have used their own expertise to track down predators like their survival instincts and wits against theirs, they should have formed teams, spread out and developed a signaling system. It was just boring having them roll around in a large group, they would see them coming from a mile off. They had the opportunity for an interesting scenario like asking the audience “what would you do if it was you” and have some well thought out plan but it was instead pure brainless. I get the fact it was trying to be like the original but too much I felt, nothing new here. There was no point to the “dogs” and the predators hunting the other ones was not explained. Like had they agreed to it or were they just gatecrashers, maybe there had been a hunting ban on humans, ha who knows!

    The doctor guy recognises a plant and it’s toxins unknown to earth, so how is this possible? Not even going to start on Fishburne’s character.

  37. This movie was cr@p! No wonder it took Hollywood over 15 years to pick up this script up and make the movie… they’re used to putting out cr@p movies now so this was easy.

    I couldn’t help but think while I was watching this that it just feels like a remake of the first one. Too many repeated one liners as well as repeated scenes… the slide down the hill into the water, the fight between the sword guy and the predator, etc, etc!

    Sorry guys but I’ve been there, done that!

    1 out of 10 stars

  38. Mosaltov9: Falling out of the sky and you get no explanation? ha ha, ya ok, “Predators” they are so nice of creatures that they are going to instruct you: Ok, well, this is how it goes: First of all, we are going to put you to sleep, second: We are going to throw you from an spaceship, third: you are going to land on an dangerous Alien jungle, fourth: we are going to hunt you and last by no least: YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!. Mwa haha, or muah haha! Mwahahahaahhaha! (Predator’s laugh) You want to see a movie that does suck : Watch: “Dear John”, that movie does suck! even my girlfriend hated!

  39. *laughs at Timmy for claiming Haka and i are the same person.

    You really are a dumb. And yes i have found this review just as entertaining as the movie from all the BS that people write. I think im done here because all the dumb is getting annoying now.

    Timmy i guess you and kv are the same person…? lol you idiot

  40. Sorry chynawite, my bad. You both sounded so stupid in such similar ways that I assumed you were the same person. I think I really figured it out now though-obviously you and HakatRe are twins-separated at birth. You should get in touch with each other discuss your affection for stupid movies. You could also talk about how professional wrestling is completely real. Let me know how that reunion goes with your long-lost retarded brother (or sister).

  41. Cambsogna: “This film was garbage. First of all I don’t understand all the nerds reviewing it (not on this site but elsewhere) that rate the film so highly. I honestly do not understand… don’t people go to the cinema to be entertained?”

    I agree. I was amazed that people were rating this piece of crap so high. I wish my imagination could turn a piece of sh#t movie into a good one. It must be amazing to be that simple.

  42. Wish u people could hear yourselves!!!!!….F#%K sakes!!!…don’t we go 2 the movies 2 b entertained. I mean! com’on! Predators did just dat!!!..the movie was entertaining & i hope they make a sequel, same producer. p.s……….theres no such thing as a perfect movie, so f#%kin grow up!!!!

  43. Honestly what pissed me off is that i wanted to see the new predators more revealed………. You got slight flashes of them but nothing major except the last scene. But to be perfectly honest how did the lead character (whatever the hell his name was) was able to run and punch the predator repeatedly. In previous movies (Predator 1) Arnold couldnt even go toe to toe with the smaller version of predators, but you mean to tell me he can hurt the berserker predators with his bare hands. AND ON THE NEXT PREDATOR PLEASE GIVE ME SOME BACK STORY FOR FUCKS SAKE……..

  44. The movie basically took all the memorable moments from the first movie and re-did them with a mish-mosh of different elasticities. Machete and the two black guys get bumped off first, big nose saves the day, Topher Grace probably wished he was still Venom so he wouldn’t be such a wuss, and the girl inexplicably survives. Again. Like in the first movie. And the second movie where the predator leaves the Hispanic girl ’cause her eggo is preggo.
    Yet, it’s the first movie that I wasn’t anxious to leave. Bad plot. Good movie.

