Author: Elisabeth Rappe and Eric Schlelein

Elisabeth Rappe was once an aspiring medievalist, now a writer for A movie & video game loving bowl of awesome. Screw the cereal, I’m the prize inside! Eric Schlelein is a Denver based freelance writer and science fiction enthusiast who proudly holds a Creative Writing degree from the University of Arizona.
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Batman or Rorschach? – Point/Counterpoint

o, who would you rather have operating just outside the law to protect your city?  Batman or Rorschach?  Discuss!

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Shai-Hulud from DUNE or Falkor the Luck Dragon from THE NEVERENDING STORY? – Point/Counterpoint

The question on everyone’s lips, which we humbly seek to answer today,Which is the better ridiculous mode of transportation, Shai-Hulud from Frank Herbert’s Dune series, or Falkor the Luck Dragon from The Neverending Story?

The better sci-fi/fantasy pet? Spot from Star Trek: TNG, or Oy from Stephen King’s Dark Tower | Point/Counterpoint

This week we seek to answer that most pressing of questions: Which is the better sci-fi/fantasy pet?  Spot from Star Trek: The Next Generation, or Oy from Stephen King’s Dark Tower series?

More Evil, the Borg or the Aliens? | Point/Counterpoint

In our never-ending quest to reduce the absurd, we offer the following Point/Counterpoint discussion:  Who is the better evil insidious race, the Borg, or the Aliens?