NOIR AT THE BAR L.A. – An International Incident

Dateline: Los Angeles, city of eternal night. Though the original home of Noir at the Bar, the reading event where crime-fiction’s most talented drunkards gather, will always be St. Louis, MO, the franchise has grown and reached out to smaller towns that may not otherwise have such a cultural happening, flyspeck burgs like New York […]

VEGAS Odds: Better Than Most

After wading through the slog of Mob Doctor last week, I am quite happy to report that Vegas, the new crime-drama on CBS starring Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis, delivers all that it promises, if not tons more.  I spent my Sunday digging through my DVR and watching the first three episodes of Vegas, and […]

Victimless Emmys – Crime TV In 2012

The thing one must always keep in mind with industry awards is, aside from a marketing perspective, they mean exactly nothing.  Less than that, even.  If a show I particularly enjoy can move a few more DVD sets on the after-market by slapping an “Emmy winner!” sticker on it, or if that little gold statuette […]

My Name Is Markham – The TV Sensibilities of NEAR DEATH

Near Death is one of the spate of high-quality comic books Image has been cranking out over the past couple of years, and I finally did myself the favor of reading it.  Of course, now it appears the series has gone on hiatus just as I am getting on board (sad trombone).  Fingers crossed that […]

Scam Artist Hall Of Fame: M. Sgt. E.G. Bilko

Welcome, dear friends and other suckers, to a new regular feature here at the Criminal Complex.  Yes, the Scam Artist Hall Of Fame, as demanded by none of you, will highlight those great men and women, fictional and non, who through their erudite shrewdness and intelligence part money from its fools.  Our inaugural inductee is […]

The City Of I Will – Why BOSS Is Kelsey Grammer’s Greatest Work

It’s strange when you consider that Boss is Kelsey Grammer’s first major dramatic role.  He has always been known for playing upright, no-nonsense roles, but for laughs.  Boss season 2, which premiered this past Friday on Starz, is definitely no laughing matter, and regardless of how lauded Grammer has been for his comedy work, the […]

Get A Haircut Robert Pattinson – COSMOPOLIS

Well, kids, it’s almost here.  The wide release on August 17th of Robert Pattinson’s latest vehicle, the David Cronenberg film Cosmopolis, is only days away, and if you listen closely, you can hear the eager squeals of anticipation from Bobby’s legions of fans.  And now there have been brand-new stills released from the film, which […]

Darwyn Cooke’s Big SCORE | review

Just in time for San Diego Comic-Con, Darwyn Cooke’s latest adapatation of Richard Stark’s Parker novels, The Score, hits the stands today, and you would be well-advised to hit the stands today yourself.  Darwyn Cooke has blazed a trail through the comics industry since he bailed on animation back in the late ’90s, but if […]

The Posthumous Donald Westlake: It’s All Bullshit

Donald Westlake, ever the prolific author, has had two novels released since his death on New Year’s Eve of 2009, both brought to us by the stellar Hard Case Crime imprint.  The first, in 2010, is called Memory, and was thought to be his only “lost” novel, until crime writer Max Allan Collins unearthed a […]

The 2012 Edgar Awards: Who Will Win Best Novel Of The Year?

Good evening and welcome to this Criminal Complex round-table discussion.  I am Jimmy Callaway, your moderator for this discussion.  Tomorrow night, April 26th, 2012, in New York City will be held the annual Edgar awards banquet, held by that illustrious organization, the Mystery Writers of America, and where will be presented the coveted Edgar Award […]

STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON: My 8th Grade Dream Comes True

Yeah, feast your eyes on that little piece of hipster cred.  That is my official membership card in the N.W.A fan club, acquired in the halcyon days of 1991, when I was even more suburban and whitebread than I am now.  And finally my other favorite group of junior high (tied with Public Enemy) will […]

Joe R. Lansdale: Where Does He Find The Time?

  Seriously.  I can hardly find the time to read the man’s voluminous output, and that must take at least a little less time to write it.  So how does he do it? Joe R. Lansdale’s first book, Act of Love, went into print in 1980, a novel about a truly psychopathic serial killer set […]