  45. Re: Matrix. Listen to yourself, you sound like the Leave Britney Alone girl. You must be part of the super secret Predator fan club mentioned earlier; the club where IF you were REAL fan of Predator you would “get” that this is a great movie, and not just a worthless piece of pig excrement. Actually, pig excrement probably has more value than this movie.

  46. I would have liked them to reveal more backstory as well. I mean obviously there was a Donut tree on this alien planet. And it would have been interesting to see how the Lawrence Fishbourne character discovered this Donut tree and visited it every five minutes.

  47. matrix, I think your post perfectly summarises who would find this movie entertaining. m8 dis movee wos fkn SICK! omg did u c da fkn preds man dey was fkn ownin dem dudes

  48. @ Timmy… First of all, I am not Chynawite and this discussion should be more about our opinions (good and bad) on the movie Predators rather than just what the narcissistic and antagonistic Timmy has to say. My guess is that your just a troll who doesn’t like the character or the franchise at all. The only good that I have noticed you’ve said about Predators is that they’ve placed “badass killers being dropped onto an alien planet and having to fight for their lives.” But, no one is asking you to kiss Rodriguez’ and Antal’s ass (or any other moviemaker’s for that matter). All I’m saying is that you can voice your negative feedback for a film without sounding like a complete ass.

    **SPOILERS BELOW** (if you haven’t watched Predators you might not want to read the following)

    Timmy, if you and other people here (who completely flamed this movie) are Predator fans or at least admit the character is cool, how come so many of us missed some of the important clues? Like: the production shots on the set that showed a female Predator. The fact that their is a blood feud between two types of Preds. The fact that both in AVP and this film, classic Preds have shown that they can work WITH HUMANS to combat a larger, more powerful foe.

    What I’m saying is people who really like the franchise of anything, movies, sports teams, whatever… will follow the gist of what’s going on and comment on the updates accordingly. You, Timmy just flame the hell out of a movie with no constructive feedback (only destructive). This is what trolls do in forums.

  49. What we have missed are the clues that (I feel) are leading to a Human/Predator alliance where more formidable enemies worlds away are to be dealt with. What I believe Predators is trying to convey is more of the same that AVP tried to convey at the end, and that is we can and probably will be forced to work with the classic Preds in order to fight for our right to survive. For those who saw Predators, PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS… Whose technology was on the wrist of Royce when he fell outta the sky? (did you catch that?) Who captured Earth’s finest killers and planted them on a gaming preserve planet to be studied/hunted/slaughtered in sequence? Who else was captured? Who survived successfully using Predator technology and weapons? I mean, c’mon ppl… there are so many good clues in this movie that tell us we will soon be working with Predators in other galaxies that its not funny. But, we’re so caught up with flaming the film that we didn’t notice any of it.

  50. Timmy is still hung up on the weight gain of Lawrence Fishbourne. …That’s what true critics and intelligent people focus on when reviewing a movie.

    Still an idiot Timmy.

  51. Thanks for the speech. Are you for real? You might be the dumbest person I have ever encountered in my entire life. You are honestly, and self-righteously, calling me antagonistic? Look at your quote earlier-“SHUT THE F@#K UP.” I never initially told anyone to shut the fuck up just because they were voicing their opinion of a movie. I contested their opinions, I disagreed with their opinions, but I didn’t tell them to shut the fuck up. And I never tried to control their speech or their right to say whatever they want. People voice their opinions and then people voice opinions in response to those opinions. That’s life. People called me names and I gave it right back. I can take it, because it’s their opinion and I don’t give it any weight when a moron calls me names. But are you actually arrogant enough to claim to dictate to all of us what a comments section at the bottom of a movie review should be? lol-I’m glad we have you here to explain the long term vision and purpose for this Predator movie review comments section. Seriously, grow up. People have the right to say whatever the hell they want; you can’t control what people say here just because you don’t like what they’re saying.

