Tiffani Thiessen Interview – White Collar

So I got a chance to join a conference call where we asked Tiffani Theissen some questions, mostly focusing on her role as Elizabeth Burke on the USA Network Show White Collar.

Hi, Tiffani.  Thank you for taking our call today.

Tiffani Thiessen –  Of course.

I have a question, and actually touches a little bit on Fastlane which you mentioned earlier.  Now, in Fastlane, you were actually the badge-holding cop, and now on White Collar, you’re the wife of the man with the badge.

You mentioned that you’re a little bit closer to Elizabeth Burke from your own standpoint, but from an acting standpoint, which one of those two roles has actually been more difficult for you?

Tiffani Thiessen – Definitely FastlaneFastlane was much harder for me to do.  It was a very new thing for me to do that kind of role where I’m talking a ton, but I will say on the flip side of it, the action part of it that I got to do and the different kind of characters that I got to play inside my character was really, really fun.  I can’t say one is more fun than the other, but I will say Fastlane was much more difficult.

Okay, and I guess my second question is, I know we don’t have a lot of time, but can you tell us maybe a funny or interesting story that has happened behind the scenes of White Collar.

Tiffani Thiessen – I can’t even mention one.  That’s hard.  It’s so hard to mention even one because the guys, Tim and Matt are two goofballs.  I can’t even tell you, and Willie, too, but I just don’t get to work with Willie as much.  I get to see Willie’s humor off set when we’re just hanging the two of us, but Matt and Tim, it’s always a singing-fest, dancing-fest, a joke-fest when we’re not literally in the scene working.  It’s quite enjoyable, it really is.  I feel very blessed and very lucky to be working with the people that I’m working with.

Thank you very much and congratulations again.

Tiffani Thiessen – Thank you so much, honey.