    Many intelligent people in this discussion have pointed out a ton of things that are wrong with this movie. If someone was going to make movies s/he could read this discussion and try to avoid making mistakes like those that were made in this movie. But whereas I and others are actually trying to offer something constructive, you’re getting all excited about what the future Predator movies are going to be like. You’re getting a h@rd on over a potential female Predator in future movies, but you seem to have no awareness as it relates to the multitude of flaws that ended up making this movie silly and boring. How can you get so excited about future movies that are likely to be made poorly as well? You have no standards when it comes to viewing movies, anything that has the Predator in it will do for you. That’s fine if you’re ten years old, but many of us here actually want a movie that is entertaining and well made.

    Also, funny how you two morons keep popping up together.

  52. chynawite, I haven’t heard you say one intelligent thing. Obviously, you’re too scared or don’t have the capacity to address any of the flaws of the movie that we brought up in this discussion. But the next time you watch this piece of crap, all the things we talked about are going to pop out at you. Talk to me when you done something else besides being HakatRe’s cheerleader.

    P.S.-I think Lawrence Fishbourne ate the Predators.

  53. I have said some thing intelligent. I guess you’re so f*ckin stupid I have to repeat myself. It doesnt matter what you or other people think because i liked the movie. Flaws are only your opinion.

    Basically what Timf@g is saying is every movie that hes liked, is a good movie. And of course if some one likes a movie that he doesn’t like, they’re wrong.

    Keep sitting on your fat ass you douche lol. Go get a job and move out of your moms house. Im done here. Im losing brain cells listening to Tim jerk himself off to his bitter rant.

    +1 for anyone that got their moneys worth.

  54. @ chynawhite… I got my money’s worth. Timmy, I’ll give you your friggin $10 bucks back you whining idiot if makes you feel better lol… Get over it, the movie rocks and give “real” Predator fans some cool possiblities to look forward to for future flicks in the franchise. Go back to your Twilight fan site and finish jerking off to pics of Robert Pattinson. You’ve stained this comment section enough as it is. ^_^

  55. hakatre, are you actually trying to tell us that this film was a 90 minute teaser for another predator film?? Why not just make this next predator film in the place of this?

    All those questions you’re posing are criticisms of the film. Why wait another film when this one didn’t go into any of that?

    “Real predator fans” is the most retarded argument I have ever heard to defend a movie. Basically you’re saying if you are completely ignorant to non existent plot, missing character development, pointless twists, tactically stupid decisions made by “elite” forces, and are just handing over money to watch a predator frolic in the bushes, then you totally get the film and are by default awesome!

    The first predator was 23 years ago, a lot has changed in that time, except it seems “real predator fans” expectations. Same situation, same shots, same end.

  56. “It doesnt matter what you or other people think because i liked the movie. Flaws are only your opinion.
    Basically what Timf@g is saying is every movie that hes liked, is a good movie. And of course if some one likes a movie that he doesn’t like, they’re wrong.”

    Oh my god. Are you serious? You seriously can’t be this stupid. You’re basically saying that anyone who disagrees with your opinion of this movie is wrong because they disagree with your opinion, and yet you’re criticizing me by saying that I think that anyone who disagrees with my opinion is wrong because they disagree with my opinion. So, according to your brilliant logic, it’s okay when you do it, but not okay when I do it. I really hope that you’re joking here and are not really this stupid. I asked you to come up with something intelligent and this is what you came up with. Wow. If you can’t see how stupid this quote of yours is, then wow.

    “Im done here. Im losing brain cells listening to Tim jerk himself off to his bitter rant.”

    Holy shit, you are right, you really can’t afford to lose any more brain cells. Your brain cells are a friggin endangered species.

  57. “You’ve stained this comment section enough as it is.”

    Glad we have you here to maintain the “integrity” of a movie comments section. Give me a f#@king break you self-righteous twit. This coming from the guy who said “WHY DON’T WE JUST CRITICIZE THE CRITICS.” Read the original review of this movie on this site; it isn’t exactly a glowing endorsement of this retarded movie. So how can you still say that what you want to talk about is the only speech that is appropriate for this comments section? I mean, I’m not telling you to go “jerk off to pics of Robert Pattinson” and get out of here. I think your opinions are moronic, but you have just as much right as anyone else to voice them here. At the same time, we have just as much right to point out why we think your opinions are stupid. That’s just the way it works; seriously, get over it. (by the way I find it kind of strange that an image of someone jerking off to Robert Pattinson is the first thing you would pop into your mind when you feel your that opinions are being threatened, but to each his own. If that’s what you’re into, it’s not my place to judge.)

    P.S.-How’s the super cool REAL Predator fan club coming along. Have you got more than two members yet? Is there a secret club handshake that only the REAL Predator FANS would “know.”

  58. Predator fan club is where they all get together and try to recreate famous predator scenes. However it all usually falls apart when a dispute erupts on who got who first.

    This is after 3 hours arguing who gets to be the predator.

    Rule number 1 about Predator fan club – you do not talk about predator fan club

    Rule number 2 about Predator fan club – your parents must be willing to take everyone to McDonalds afterwards

  59. kv-That is seriously funny. I just laughed my ass off when I read your post.

  60. Timmy and Kv, you guys are a riot… actually thought I’d add some humor and sarcasm to the mix(mainly Timmy’s angle) but it really wasn’t meant as an insult. Actually Timmy, you’re right about everyone having the right to voice their opinions about the film and we can respectfully agree to disagree on various points. What I don’t get is why there’s so many negative pokes at this one when there seems to be some pretty interesting if not obvious hints the writer gave as the movie played out. Interestingly enough, you haven’t commented much on this which at this point makes me think that you’re just stuck on flaming the movie just to flame it. I’ve been to several other movie reviews on Predators and mentioned the same thing regarding the clues in the film and seems no one else can relate. So, wondering if I’m the only one who sees them.

  61. Kv, the main quote of Predators is “Fear is Reborn” and in my opinion, is the first of many clues as to the direction of the film (to lead us into a new era – from where the original 1987 Predator left off). Again, my opinion but, the movie purposefully reminds us of the jungle scenes of the first movie to kinda make us forget the AVP films and force us to look to Predators as the source of any future sequel(s). New bigger, badder Predators are not only terrorizing us but our old friends (the classic Preds) as well. This is main reason why I liked the film – an inspiring look into alot of cool possibilities and to just call it “crap” and “a turd” completely misses the point(s) the writer and director tried to convey.

  62. No offense HakatRe, but I think your reading too much into the film, maybe you are masking your disappointment or something. I don’t think there was anything subtle about this movie. The “fear is reborn” slogan wasn’t translated in the movie for me, there was no fear, no feeling. As for the reborn part, maybe makes sense as in repackaged or regurgitated. To me it felt like a cheap film with no brains but not even a fun to watch no brain film, just stupid.
    I was looking forward to a new predator movie and I remember the older films fondly so that’s why when I watch this film it’s just an insult. The film could have been so much better and next to no effort was put together to give it anything new. Everyone says it’s not a remake, well what is it then? It was trying so hard to relate to the original, only it had nothing in comparison. What your left with then is complete trash that rips off the original and rips off the people paying to see it. All they get is a bastardised version of a film that was seen decades ago.

  63. When I heard that was the premise for this movie and I heard Rodríguez was on board I was excited about seeing this film,-an alien planet or game reserve where humans or other alien creatures are dropped on the planet in order to be hunted by Predators; making the characters super badasses, or the best of the best in terms of being elite killers and having them battle the Predators was a great idea as well. But when I saw the film it was a severe letdown. Maybe I am stuck on just flaming this film, or maybe I was, it felt good to vent, but I don’t think I’d be this pissed if I didn’t have such a fondness for the first film. I just read Cambsogna’s post and I’m about in complete agreement with what he said; I couldn’t have said it better. I just didn’t have any feeling for this movie; and like he said, it wasn’t even a fun to watch no brains film. I didn’t even care what happened to these characters. Even the first film, when you watch it now, it’s kind of corny and dated, but you like the characters, and the corny one liners are fun, i.e.-“I ain’t got time to bleed” or “we’re all gonna die.” And the end, were it was just Arnold vs. the Predator and he had to survive by his wits, it was just smart and it was well directed.

    As for constructive suggestions, one of the other things that bothers me about this film is that now we’ll probably have to wait a while, 5-10 years, before a reboot; or maybe longer. But if they’re determined to build upon this sequel, I think they need to make major changes now. Number one: change the director. Get somebody in there who has experience or is on a hot streak. Martin Campbell was the director of the first reboot film of the Bond franchise, I think he would’ve been a great choice. He seems to know how to direct action. Although I think he’s doing Green Lantern or something now. It also might be interesting to give John McTiernan another shot at this also, he was the director of the original Predator and the original Die Hard; although I think he’s had some legal troubles lately, so I don’t know if he’d be able to do it. I also think Rodríguez directing would have been really interesting, at least he might have made this fun.

    Come up with a better story, and execute it better. It’s difficult to root for or identify with a character who is just some mercenary. It’s certainly possible, but it has to be done right; just look at the Bourne films, the audience roots for him partly because he’s got amnesia, but also largely because is so f#@king capable, because he shows himself to be a badass, and you can see he is a badass because he f#$king rips through people with his fighting skills, and you can see he’s smart because of the things that he does. I mean, in the same way, in the end of the first Predator, the Arnold character is smart because of the things he does, he figures out the mud camoflauge and uses it to his advantage. He smartens up and decides to take a stand and actually become the hunter instead of the hunted. He sets up traps, and he lures the Predator in. There’s some development there. In contrast, this film didn’t do anything to really establish Brody as a badass other than just say or imply that he was. I didn’t identify with or care about the main character at all. The Arnold character in the first one at least had some principles, his squad wasn’t just a bunch of mercenaries, and he wasn’t a coward, he wasn’t just trying to save himself, he was trying to save the girl and look after or save his soldiers. Through the events of the movie, you got to see what his character was really about. But the Brody character’s “change of heart” comes way too late in the Predators movie, and by that time it happens you still don’t really give a crap about him.

    One of the things that was silly about this movie was the fact that everyone just got together and formed into a single group without any real conflict. They could’ve showed the Brody character getting into a fight with one of the other mercenaries for some reason and really just ripping him to shreds; that would have established and shown the audience that he was some kind of badass. They could have also used it to show that the Brody character had some kind of moral code or character. For example, the Brody character could’ve stopped one of the other guys from raping girl early on in the movie or something like that. Something just to show that he’s a piece of shit mercinary, but he’s not that kind of piece of shit mercenary. One of the coolest parts of the movie Scarface is when the main character, who will murder and kill almost anyone to get ahead, refuses to blow up a car because it’s got kids inside. Even this psychopath has a line he will not cross. Something like that would’ve been interesting.

    Mosaltov9 and HakatRe brought up interesting questions in terms of backstory; specifically, HakatRe asked “Who captured Earth’s finest killers and planted them on a gaming preserve planet to be studied/hunted/slaughtered in sequence?” This could provide an interesting way in which to get the audience to actually give a crap about the characters. There could be a story in which certain governments on earth, or government agencies, are kidnapping people, either really bad criminals, or mercenaries that have gone rogue, or people they just want to get rid of for some reason or another, and sending them off to this planet to appease the Predators. They might be doing this to keep the Predators from invading earth or to keep the Predators from hunting on earth. So you could have a story where a former military man or woman is wrongly imprisoned for some reason, and then has to become even more of a badass in prison in order to survive, and then this government agency or whatever kidnaps him or her along with other prisoners and sends them to this planet, in order to appease the Predators. That might be a character that you could identify with as an audience member. Or you could have a character who is investigating all of these missing people and gets too close, and is then drugged and sent off to this planet as well.

    But whatever the writers chose to do, they have to come up with something that not only builds on the original movie, but also improves upon it and brings out fresh ideas. I would say, raid the comic books for ideas. I haven’t read any of the Predator comics, but they’re bound to have some good ideas in there. That’s what Nolan did when he rebooted the Batman franchise; at least steal good or new ideas that a movie audience hasn’t likely seen before and try to shape that into something somewhat original.

    And also, make the stuff that happens in the movie somewhat plausible. William said, “Arnold couldnt even go toe to toe with the smaller version of predators, but you mean to tell me he can hurt the berserker predators with his bare hands.” He’s right. The battle between the Brody character was rushed and it felt silly. And if you’re gonna rip off the first movie, at least do it well.

  64. Wow Tim, you sure hate this movie. Maybe you should spend more time doing other stuff then ranting. I think you need to get out more.

    Movie was ok, needed more depth to the characters and story line. Still would recommend it.

  65. I hear you Timmy, and from your last post have gained more respect for your position on Predators. Maybe I’m just in the minority here that happen to like the film. As I mentioned earlier, I wish that there was more action (especially since these new bigger, badder high tech Predators show promise for a good fight). But, all in all, I was satisfied and happy that it wasn’t just another AVP flick warmed over. I’m glad that Rodriguez and Antal took the initiative to bring us back to the flavor of the original but did it leaving room for exciting possibilities future as we now have new badass kids on the block.

  66. I think they should’nt make another Pred or Alien movies. The ideas are Getting old and used up. Were beating the dead horse on these movies. We need new ideas.

  67. This horse is nowhere near dead. It’s alive and kicking and there will be more Predator films in the future. That, we all can count on!

  68. I want to watch this movie…..Can any one tell me if this is worth watching???? or should i go for SALT / Inception

  69. @ nike… Check it out and take it for what it’s worth. I enjoyed it (see my earlier posts) but, you’ve got to keep in mind that the producer Robert Rodriguez and director Nimrod Antal deliberately led us away from the AVP films and focused on the raw, primal hunting style and environment of the original Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Their vision was to create a whole new era of Predator films rebooting from the first film. This is the main reason why fans should appreciate Predators – not for the action (there could’ve been more) and not for the acting (it could’ve been better) but, for what it proposes for the franchise and future movies. This is for the long haul. We’re no where close to seeing the last of Predator flicks.

  70. Nike,
    Go see Inception first, and then go see Salt. Don’t waste money watching this movie.

  71. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i really like this movie i think it is the best movie ever made in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. @ Timmy… Inception was a “turd” of a movie and SALT aint far behind… **JUST KIDDING** (I couln’t resist). Actually, both of those movies rocked.

  73. ditch brody and replace it with Vin deazel, the guy from Pitch Black with the same demeanor, evil to the core party only together to survive, backstabbing without remorse,
    this movie wofuld rock, and sword fight with predator was well thought but the guy in predator suit was too clumsy to be a perfect warrior breed to kill than would be better than all,

    Sorry but Brody is a very very long cast choice, no bad ass stuff, no muscle, put aging van damme or even fatty Arnold and seen a more menacing anti hero

  74. Agree with all points. I don’t know why but brody reminded me a pee wee herman the whole way though.

    He was not at all believable as an action hero, purely because of his physical characteristics.

  75. hi all,

    Longing to see first/original version of movie “Predator”.I heard that scene where indian clashing with predatory has been edited/removed. I would like to see other edited scenes too. Where can I get it ?. Please help me in this regard.

  76. The film is not that bad not that great. It has a good
    story but weak on some action scenes.

  77. i like the first two films,but the first film will aways be the best,but comepaird predator 1 & 2,i found this movie to be fucken boring as shit.

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